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31 Genius Uses for WD-40 You’ve Never Thought Of

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Few products can be considered as amazingly versatile as WD-40. This popular lubricant spray is typically used for loosening up rusted items or metal mechanisms. The name refers to water displacement 40. Nobody knows for sure the chemical formula of WD-40 but the spray boasts large applicability beyond its original purpose. Aside from its common uses, what are some ways of applying WD-40 in your day-to-day life that you’ve never even thought of? Read on to find out.

1. Sticker Removal

Sticker Removal

While some stickers are designed to be peeled off effortlessly, others use low-quality glue that leaves behind unsightly marks or simply makes it a pain to remove. Instead of searching for some specialized product, try WD-40. Spray it on the sticker surface and let the lubricant work its magic. Once the sticker absorbs the spray, it will become loosened up minimizing the risk of ripping or leftover residues.

2. Gum Removal From Shoes

Gum on Shoe

Getting rid of chewing gum from your shoe can be more difficult than it looks. Even when you try to scrape it off, the gum can be very stubborn to remove properly. This is another great job for a WD-40 spray. It simplifies the process of eliminating any stuck gum on the bottom of your shoes. Just let the lubricant soak the wad of gum for around one minute. Use a simple tool like a butter knife to scrape off the gum with barely any effort.

3. Keep The Snow Shovel Clean

Snow Shovel in Snow

Another solid application for WD-40 involves maintaining the surface of your snow shovel clean and nicely lubricated. A bit of spray on the face of the tool makes it less likely for the snow to stick. It’s a great little trick to enhance your productivity when shoveling a lot of snow from the driveway. You simply need to allow the WD-40 spray to evaporate from the snow shovel and leave its slippery coating on it.

4. Loosen the Zipper


Have you ever run into the annoying problem of a stuck zipper that no longer works as expected? Apply WD-40 spray on it to make the movement of the zipper smooth again. The working principle is similar to other applications because the zipper’s mechanism should start to loosen and remove the frustrating jamming problems.

5. Separate Stuck Glasses

Separate Stuck Glasses

Drinking glasses can sometimes become stubbornly stuck together when you place one inside another. This is a delicate situation because there’s a risk of breaking them when you attempt to separate the glasses. Getting them unstuck is a breeze with the help of WD-40. Insert some lubrication spray to loosen up the glasses. They will allow pulling apart smoothly without worrying about unpleasant breaking accidents. However, make sure the drinking glasses are washed well after using this chemical product.

6. Insect Repellent


While there are better products out there for exterminating insect pests, it’s safe to say that WD-40 can be used as a reliable repellent for cockroaches or spiders. The chemicals in this spray can be deadly for many bugs that occasionally enter your home but you will need to apply WD-40 on them directly for maximum effectiveness. Keep in mind that the fumes from this spray shouldn’t be inhaled.

7. Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Toilet Bowl

Cleaning the toilet bowl is quite difficult, especially when you’re facing tough gunk and lime. WD-40 can come in handy if you don’t have a specialized cleaner readily available. The powerful chemicals of the spray are able to dissolve some of the toughest toilet bowl stains. Apply WD-40 directly into the toilet and let it sit for some time. Brush away the gunk with the help of a toilet brush.

8. Guitar String Lubrication

Guitar Strings

Guitar strings are easily cleaned and lubricated with WD-40. The spray works well for this job but it’s important to avoid the guitar’s body and neck. Apply WD-40 lubricant with a rag that will be used for wiping over the strings. This is a great solution for lubricating the strings on your guitar, as well as preventing problems such as corrosion.

9. Erase Permanent Marker

Permanent Marker

WD-40 can be used for the removal of many difficult stains and is able to dissolve all kinds of dirt. The product is also reliable against permanent markers used on a whiteboard. It erases the marks quite effectively despite the claims of permanence. Spray WD-40 directly on the surface where permanent markers have been used. Either start scrubbing or wait some time for the lubricant to work its magic. You can then simply wipe away any marks without too much effort.

