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15 Beautiful Wall Tree Decorations You Will Love

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If you’re looking to decorate your wall in an organic style using nature-inspired elements, you have lots of great options to choose from. When it comes to decor motifs, trees or branches of trees could work amazingly well for this purpose. They bring an air of elegance to the room thanks to their instantly-recognizable shapes. Tree decor elements are highly recommended in various interior design styles that embrace a closer connection to the natural world.

The best way to integrate lively tree decorations into your space is by taking advantage of your empty walls. It’s safe to say that a bare wall can look pretty dull. The right decor pieces can bring some much-needed character to it while also enhancing the overall visual appeal of the entire room. The right tree decorations are able to add a charming vibe, especially when combined with other motifs such as birds and leaves. If you’re out of inspiration, check out these beautiful wall tree decoration ideas to upgrade the style of any room with some organic appeal.

1. Family Photo Tree

Family Photo Tree

By arranging your favorite family photos to appear as if the frames are sitting on the branches of a tree, you can make any wall stand out. This is a simple yet highly creative idea to use the charming tree motif for creating a stylish display of treasured memories. It’s a perfect wall design that suggests a close connection between the members of the family.

2. Glowing Branches

Glowing Branches

If you’re looking for a way to decorate the wall in your bedroom, consider these glowing branches from Amazon. It’s a creative way of combining the classic tree motif with fairy lights to create a more enchanting ambiance in the room. With the help of this wall decoration, it’s safe to say that you will be able to enhance the overall coziness of any bedroom.

3. Tree of Life

Tree of Life

The Tree of Life symbolizes personal growth and the idea of discovering the beauty of life through more experiences that simultaneously make us stronger and wiser. It’s an excellent symbol to consider for decorating the walls in your home. This metal decor piece represents a great accessory that improves the visual appeal of the kitchen or dining room.

4. Nursery Wall Tree

Nursery Wall Tree

Wall tree decorations seem particularly suitable for nurseries or children’s playrooms. You don’t even need to spend a lot because a simple vinyl decal can beautifully illustrate the style of a tree on the wall. Use its branches to install some floating shelves for storing various toys and accessories that you can use to decorate the wall. The colorful elements make the white tree decoration stand out more effectively.

5. Japanese Inspiration

Japanese Inspiration

Thanks to its delicate aesthetic, the Japanese cherry tree can be an excellent match for styling a powder room. The cool blue walls have been elegantly decorated with a lovely wallpaper showcasing slim tree branches with pretty white blossoms and birds. We also like the way the tree appears to extend its graceful branches from one wall to another so seamlessly.

6. Salvaged Wood Art

Salvaged Wood Art

It’s not difficult to create a gorgeous decor piece if you focus on designing a simple tree shape. Check out this project that makes use of salvaged wood pieces to craft a unique wall decoration. Aside from the geometric appeal of this tree, the art piece can also work nicely to set up shelves for other decorative elements. Add things like bird artworks to make the tree decoration livelier.

7. Cartoon Jungle Tree

Cartoon Jungle Tree

There are lots of great options when it comes to decorating your child’s playroom. Jungle themes are very popular because they bring a good dose of color and various playful elements. Consider this wall decal that features a jungle tree neatly decorated with cartoon animals to create a fun savannah vibe. It takes some DIY work to install, but the result is a fabulous jungle scene to decorate the wall.

8. Tree Bookcase

Tree Bookcase

Whether you’re a book lover or want to decorate the baby’s room with a distinctive piece, check out this tree-shaped bookcase from Amazon. It’s a sturdy wall decoration that’s able to hold approximately 12-14 books on each of its branch shelves. Thanks to its hidden hardware design, the bookcase isn’t just a practical item. You can also use it for decorative purposes and make any empty wall feel more exciting.

9. Sculptural Tree Art

Sculptural Tree Art

If you want to take the idea of wall tree decorations to the next level, why not try a similar sculptural concept such as this tree piece brought indoors? It’s certainly a more complex project than applying a basic vinyl decal on the wall. This impressive tree decoration packs quite a textural punch to draw attention to the wall. Although it takes a bit of extra space in the room, it’s worth considering for the distinctive sculptural effect.

10. Huge Wall Mural

Huge Wall Mural

If you’re fascinated by the idea of integrating nature-inspired elements into your room decor, you should try a huge wall mural to make a bold statement. Instead of a minimalistic tree silhouette, this kind of wallpaper offers an entire forest scene complete with sun rays penetrating the branches of pine trees on a misty morning. Check out this wall mural.

11. DIY Branch Decoration

DIY Branch Decoration

A single branch can usually be enough to bring the natural vibe of a tree indoors. This is a great DIY decor project that doesn’t take too much effort to create. You just need to find a good empty wall to display your statement piece and search the yard until you discover the ideal branch that fits your aesthetic vision.

12. Fairy Tale Background

Fairy Tale Background

Decorating a children’s bedroom can be quite challenging if you’re looking to maximize coziness while creating something more original. Tree decorations can be used to design a statement wall that provides an enchanting vibe seemingly part of a fairy tale world. It’s an excellent decor piece to encourage the imagination of children while offering a sense of safety through nature-inspired elements.

13. 3D Wall Tree Stickers

3D Wall Tree Stickers

Anyone who wants to personalize the wall with a great tree decoration should try these 3D stickers. Compared to regular wall decals and wallpapers, these stickers provide an extra 3D effect to enhance the aesthetic style. They’re available in different colors for the trees and leaves. Keep in mind that decorating the wall with these stickers can be considered a fairly time-consuming process.

14. Palm Tree Decoration

Palm Tree Decoration

With a colorful design and simple application, this palm tree decoration can easily revitalize the look of any bare wall. It brings a sense of tropical fun and carefree vibes to any room. The wall decals can be applied with minimal effort and they’re also conveniently repositionable or removable. It’s a recommended way to give your space a stylish makeover.

15. Vintage Botanical Poster

Vintage Botanical Poster

Fans of vintage aesthetics will probably appreciate this gorgeous botanical poster that shows off different species of trees in a distinctive reference chart style. It’s an ideal decor piece for many rooms in your home where you wish to bring a slight vintage vibe. The wall poster is printed on high-quality canvas while the use of natural wood hangers contributes to its overall charm. Get it here from Amazon.

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