Outdated Kitchen With Cheap Looking Cabinets and White Stove

10 Things That Make Your Kitchen Look Cheap

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Renovating the kitchen can be a tough job compared to other rooms in the house. There’s a lot of work involved and your budget can take a serious hit. If you plan to go through with it, make sure you avoid some common mistakes that will make the kitchen look cheap. Certain design choices can have the exact opposite effect and create an unflattering cooking space. The best part is that you can easily avoid doing these things without necessarily spending a lot of money. Take a look at some important design approaches that should be eliminated to prevent that cheap kitchen vibe.

1. Inconsistent Appliance Look

Outdated Kitchen With Black Stove and Stainless Steel Fridge

The kitchen requires a few important appliances to work as a functional space for preparing food. It’s understandable that you may not always purchase them at once. If you’re buying a new dishwasher or refrigerator, make sure it will be properly integrated with your existing appliances. You don’t really have to get a perfectly matching look but try to avoid mixing up too many colors and materials because this kind of chaotic appliance style can result in a cheap look. Keep the overall aesthetic as streamlined as possible and pay attention to the overall color scheme as well.

2. Cluttered Counter

Kitschy Orange Kitchen With Blue Fridge

The counter space in the kitchen is essential to prepare food comfortably. It’s generally a good idea to avoid clutter in the entire kitchen but it’s particularly important to maintain the counters as neat and tidy as possible. Things that are not used regularly don’t belong out in the open. Make use of good storage solutions in the kitchen to ensure that your counters are free of clutter. It’s not just small appliances or kitchen tools that should be better organized. Get rid of all unnecessary clutter that somehow makes its way onto the counters such as bills and shopping catalogs.

3. Fluorescent Lighting

Cluttered Kitchen Design

Big fluorescent lights will easily make your kitchen look cheap because they’re usually very harsh and unsophisticated. Although having proper lighting in your cooking space is important, there are more attractive ways to consider such as recessed and pendant lights. Always take into account the decorative impact of any lighting option because the kitchen can appear very unflattering if you only care about functionality. It’s recommended to maintain a visual balance and focus more on softer lights that make the space feel more expensive.

4. Fake Plants

Fake Plant in a Kitchen

Fake plants are convenient to use because they don’t need watering or any other type of maintenance work. They might be useful in some cases to add some greenery to the room but you should avoid faux plants in the kitchen. You will end up with a cheap look because, let’s face it, that strangely lush-looking ivy is quickly recognized as not being a real plant. It’s rare to find a fake plant that doesn’t give off a cheap vibe. Potted herbs work better as an alternative if you like the idea of adding a pop of green to the kitchen.

5. Plastic Garbage Bin

Orange Plastic Garbage Bin

If you don’t have a good spot hidden from view to keep your trash can, it’s important to at least avoid plastic models because they add a sense of cheapness to the kitchen. Metal garbage bins are more expensive but the investment is worth it. You will be able to enjoy a classier visual appeal making the space feel more polished overall. If you decide to keep the plastic trash can, consider a convenient storage solution such as a pull-out cabinet.

6. Old-Fashioned Cabinetry

Outdated Beige Kitchen Cabinets

Outdated cabinetry puts your kitchen in a really unflattering light. If you want to avoid a tired atmosphere in the kitchen, it’s highly recommended to upgrade the style of the cabinets. Replacing all the cabinetry in the kitchen can be considered a costly and time-consuming project. Instead of such a big makeover, you can avoid the cheap look by just opting for a cabinet refacing. You don’t need to fully replace the bases of each cabinet. You can get away with new cabinet doors and drawer fronts.

7. Bulky Under-Cabinet Hoods

Bulky Under Cabinet Range Hood

Range hoods are essential appliances to improve air circulation during cooking. Many homeowners own the under-cabinet type that’s quite space-efficient and practical for lots of kitchen designs. However, you should avoid some models that are extra bulky because they can create a cheap vibe. Instead of the atmosphere you’d expect from a homely kitchen, bulky range hoods installed under cabinets can make the space feel like a quick rental. Find a more discreet hood style to create a sleek appearance.

8. Short Backsplash

Small Backsplash in Outdated Kitchen

Short backsplashes create the illusion of a small and cheap kitchen area. Instead of the classic 4″ tall backsplash, try going for a full-height design that reaches elegantly to a shelf or upper cabinet. Shortness isn’t the only aspect that can cheapen the look of the backsplash. You should also pay attention to ensure that your chosen tile design matches the style of the countertop. Modern backsplashes can look stunning with trendy cabinet designs thanks to an expansion effect. Glossy subway tiles make the kitchen seem more expensive compared to short laminate strips.

9. Worn-Out Hardware

Worn Down Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Even if you don’t follow the latest trends in kitchen décor, you should still pay close attention to design details that make or break the look of the space. A great example is the look of kitchen hardware such as drawer pulls and cabinet knobs. It’s fairly inexpensive to replace worn-out fixtures around the kitchen. These are small but impactful details that can have a considerable influence on the overall style of the space. Replacing those old knobs and pulls with newer ones offers an affordable and quick upgrade.

10. Fad Paint Colors

Kitschy Orange Kitchen With Blue Fridge

Paint colors like bright orange or avocado green can seem really trendy at some point when used to decorate the kitchen. The problem is that such bold and unexpected shades lose their charm quite quickly. Once you get used to the novelty, the look becomes to feel tired and cheap. Instead of fad paint colors, it’s recommended to stick to timeless classics such as whites and grays. Neutrals might also get boring after a while but you can still maintain a stylish color scheme as the years go by. Keeping the overall palette in a neutral range while adding small colorful accents could be a smarter decision to add some personality to the kitchen.


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