15 Crazy Tree Stump Ideas for Your Garden

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If you live in a wooded region, it’s quite common to see fallen trees or stumps. Fortunately, there are so many ways of using them to improve the design of our green spaces. All you need is a touch of creativity, so let’s check out some great ideas that you can also implement with a bit of skill and free time!

1. Fairies Welcome!

One of the best ideas of using your tree stumps is to turn them into a beautiful house for fairies. Little ones will absolutely love this idea and it also brings some positivity and a good vibe. In addition to this, if the stump is crafted with attention to detail, it can easily become the masterpiece of your garden. Look at the plethora of features in the picture above – the beautiful white ladder and the fence, the little broom, door, and even tiny mushrooms add so much vividness to your landscape!

2. Table with Chairs

If you prefer a more serious, conservative look, you can take advantage of massive tree stumps and turn them into a useful set of chairs and table. The table base is thinned out in order to have plenty of legroom, while the tabletop is much thicker for support. Each chair has an inclined backseat, mimicking the shape of a standard chair. This is a beautiful DIY project if you want to create a cozy, relaxing spot in your garden.

3. Playground

If you have kids, this idea will get you the award for the best parent of the year! Its creator managed to turn a stump into a complete playground with a climbing wall, a slide, and even a crow’s nest. The safety fence on top of the stump prevents accidents while your little one develops their motor skills in a natural and fun playground.

4. Tic-Tac-Toe-Game

Turn an old tree stump into a beautiful tic-tac-toe board. It is a cost-efficient idea as all you need is the stump and some paint. You can also use this to get your kids involved in DIY crafts, spend some time outdoors, and have plenty of fun! The colorful ladybugs and bumblebees are easily made out of rocks and some paint.

5. Carved Tree Stump Face

Have you heard of the tales of giants living inside the trees? Without much skill needed, you can bring tales back to life by sculpting a giant face. This brings a mythical atmosphere right in your backyard. It’s sure a must-have for folklore enthusiasts!

6. Garden Decor and Sculpture

If you love carving, this is one of the many projects you can do. The beautiful animal figure can easily become the focal point in your garden, grabbing all the attention. You can take advantage of your imagination and craft any wooden garden decor you are passionate about – a garden scarecrow, a fairy tale character, or an abstract figure. The sky is the limit!

7. A King’s Throne

While a throne might not seem as exciting as other ideas, this can be a winning solution if you have a child! They often enjoy playing “house”, so this helps them to develop their imagination, play-pretend, and improve their cognitive skills. If you have two stumps, you could even add a second throne to it – what is a king without a queen? The best aspect about wood is that you can personalize it as you wish. In this case, you could even add some initials to the throne to make it more special.

8. A Pot Stand

If you are more on the artsy side, turning a stump into a pot stand can be an excellent idea. This is because tree stumps are often depressing and lifeless, so it can be quite difficult to find its purpose if you want a beautiful garden design. Turning it into a stand for your flower pots does not require much skill, it is time-efficient, and you can brighten up your garden. For an extra touch, you could also paint the pots – if not, just hanging colorful flowers will surely be more than enough.

9. Illuminated Stump

This is an all-time favorite – get a magical, fairy-like tree stump in your garden without much effort! All you need to do is apply some glow-in-the-dark paint on the tree stumps. If you do it early in the morning, there should be enough time in the sunlight so that the tree stumps glow at night.

10. Bird Bath

A sturdy stump can be transformed into a stand for our little feathered friends. Store water in an old basin if you are on a budget – otherwise, you may find different types of solar fountains on the market. This will attract many birds in your garden, especially if your climate is hot.

11. Gnome Home

A gnome home is a great option for crafty, dreamy people and kids. All you need is a stump that is about 6 feet high, some cardboard or another similar material for the rooftop, and lots of imagination. The stump can be decorated with lights, flower pots, and many more.

12. Fairy Garden

Make this one your next long-term DIY project! If you have kids, ask them to help you out. Designing a garden for fairies will surely engage the whole family! Use your imagination to craft as many details as possible – little doors, ladders, windows, and add figurines to make it come to life.

13. Dragon Stump Sculpture

Another complex project, a dragon sculpture might be exactly what you need next to your rustic home. It is one of the most beautiful and rare decorations you can find, so it can be a winning idea if you are passionate about sculpting. If you don’t feel so comfortable about this masterpiece, you can hire someone to do it. Don’t hesitate to stand out from the crowd!

14. Stump Garden

Flower beds are always a favorite when it comes to colorful, lively gardens. It’s even better and easier if your stump has a hollowed center as all you need to do is add some soil and plant flowers.

15. Tree Stump Planter

Another take on the flowerbed is if you also have a fallen tree next to your stump. Reuse the stump as directed above – if the center is not hollowed, sculpt it and fill it with quality soil. You can do the same for the fallen tree, hollow it out and add nourishing soil. You should also ensure suitable water drainage, so you add a few drainage holes in the stump and fallen tree.


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