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8 Hollywood Regency Decor Style Ideas for Your Home

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1. Defining the Hollywood Regency Décor Style

The birth of this style was around the 1930s when movies were focused on showing off a unique blend of luxury and style through their room decorations. Hollywood Regency can be best defined as old Hollywood glamour that combines luxurious materials and finishes with some Art Deco and Mid-Century modern elements. This décor style is inspired by Hollywood’s Golden age.

You can think of it as pretty much the opposite of minimalism given how it focuses on serious opulence mixed with a delicate dramatic visual effect. If you’re interested in incorporating the Hollywood Regency style in your home, check out the following inspirational ideas that will help you bring the glam through rich textures, luxurious elements, and lavish accents.

2. Gold Style

To create a dazzling effect in your living room, the best solution is to incorporate a touch of gold through well-chosen decorations. Big furniture pieces don’t play a huge role in the Hollywood Regency design style so it comes down to little accessories and details to add a sense of glamour. Gold hardware can be found throughout this décor style such as the side table shown here or the bar cart. The playful patterns used on the area rug and walls craft a truly beautiful display of old Hollywood style together with the luxurious accents.

3. Excessive Glam

The Hollywood Regency décor style is definitely not suitable for everybody, especially people with a limited budget. This is because you need to go really bold with the glam elements up to the point of feeling excessive. It’s safe to say that you can never exaggerate with rich and luxurious details when it comes to the style.

Crafting any room with the Hollywood Regency style means communicating lavish glamour through every single piece and design feature. There is no need to worry about adding too many sumptuous elements as evidenced by the look of this opulent kitchen with rich textures, premium finishes, and vibrant colors.

4. Eclectic Vibes

Providing a dining room with an old Hollywood feel can be simple to do with the help of a glass dining table. It can bring out some eclectic vibes that are very welcomed in this kind of space. The dining room is designed for entertaining guests so it makes sense to try to open up the area as much as possible. Thanks to the use of glass and other stylish elements like the lighting fixtures and luxurious ceiling medallion, this area evokes a regal atmosphere that can’t be matched by a plain wooden table.

5. Luxurious Textiles

There’s definitely a great visual impact made by the Hollywood Regency décor style but you shouldn’t overlook the importance of touchable glamour. This means you should try to incorporate as many luxurious textiles and decadent fabrics as possible. Some great examples include materials such as silk and fur or the plush feel of velvet. It’s recommended to alternate textiles in different colors so you can make a statement through a particular piece or just add a subtle accent when it’s needed.

6. Impressive Chandelier

The stunning look of this Hollywood Regency bedroom is greatly enhanced by the addition of an impressive chandelier. It forms a beautiful combination together with the silky textures of the bedding adding a sense of unique grandeur to this personal space. One interesting detail is the use of a stylish mirrored wall to reflect the beauty of the chandelier and brighten up the room. The elegant upholstered bench is a great accessory for this old Hollywood style room.

7. Glossy Finishes

An important element used to inject Hollywood Regency style in your home is the use of glossy finishes. Paired with dramatic metallics, the result can be simply fabulous. Take a look at this glamorous bathroom designed in the old Hollywood style. The glossy marble finishes bring out the drama while the gold accents prevent the area from feeling too overwhelming.

The color scheme is magnificent as it gives a sense of delicate luxury. With these kinds of materials and finishes, you can’t go wrong when it comes to transforming your bathroom with a Hollywood Regency twist. It may seem like a small effort to change plastic toiletry for glass containers but you can increase the feel of easy luxury quite effectively that way.

8. Accent Wall

The Hollywood Regency décor style is often characterized by the use of a consistent and strict color palette. Check out this copper-hued living room that feels simple and vibrant. There are sparse furnishings while the main visual impact is made by the accent wall behind the couch that’s full of joyful flamingo patterns. It captures a vague tropical vibe while allowing the mix of metallics, fabrications, and textures to get their own spotlight. An accent wall like this is perfect for showing off all the classic Hollywood glamour details.

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