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The 8 Scents of Spring That You Will Want in Your Home

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As the snow disappears and a few flower buds start to appear, the arrival of spring is always a welcoming change. The spring air outside feels fresh and revitalizing and many people wish to bring that same atmosphere to their homes. There are some amazing scents out there that can instantly remind you of the refreshing vibe of spring. Whether you’re decluttering your home or just feel inspired by the spirit of spring, take a look at our selection of wonderful scents worth bringing into your home.

These spring smells don’t just create a more pleasant environment but they could be powerful enough to help you recall treasured memories. They can have a considerable impact in terms of creating a sense of deep relaxation and uplifting your mood. We’ll show you the most impactful scents of spring for indoor areas. They’re able to properly reflect the changing seasons outdoors.

1. Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms

The subtle scent of a cherry blossom matches its delicate appearance. Although most people appreciate the visual beauty of cherry blossoms, it’s important to note the joy feeling evoked by their characteristic fresh scent. It’s not easy to describe the smell of the tiny flowers but it’s fairly easy to recognize. It’s a solid symbol of spring. The scent of cherry blossoms can be brought into your home through scented candles or sprays.

2. Hyacinth

Hyacinth Flower

Flowers that bloom quite early in the spring are often able to stand out over others in terms of representing the changing of the seasons. Hyacinth is a great example because it boasts a particularly intense fragrance reminiscent of spring. A simple arrangement of hyacinth blooms can immediately fill the room with a blend of sweet and spicy notes. The atmosphere in the room seems to become cleaner while your senses feel refreshed. If you have a pollen allergy, it’s recommended to opt for essential oils based on a hyacinth aroma. Here’s a great option on Amazon.

3. Lemon

Lemon Flower

The zesty aroma of lemon can be considered a must-have addition for any homeowner who loves the spring season. There’s no doubt about the fact that a citrus aroma can overwhelm your sense of smell with its unparalleled freshness. Many cleaning products incorporate a lemon scent precisely because things end up smelling fresh and clean. Aside from conventional ways to include the fragrant appeal of lemon in your home, you could also try more creative ideas such as using a DIY lemon spray to refresh your linens.

4. Lavender

Lavender Flower

Lavender provides a sense of calming freshness that seems to encapsulate the appeal of spring very well. Lavender plants can be used for decorative purposes in your home considering the vibrant purple look of their flowers. However, it’s the intense smell that really makes lavender worth adding to your home. Lavender-scented products can easily evoke a clean spring vibe. You can also introduce dried lavender throughout the home to experience its aromatherapy properties.

5. Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley Flower

Floral scents work best if you’re looking to add a touch of spring to your home. Lily of the valley is an iconic spring flower that smells amazingly crisp and fresh. Despite their tiny size, lily of the valley flowers pack quite a fragrant punch and will quickly fill a room with a distinctive scent. If you don’t have fresh blooms available, a recommended option is to rely on essential oils featuring this spring aroma. Another great solution is to use a room spray to freshen up the air indoors with floral hints of spring. Here’s a long-lasting lily of the valley mist spray based on organic ingredients.

6. Rose

Roses Flowers

The classic flower of love, the rose is also a superb scent to integrate into your home as a reminder of spring. With the help of its sweet smell, a rose arrangement can instantly improve the atmosphere of any living room. Although fresh flowers work best, it’s probably easier for most homeowners to incorporate the beautiful scent of roses through various products. Candles are highly recommended to release a strong rose perfume that overpowers the whole room.

7. Gardenia

Gardenia Flower

Gardenias look similar to roses but they show off a more distinctive smell. Spring lovers will probably enjoy the feminine vibe of gardenias and their strong scent. Due to its overpowering strength, it’s often recommended to mix gardenia scents with other aromas when used in products like candles. Take a look at this scented candle that combines the aroma of gardenia with the sweet fragrance of jasmine. Gardenias symbolize trust and hope and their characteristic smell supposedly has good properties when it comes to offering relief from anxiety and depression.

8. Freesia

Freesia Flower

The vibrant look of freesia isn’t the only appealing quality of this flower. It also brings out a sweet scent with a particularly fresh vibe thanks to lemon-like notes. Some people tend to associate freesias more with summer rather than spring because of the flower’s late blooming period. However, the scent of freesia has some decidedly spring freshness appeal. Both candles and reed diffusers can be used successfully to enjoy the pleasant smell of freesia indoors.

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