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18 Refreshing Wet Bar Ideas You’ll Get Thirsty For

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The wet bar is considered an important entertainment station where you can prepare drinks more comfortably. Why is it called a wet bar? The addition of sink plumbing makes it stand out from a dry bar. Most wet bars feature various essentials used to create tasty beverages ready to enjoy with family and friends. You will usually find a dedicated fridge and many storage solutions such as cupboards and shelves. If you’re mixing cocktails, it’s safe to say that a sink is very convenient to have in your wet bar.

Wet bars can be added in many areas of your home. Lots of homeowners prefer incorporating this kind of beverage center in a remodeled basement. It’s a perfect companion to spaces dedicated to entertainment. You don’t have to go to the kitchen every time you need a fresh drink during movie night. A wet bar is also recommended for dining rooms where you can entertain guests more conveniently. As we’ll see in the following ideas, there are many creative wet bar ideas to incorporate into your home. Check them out if you’ve run out of inspiration.

1. High-Class Style

High Class Style Wet Bar

If you’re searching for a way to add drama to your wet bar, consider the use of wrought-iron doors combined with a majestic glass pendant. This brings a new dimension of visual interest to this dedicated area for storing your wine collection and serving classy drinks. The rich wood furniture and overall patterns used indicate solid European inspiration. With this kind of refined setup, it’s safe to say that you will become a highly appreciated host.

2. Decorative Shelf

Wet Bar With Decorative Shelf

There’s always the need for more storage space when you have a wet bar. Check out this creative solution that relies on a shelf to extend the available space. It also provides some solid decorative potential by letting you display an art piece or anything else that inspires you. This modern shelf makes a great pairing with the aesthetic of the wet bar. It feels like the missing piece from a completely finished wet bar. You can use it for those convenient tools and essential ingredients for cocktails.

3. Entertaining Nook

Wet Bar With Nook

When it comes to picking the right spot for a wet bar, the possibilities are quite diverse. If you have an empty corner somewhere, it’s worth considering it to make a dedicated beverage center. That neglected space can easily become an entertaining nook with some effort. Make the wet bar area distinguished by incorporating some elegant features such as contrasting cabinets and countertops or a mirror backsplash.

4. Patterned Backsplash

Wet Bar With Patterned Backsplash

Wet bars should be designed with a proper focus on entertaining your guests. That could mean equipping it with a wide assortment of drinks or a fancy cocktail mixing station. At the same time, the area itself needs to look fun and exciting. Check out this wet bar spot featuring a gorgeous blue color scheme. The color manages to draw a lot of attention but the main highlight is the stylish pattern used for the backsplash. It’s a stylish navy blue leaf-shaped tile that feels modern and fresh.

5. Pure Sophistication

Sophisticated White Wet Bar

By focusing on high-quality materials and paying attention to textural details, you will be able to create a very sophisticated wet bar. In this example, the dominant feature is the use of marble for the sink, countertop, and backsplash. It elevates the style of the wet bar with its characteristic gray veins on a crisp white stone backdrop. Other elements provide extra visual interest to enhance the air of luxury. A notable example is the use of decorative pillars for the sink frame while mesh wires improve the style of the upper cabinets.

6. Cheerful Drink Station

Yellow Wet Bar

Positioned strategically close to the dining area, this wet bar seems to emphasize practicality above all else. It’s equipped with lots of storage space including glass cabinets to display a nice wineglass collection. The general color scheme is maintained neutral with the exception of a generous dose of cheerful yellow that makes the drink station very welcoming. This wet bar represents a handy addition to the room for the purpose of fulfilling entertainment duties whenever guests are received.

7. Sleek Modern Style

Sleek Modern Wet Bar

Fans of ultra-modern looks should consider the idea of choosing sleek stainless steel cabinetry for their wet bar. The polished finish of the metal creates a fabulous combination with the elegant marble countertop. The backsplash offers a similar marble aesthetic to maintain visual harmony. This is a fairly large wet bar area with great storage options for drinks and serving essentials. The countertop provides enough space to let you prepare beverages in total comfort while also allowing the display of colorful décor pieces.

8. Industrial Flair

Industrial Flair Wet Bar

Wet bars can be designed by getting from inspiration a wide range of décor styles. Here’s a solid example where industrial flair is incorporated to make the bar area stand out. The owners of this basement remodel decided on elegant dark blue cabinets that form a beautiful combination with the industrial pipe shelves. There is a dedicated storage area for a nice wine collection as well as a practical fridge for chilling beer or other drinks. Focusing on a more interesting design for the shelves could be a smart idea because it’s a contributing factor to a more attractive drink display.