10. Untangle Knotted Jewelry

Untangling Knotted Jewelry

Here’s an unexpected use of WD-40 that relies on the spray’s lubricating properties to untangle jewelry more easily. Knotted jewelry can be untangled without assistance but it will probably be a very time-consuming process. It’s recommended to apply some WD-40 to the knots before you start untangling. Let the product sit for a while and the chains should become loosened up and slippery. This speeds up the untangling process but it’s recommended to wash off WD-40 residues from the jewelry after you’re done.

11. Stuck Ring Removal

Stuck Ring Removal

Speaking of jewelry, WD-40 can also be used to get rid of a stuck ring on your finger. There are various reasons for getting a ring stuck. However, one of the most common situations involves banging your knuckles in the workshop. That’s why WD-40 represents a convenient remedy. Spray the swelling area with the stuck ring and gently start loosening it up from the finger. This makes it so the risk of a constricting ring is greatly reduced.

12. Hand Degreaser

Greasy Hand

Do you need a quick way to remove grease from your hand when tinkering around in the workshop? WD-40 can be a good solution considering its solvent abilities. Spray it on your hands to get rid of tough grime and grease. After washing off the most difficult stains, you can simply clean your hands normally with a soap lather. It’s important to remove the lubricant from the skin after it finishes its job.

13. Stainless Steel Cleaner

Cabinets and Laundry Machine

If you have a dirty utility sink made from stainless steel, consider using WD-40 to clean it. The spray is able to remove many types of stains on the metal that some cleaners struggle with. The best part is that you can also prevent future stains on the stainless steel surface thanks to the lubricant properties of WD-40. Keep in mind that this is not a recommended use of the spray for the kitchen sink.

14. Paint Rub Removal

Paint Rub

Accidental paint rubs can happen when one car gets too close to yours in the parking lot. Even if there’s no leftover dent, you still have a blotch of paint that ruined the original finish of your vehicle. This kind of issue can be easily tackled by WD-40. Spray it on the area with the paint-rub stain to remove it. Wipe the surface clean with a piece of cloth. WD-40 has many practical uses in terms of automotive maintenance.

15. Minimize Snow Buildup on Windows

Snow Buildup

Having a can of WD-40 spray around the home during the winter can be handy. You can use it on the windows to prevent the buildup of heavy snow. However, this is only practical if you’re aware in advance of a big winter snowstorm coming your way. Apply the spray on the outside of the windows to reduce snow buildup as much as possible.

16. Winterproof Boots

Winterproofing Boots

If your winter shoes aren’t waterproof, you can take advantage of a WD-40 coating to prevent soaking your feet when walking through the snow. The lubricant won’t allow the moisture from seeping inside your boots. It’s essentially a great winterproofing method to consider. Another interesting benefit is that you can also remove unsightly salt stains from winter footwear.

17. Polishing CDs and DVDs

CDs and DVDs

Cleaning and polishing CDs or DVDs can be a complicated job using traditional methods. Try some WD-40 spray to breeze through this process. Apply a thin coating of the lubricant on the CD and use a dry cloth piece to polish it like new. The same treatment can also work for other objects around the home that aren’t easy to clean. Examples include artificial flowers and seashells.

18. Rejuvenate Leather Items

Leather Boots

WD-40 has some surprising properties when it comes to rejuvenating leather items. The spray can make your old work boots look new. It’s a recommended cleaning solution for vintage leather items, especially those affected by persistent stains. Even if your leather shoes are clean, WD-40 can be helpful to reduce their stiffness and give them a soft feel to the touch.

19. Clean Bird Droppings

Dirty Car

When it comes to cleaning random stains and dirt, it seems that few products are as versatile as WD-40. The spray is very useful to have in your car for those times when you discover bird droppings on the hood of your vehicle. They have strong staining power and will be tough to remove with conventional methods. However, applying some WD-40 lubricant will simplify the job and loosen up the mess.

20. Prevent Wasp Nests

Wasp Nets

Yellowjackets and other types of wasps can build their nests in some man-made areas. Lots of homeowners need to deal with these pesky insects when they’re settled under the eave of the house. That’s a frequently used place by the wasps but you can prevent them from building their nests there or in other areas around the house. The solution is to spray WD-40 directly under the eaves of the home. It’s a powerful deterrent that will save you the trouble of removing any wasp nest.

