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Cleaning With Trisodium Phosphate and 5 Other Uses

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Trisodium phosphate (TSP) is one of the strongest and most potent cleaners you can find on the market. Even more, you should know that trisodium phosphate is very budget-friendly, it does not contain any bleach and helps you clean even the most stubborn stains. Here are the top uses for trisodium phosphate and why you should have it in your household!

1. Cleaning With Trisodium Phosphate

If you have any dirty surfaces in your home, TSP can be the solution. Make sure you always wear long sleeves, eye protection, and suitable gloves when handling TSP. Also, do not spread the TSP solution to other areas that are not supposed to be cleaned. Mix a quarter of a cup of the TSP powder with two gallons of water. Dampen a sponge in the solution, wash the surface, and thoroughly rinse the area.

2. Preparing Surfaces for Painting

If you want to repaint an old surface, you can also use the TSP solution as described above. It is great for cleaning old, flaky paint, leaving the area clean and ready for a fresh coating. It also de-greases the surface thoroughly and de-glosses it.

3. Treat Mold and Mildew

If you have mildew or mold, mix one cup of trisodium phosphate with a quart of chlorine bleach and a quart of warm water. Use this to combat mildew and mold around your home. Put the solution in a spray bottle, then rinse the surface to make sure you clean any leftovers.

4. Remove Grout

It is not recommended to remove grout using trisodium phosphate, but it can be quite efficient. If you do not have another option, use TSP, but it’s best to use an appropriate grout removal product.

If you want to use trisodium phosphate, mix half a pound of the substance with a gallon of water. You may add one-third of a cup of bleach if there is any mold. Apply it with a brush, wait 10 minutes, and scrub. Repeat this step as necessary, then wash thoroughly.

5. Aid in Refurbishing and Moving

If you are planning a general cleaning session or you simply want to move your fridge from one area to another, you may get some nasty surprises. Refrigerators, stoves, and other large items in our homes can collect quite an impressive amount of stains, dust, grease, debris, and other types of dirt. You can wash the dirty walls behind them with TSP, but make sure you cover the appliances or other surfaces you do not want to get in contact with the substance.

6. Scrub Your Chimney

A dirty chimney can be quite dangerous, primarily as organic debris or the creosote builds up inside your chimney. Avoid a slowdown in your fireplace by frequently cleaning it with trisodium phosphate, which can be quite efficient in eliminating all the stains and dirt while reducing the chance of a chimney fire.

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