9. Mid-Century Style

Mid Century Style Wet Bar

Designed to be close to the outdoor entertainment area, this mid-century modern wet bar is a stunning solution for streamlining drink preparation. The mid-century inspiration seems to define this place considering the elegant wood finish of the floor and cabinets. Thanks to its mirrored backsplash, the wet bar gains an enhanced sense of depth. The available space here is quite limited but the bar feels more expansive with this choice of backsplash that extends towards the ceiling. Shelves keep bar essentials handy and enable the stylish display of a glassware collection.

10. Compact Wet Bar

Compact Wet Bar

If you live in a small apartment, it’s safe to say that having a dedicated wet bar area can feel out of reach. Some people might be lucky enough to have certain unused areas of the home that can accommodate a compact wet bar like this one. It fits perfectly in the transitional space between the rooms while providing all the necessary elements to entertain guests with their favorite drinks. The wet bar makes proper use of vertical space to display alcoholic beverages as well as some decorative pieces to spruce up the area.

11. All-Black Wet Bar

All Black Wet Bar

What’s the best way to modernize a traditional space? Try a darker color scheme, maybe even an all-black palette to set your wet bar apart from the crowd. This is a bold approach but it’s not difficult to pull off. The resulting level of elegance will be off the charts. When you’re maintaining such a uniform color style, it’s a good idea to pay close attention to textural details and patterns. This prevents the space from appearing dull. A great example in this dark wet bar is the use of recessed-panel cabinets. The multi-hued backsplash adds some welcoming contrast to the area while pairing nicely with the medium-tone wood floor.

12. Stemware Display

Wet Bar With Stemware Display

Many homeowners should take the opportunity provided by a functional wet bar to show off a stemware collection. This can be achieved with the help of proper display cabinets equipped with ambient lighting and sufficient space to house all your elegant glasses. A dark wood tone dominates this wet bar space and enhances the overall richness of the entire area considering how it extends to the floor. Some notable visual interest is also added by the decorative tile feature on the backsplash.

13. Wet Bar Retreat

Wet Bar Retreat

When deciding on the ideal position of your wet bar, it’s important to take into account the entertainment area. If you manage to incorporate the wet bar properly in this entertainment zone, it will feel like a natural extension to it. Check out this comfy retreat that features coastal inspiration through the light-blue color scheme. It doesn’t feel very casual, however, due to an elegant wet bar setup with navy cabinets, exposed shelves, and multiple gold accents. The porcelain backsplash features an eye-catching chevron pattern.

14. Aquarium Feature

Wet Bar With Aquarium Feature

There are many ways that can be used for making your wet bar remodel more distinctive. One creative solution involves the placement of an aquarium that offers a very calming ambiance. This is a custom-designed wet bar that could be challenging to replicate but the idea is to create a strong focal point in your wet bar area to make this a distinguished place from the rest of the home. The addition of the aquarium feels quite refreshing considering the rustic style of this bar with its stone tile backsplash and classic shaker cabinets.

15. Minimalist Wet Bar

Minimalist Wet Bar

Do you feel overwhelmed by wet bar styles featuring grandiose glassware displays or bold color schemes? Maybe the minimalist aesthetic would be more up your alley. Take a look at this simple wet bar that relies on a classy neutral-toned color palette. It features a practical prep area for the drinks while the shelves are minimally furnished with only the bare essentials. The undermount sink is small and compact while there’s no dazzling backsplash design. This is a great modern wet bar idea for anyone who’s into minimalism.

16. Rolling Ladder

Rolling Ladder Wet Bar

Having high ceilings should be seen as a great blessing if you plan to set up a wet bar area. You can expand up the wall and maximize storage space with the help of additional cabinets. The only problem is how to reach them. An ingenious solution comes from the installation of a rolling ladder. It gives you quick access to the upper cabinets but also enhances the elegance of the wet bar if you integrate it properly into the overall color scheme of the area.

17. Large Artwork

Wet Bar With Large Artwork

If you can’t decide about the best décor solution for the backsplash or wall of the wet bar, try opting for a large art piece. It’s a highly recommended approach in case you prefer the high-class hotel look. A bold artwork works best if it matches the surrounding elements. This is a solid example considering the green-black color scheme accented with splashes of gold. It feels luxurious with the addition of side shelves used to display glassware. With so many features that grab the attention, it’s not surprising that this kind of stylish wet bar needs a good focal point.

18. Wet Bar Under the Stairwell

Wet Bar Under Stairwell

When you’re working with space limitations in your home, you should look towards those empty corners or awkward areas of the room. The place under the stairwell fits that description pretty well. It might be difficult for many homeowners to give it a proper purpose. But if you want to expand your entertainment area with a wet bar, this is a very elegant solution. Check out this interesting project involving a stylish wet bar complete with a functional sink, shaker cabinets, and exposed shelving installed right under the stairs.

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