Hurricane Weather in Florida

The 10 Best and Safest Places to Hide During a Hurricane

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Whether you’re a local or a tourist in an area that’s often affected by hurricanes, it’s important to know the best and safest places to hide. If you’ve prepared an emergency supply kit and received a hurricane warning, it’s best to follow the advice of authorities. It’s typically best to quickly evacuate the home and leave for a safe location.

However, you may not always have time to leave quickly enough before the storm comes. Roads might be too busy to drive away to safety so your best bet is to find a good protective place to withstand the high winds and flash floods of a powerful hurricane. In that case, you will have to make use of the safest available places nearby, such as an interior room or the lowest level of the building.

Take a look at the best places you can use to hide from the threat of a hurricane.

1. Local Storm Shelter

Community Storm Shelter

There’s a reason why knowing in advance the location of the closest storm shelter is important. You will be able to act quickly as you just pack the emergency supply kit and drive to the local emergency shelter. This is an excellent place to hide during a hurricane because it’s specially designed to resist the most devastating parts of this kind of storm event.

2. Bathroom

Windowless Bathroom

If you need to remain at home during a hurricane, it’s a good idea to use the bathroom for protection. This room will typically have no windows and be more firmly rooted to the foundation of the house. The plumbing in the walls should also provide some extra structural support to resist high winds more effectively. Make sure you choose the bathroom only if it’s an interior room that has no windows.

3. Closet

Walk in Closet

Anyone who needs to wait out a hurricane should try hiding in a closet, especially if they own a big walk-in model. It’s important to remember that you might have to sit here for a long time. Don’t forget about your emergency supply kit which should contain sufficient non-perishable food, water, blankets, and other useful items like a battery-powered radio to keep up with hurricane movement updates.

4. Windowless Hallway

Long Hallway

Smaller homes that lack good options for hiding can be more challenging to use safely in the event of a hurricane. Consider going for a hallway if it’s located in the interior of the home. You should find shelter in this place only if there are no outside walls that could potentially collapse. The lack of windows is essential as well to ensure that you won’t be hurt by shattered glass.

5. Any Interior Room With no Windows

Windowless Room

Although staying at home during a hurricane isn’t a good idea, it’s sometimes simply unavoidable. If that’s the case, your best bet is to look for any interior room that features no windows. Rooms with outside walls are particularly vulnerable to the strong forces of the hurricane. It’s recommended to look for a windowless interior room on the first floor. Don’t go down in the basement because there’s a risk of flooding.

6. Under a Stairwell

Area Under The Staircase

Having a two-story home can be seen as safer in some situations if you’re facing a hurricane. You can make use of the stairwell to hide from the worst damage of the storm but only if it’s sufficiently far away from the windows. If you happen to have a nice alcove under the staircase, that could work well. To enhance the level of protection, make sure you grab plenty of blankets to cover yourself and your family from flying debris.

7. Laundry Room

Laundry Room

The laundry room has good potential in terms of protecting you from the worst effects of a hurricane. However, it’s worth remembering that not all laundry rooms are capable of meeting the basic safety guidelines required. You can only use the laundry room if it’s easily accessible and properly anchored into the foundation of the house. Another important aspect to keep in mind is whether the laundry room is windowless.

8. The Lowest Level of the Building

Underground Building Parking Lot

If the hurricane catches you unprepared while at work or in a different place from home such as a shopping mall, it’s recommended to go to the lowest level of the building. Avoid going outside no matter what unless you’ve received clear information about the movements of the hurricane. Reaching the lowest level of the building is an essential aspect because hurricane winds are especially powerful at higher elevations.

9. Far From any Waterways

Staying indoors is strongly recommended if you’re in a survival situation that involves a hurricane. Under certain conditions, however, you might end up outdoors with no easily accessible protective spot in sight. How do you hide from a hurricane in that case? It’s strongly recommended to figure out the location of waterways and stay as far away from them as possible. There’s a big risk of being caught in a flood during a hurricane.

10. Away From Low-Lying Areas

When it comes to hurricanes, coastal zones should be immediately avoided but any low-lying area is particularly dangerous. Staying in such a place will only increase the risk of being injured or caught in a severe flood. If you manage to keep yourself away from low-lying areas, it would be ideal to find any sturdy building. Being outdoors during a hurricane means that you’re exposed to exceptionally strong winds. You need to seek shelter indoors immediately if that’s the case.

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