how to get rid of moles

6 Proven Methods to Get Rid of Moles

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Moles are predatory mammals that build elaborate underground burrows. They’re adept diggers thanks to their strong claws. Encountering this animal isn’t normally dangerous but it’s possible to get bitten by a mole. It features sharp teeth so that means you need to be careful when dealing with a mole infestation. The characteristic tunneling of a mole makes this animal considered a pest in the yard. Plant roots are heavily damaged by the digging of the moles even though there are some soil aeration benefits.

If you spot a series of rounded soil ridges appearing across your garden, it’s possible that you’re facing a mole problem. It isn’t an alarming sign but you should take action before the pest does more extensive damage to the lawn. New mounds made by moles can start appearing and easily ruin all your landscaping projects. Check out these proven methods that will help you eliminate the moles in your garden once and for all.

1. Humane Traps

Trapping a mole is the best way to get rid of it. There are two choices with varying levels of effectiveness. A serious mole infestation is resolved properly with traps that kill the animal, but if you just have one or two moles in your yard, consider using a simple humane trap. It could be a little more difficult to use but it’s a solid solution if you don’t want to kill the animal.

Here’s a great tunnel mole trap from Amazon that you should try. It’s relatively easy to figure out how to use. The only slight effort required is positioning carefully underground to trap the moles. This kind of trap can be effective in many situations. However, baiting moles to enter it can be quite difficult and requires some patience. Once you’re trapping efforts are successful, you can set the mole free in a field or somewhere far away from your location.

2. Lethal Traps

lethal traps

Whether your humane traps aren’t very effective or simply want a more reliable solution to get rid of moles, a lethal trap could be the answer. Moles aren’t easy to evict from your property considering that they live in underground tunnels. While poison bait traps could work, it’s preferable to avoid toxic chemicals in the yard, especially if you have pets. Use a mole-specific trap that cleverly uses a spring-loaded snare to kill the pest quickly and efficiently. Take a look at this mole trap on Amazon that offers promising results.

A trap that kills moles can be very effective but may not be enough to get rid of a more serious infestation. You will have to be persistent to eliminate all the moles that have built burrows under your lawn. The trap will most likely have to be set again and again until the mole population is kept under control. An empty tunnel can become inhabited by a new mole that discovers it. This means that mole-killing traps are most effective when paired with other pest control methods.

3. Scented Mole Repellent

scented mole repellent

This method isn’t very reliable at removing existing moles but it can be a great solution to prevent more moles from becoming established in your yard. The animals can’t stand certain smells such as garlic, marigold, and tomatoes. Although you could try preparing your own DIY mole repellent, it’s more effective to use a special ready-to-use product. We recommend this mole repellent based on castor oil.

4. Insecticides

Moles feed on a wide variety of insect pests. It wouldn’t be surprising to find out that moles are attracted to your yard due to an abundance of food sources. White grubs and insects such as Japanese beetles are often eaten by moles. That means that you can make use of pest control methods like insecticides to discourage moles from hanging around your garden.

Eliminating the primary food source of a mole can be a good method to get rid of it but it only works properly as a prevention solution. Existing moles can survive even if you destroy the grubs used as food. They will simply move on to feed on other insects. Try using a natural insecticide such as neem oil to keep moles at bay.

5. Mole Poison

mole poison

When other solutions seem ineffective, you can use a strong mole poison that’s reliable at killing the pests. This method isn’t typically recommended because it’s preferable to avoid harsh chemicals spread around the yard. However, as a last resort, mole poison can be worth a shot. You will need a specific chemical that works well against moles. Some of the recommended options include bromethalin, zinc phosphide, and warfarin. Try these poison pellets as a last resort option.

6. Professional Pest Control Services

If you’d rather avoid the risk of a mole bite or don’t want to bother with complicated control measures, it’s best to use the services of a professional exterminator. This is the recommended solution when all else fails and it seems that you’re dealing with a serious mole infestation. A professional should know how to handle the job and will use the best equipment to eliminate moles from the property.


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