25 Ways to Fake a Clean House

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Having a busy schedule, it can be close to impossible to ensure everything is spotless all the time. Yet, we are still likely to get surprise guests from time to time. If your friends or family call you, there’s no need to panic! Here are the best ways to fake a clean house when you are in a rush.

1. Start With Your Hallway

The first your guests will notice is the entryway. If you have a cluster of shoes, magazines, and other items you dropped right as you got inside, it’s time to put them away. The quickest way is to hide them in woven bins or covered, non-transparent baskets. Keep a handheld vacuum nearby to clean any dust or debris quickly.

2. Fixing the Living Room

You can bring a fresh vibe into your living room with ease. Make sure you open the doors or windows to get some fresh air inside, then fluff up your sofa pillows. If they look pretty dull, you can flip the cushions on the other side to hide any stains or wear and tear.

3. Toy Mess

If you have kids, you are highly likely to have blocks, games, and other toys all around your home. It is great to have an affordable toy bag where you can quickly stuff all the toys when you are in a rush. Alternatively, you can put the toys in any large bag or case you have around, including pillowcases.

4. Furniture Fix

If your living is quite a mess, you can do a quick checklist to put everything in order in the blink of an eye. Put all unruly books and magazines in a neat pile, straighten the sofa and other furniture, fluff up the pillows, and place the remote controls on the coffee table. Don’t forget to straighten the rug if you have one.

5. Fresh Vibe

The kitchen may be the source of all problems: piling dishes, unclean countertops, and dull atmosphere. Well, start by arranging all chairs and surfaces. Put any lingering items away and always opt for a symmetrical, uncluttered look. What if you have dishes? Let’s find out next!

6. Dishes Magic

If you have a pile of dirty dishes, there’s no need to panic! Quickly pour some soapy water on them and pile them in your dishwasher. If you do not have one, then put the dirty dishes in stock pots covered with lids. Close all the cupboards and wipe quickly any dirty surface. You can now enjoy your time with your guests and do the dishes later!

7. Cluttered Office

If you have a home office, you perhaps know how easy it is to make it fully cluttered with papers, folders, files, and others bits and pieces everywhere. Remove all post-it notes, place all of your pens and other supplies in a drawer or a bag, and put all the loose items in your drawers. You can also put them quickly in stationary containers of your choice on top of your desk.

8. Dirty Load

Lots of dirty laundry around your home? You don’t need to worry about it! Postpone this time-consuming task until your guests leave your home. Collect all the dirty clothes and put them in the washing machine, closing the door. This way, they will stay away from curious eyes, but make sure you wash them as soon as possible to avoid unpleasant odors.

9. Effortless Windows

If you have lots of fingerprints, smudges, and other stains on your mirrors or windows, there’s an easy fix. Use a store-bought, efficient cleaner, such as Windex, to eliminate all of them with minimal effort. Use a soft cloth that does not leave any marks behind.

10. Symmetry is Key

If you have lots of decorations and children, you know how easily they can get messed up. Make sure you stack all of your books neatly, trying to place all items in a symmetrical pattern. This will eliminate the visual clutter in no time, so your guests won’t be tempted to come and check how often you take the dust off your shelves.

11. Loose Blankets

Usually, the first items we notice are those out of place, such as a blanket falling on the floor. If you’ve spent your previous night chilling on the sofa, there’s no need to worry. You can pick up the crumpled blankets off the floor and put them behind the sofa. Some sofas also have a storage unit, so you can also quickly stash them in there.

12. Clean Blinds

When was the last time you cleaned your blinds? Well, there’s no need to worry just yet. Make sure you turn them up, so your guests can only see the clean underside.

13. Disappearing Dust

If you want a quick method of wiping away all of the dust, a microfiber cloth is exactly what you need. It easily traps all the dust and micro-particles around your home. You can also use this cloth to wipe your TV, tables, and more.

14. Dry Sweep

Always avoid mopping if you haven’t vacuumed before if you want to prevent dirt smudges. Instead, do a quick dry sweep to collect any visible dust, debris, pet hair, and other dirt. You can use a wet cloth if you have visible stains on your hard floors.

15. Crystal-Clean Bathroom

Do not forget to do a quick clean in your bathroom, too, in case one of your guests need access to it. If you have dried toothpaste stains, soap scum, and other unpleasant dirt on your bathroom surfaces, use an all-purpose cleaner and a microfiber cloth to give them a quick, easy swipe.

16. Bathroom Curtain

If you have lots of bath products, they can easily get into a complete mess after use. Save your time for now and simply close the curtain if you have one. In case of other supplies in your bathroom, you can temporarily put all the loose items in the bath or shower and pull the curtain, so they remain hidden to the unknowledgeable eye.

17. Hotel Trick

Turn your bathroom from a messy one into a 5-star hotel master bathroom with ease. Take your used, damp and lifeless towels and replace them with fluffy, fresh ones. Since you are still in the bathroom, it’s time you also changed the toilet paper roll with a new one to make it ready for your guests.

18. Robes

If you have used bathrobes, you can temporarily hide them in your drier. If it’s already busy with wet laundry or you do not have one, simply take a fresh robe and put it on the same hook in front of the used one. This will freshen up your home and seem as welcoming as a spa.

19. Kitchen Towels

Are your kitchen towels still dirty from last night’s dinner? There’s no need to worry! Use this trick to hang them on the oven handle with the clean part facing you. Your guests will have no idea what’s hidden on the other side of the towel!

20. Hampers

If you are very short on time, you can ease your job in no time. Use a laundry hamper to collect all loose items, including books and supplies. Put the hamper away from your guests and keep it hidden until you can return them to the rightful places.

21. Vanity Storage

If you want to appear more organized and… actually be more organized, you can opt for hidden cabinet baskets. This way, you can easily store all of your toiletries and bath and shower supplies without making a mess on your bathroom surfaces. You can also stack other loose items, including towels or toilet rolls.

22. Fragrance

If you have a fireplace, you can use an old trick to make your home have a fresh, unbelievable smell. Sprinkle coffee ground or any dry herbs or tea leaves inside your fireplace before your guests arrive. The fragrance will be so mesmerizing that they won’t want to leave your home and you will reap all the compliments!

23. Aromatherapy

Aromatic candles, sachets full of your favorite herbs, and other tricks can eliminate unpleasant odors and fill your home with welcoming relaxing scents. It also helps if you replace your harsh chemical-based cleaners with homemade solutions that use lemon or other citrusy flavors.

24. Make a Tent

Even ff this may seem peculiar to you, it works! The tent is an all-time favorite for adults and kids to play with. When your children don’t use it to play pretend, you can easily stack all the toys and other games inside and close it up. This helps you clean the playroom in no time!

25. Loose PJs

If you forgot your pair of pajamas on the bed, there’s no need to worry! You’ll be ready to welcome your guests in no time, right after you stack the clothing underneath your pillows. This will help you keep your bedroom not only neat and tidy but also quickly get your PJs back at night.


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