21. Revive Spark Plugs

Man Holding Spark Plug

Spark plugs play an essential role when it comes to the ignition of your car. The component can sometimes fail to work as expected, usually during extra-humid weather conditions. Fix this problem with the help of WD-40 sprayed on the wires of the spark plug. It will prevent moisture buildup that can affect the engine component and revive the spark plug.

22. Untangle Fishing Lines

Fishing Line

Tangled fishing lines can make any trip to the lake unpleasant. Fishermen should have a can of WD-40 at their disposal to help with the untangling process. Just apply the spray to the fishing line and you will have a much easier time undoing all the knots. Some old fishing lines can benefit from a coating of the lubricant to maintain them in proper working shape.

23. Super Glue Removal

Super Glue on Hand

As its name suggests, super glue can be very powerful. It’s practical for many applications demanding heavy-duty adhesive strength. However, you can accidentally put superglue on items that you didn’t intend to glue. That’s a troublesome situation, especially if the sticky mess happens on your own hand. WD-40 can dissolve easily some of the strongest adhesives so it’s highly recommended for the purpose of removing super glue.

24. Grill Cleaner

Grill With Vegetables

If your barbecue grill has seen better days, you can try WD-40 to restore its original shine. The spray works like a charm when applied to the worn grates of your grill. Simply make sure the grill is cool and let the solvent sit for some time. Wipe away the messy residues by using a wire brush to make your old grill feel brand new.

25. Separate Plant Pots

Plant Pots

Similar to the way drinking glasses can sometimes get stuck together, so do other common household objects such as plant pots. If you’re struggling to pull together the flower pots, consider bringing in some help by spraying WD-40. It needs to be applied between the stuck pots where it can work its way to simplify the separation job. This is a good trick if you’re worried about damaging stuck plant pots.

26. Protect Bird Feeders

Bird Feeder

Any homeowner looking to attract birds into their backyard has probably considered a dedicated feeder for winged visitors. However, bird feeders are also attractive to squirrels or other wild animals. While there are various solutions to keep squirrels away from your bird feeder, one of the most creative ones involves the use of WD-40. The idea is to spray it on the edges of the feeder to reduce the grip of squirrels and not allow them access to the food.

27. Silence Squeaky Shoes

Squeaky Shoes

Have you ever experienced the squeaky sound made by certain shoes when they’re brand new? If you have this annoying problem, consider making use of a can of WD-40 to silence the squeakiness. By spraying it on the sole of the shoes, you should be able to effectively silence this pesky sound once and for all.

28. Barnacle Removal


Boat owners are probably familiar with the challenging job of removing barnacles. Using conventional methods can give good results but it’s a very time-consuming process. Another solution is to use WD-40 which can efficiently loosen up the barnacles from the boat’s surface. Scraping them off will be a breeze if you allow the spray to sit for some time. The corrosive remains of the barnacles can be removed most easily with sandpaper.

29. Clean Ashtrays


Due to their intended purpose, ashtrays can become very dirty in no time. Cleaning them after every use is recommended but the process is often too much of a hassle to deal with. Consider a practical cleaning solution that relies on WD-40. The spray is powerful against cigarette residues and can make this task easier.

30. Remove Chair Marks

Chair Marks on Wooden Floor

Maintaining the floor in top shape is difficult considering the multitude of sources of dirt and stains. Marks leftover from chairs can become a common household problem that affects the visual appeal of the floor. A bit of WD-40 can swiftly deal with this cleaning job by erasing the chair marks in record time. The only disadvantage of this method is that you will also need to wipe away the spray residue because it can make the floor more slippery.

31. Snowboard Maintenance

Snowboard Maintenance

Many people who are into snowboarding know the importance of a good wax to increase the speed downhill and maintain the board in top shape. Once this special wax wears off, it can still leave residues behind that are tough to clean. WD-40 has great potential in terms of dissolving that old wax and restoring the beauty of your snowboard. It also works well for skis.

By Stefan Bucur

Stefan is the founder and owner of Rhythm of the Home. He has 6 years of experience in home improvement, interior design, cleaning and organizing.

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