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10 Things/Items You Should Never Paint

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A fresh coat of paint is one of the simplest and most affordable solutions for DIY projects. You can instantly revitalize the look of the furniture or various décor pieces with the help of paint. However, it’s important to understand that not all things can take advantage of a painting treatment. Some common items around the home should never be painted. They’re simply not compatible with this kind of makeover solution. It’s better to look for other options if you’re searching for ways to upgrade their appearance. Check out our helpful list of things that should never be painted.

1. Kitchen or Bathroom Fixtures

Kitchen Fixture

If you’re tired of the current look of the fixtures in your bathroom or kitchen, you might be tempted by the idea of painting them. A faucet is a good example of an object that shouldn’t be painted. Even if you use top-quality paint, it’s safe to say that it will wear down very fast due to the surrounding moisture. Paint chips can start falling out and be very challenging to clean.

When it comes to updating the look of the fixtures, it’s recommended to try new hardware. A full replacement can seem more expensive upfront but the long-term durability makes it a better choice compared to paint. Swapping the old chrome faucet for a stylish brass model represents a great way to upgrade the look of the kitchen or bathroom.

2. Electronic Devices

Living Room

Whether we’re talking about a laptop or a pair of headphones, it’s safe to say that electronics should never be painted. There’s a considerable risk involved because you might accidentally damage the delicate components of your devices. A few drops of paint can accidentally end up inside the laptop and quickly cause a malfunction.

It’s also worth mentioning that your warranty becomes void if you’re customizing the look of an electronic device through painting. If you’re interested in customizing your favorite laptop or tablet, there are better methods to do it than paint. Consider using a stylish case or personalize the device with a custom skin.

3. Dishes

White Dishes

Chipped portions of your favorite plate can appear simple to fix with a coat of paint. However, this is not a good idea because paint isn’t food safe. You shouldn’t let toxic chemicals from paint go anywhere near your bowls or other dishes. The only time when you can safely paint dishes is when you don’t plan to eat off them. Crafters can enjoy the fun activity of decorating plates with paint in this case.

4. Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen Appliance

Aside from not being food-safe, paint also has the drawback of providing weak heat resistance. This is an important aspect to consider if you’re planning to update the look of your kitchen appliances. Paint shouldn’t be used for these items. If you want to change the style of your oven or fridge, try other personalizing methods or maybe get a brand new replacement for those really old appliances.

5. Shower Doors

Shower Doors

Cleaning shower doors can be quite challenging. If you’re not careful, you might have to deal with some serious discoloration. Paint seems like a good solution, especially if you’re already transforming the look of the rest of the bathroom. However, it’s not recommended to paint the shower doors because the frequent exposure to water will easily ruin even the best paints.

6. Kitchen Countertop

Kitchen Countertop With iPad

Are you bored with the look of the countertop in the kitchen? Many DIYers can be tempted to try a coat of paint to breathe new life into their countertops. This might look like a cost-effective solution but it’s really not recommended to paint the countertop. The surface gets a lot of constant use every day and needs to be durable enough to withstand food stains and regular wear. It’s safe to say that paints aren’t designed for countertops so avoid painting them.

7. Tile

Bathroom With Tiles

Ceramic tiles are commonly used for bathroom walls or kitchen backsplashes. It can be quite a hassle to change their look when you get tired of it. Homeowners could be tempted to paint tile surfaces but this is not a good idea. The process can be very messy while the surface is vulnerable to moisture. Paint coats are susceptible to chipping so consider other solutions to customize the look of tile.

8. Flatware


Similar to the recommendation to avoid painting plates or bowls, the same concerns are also worth considering when it comes to painting flatware. Forks and spoons come in contact with your mouth so it’s not a good idea to add layers of toxic paint to them. Some people persist in their creative endeavors and paint just the handles of flatware. While this appears safer, it’s still not recommended. Flakes of paint can end up on your plate after some time.

9. Pots and Pans

Pots and Pans

Has the protective enamel or Teflon coating on your favorite pan become damaged? This can be a serious problem that affects the functionality of any type of cookware. It’s also quite unsightly if you prefer having your pots and pans on display. Consider a replacement instead of attempting a fix with the help of paint. The risk of peeling or chipping is too high when taking into account the non-food-safe substances of paint.

10. The Piano


If you’re looking to update the look of an old piano, it’s not recommended to do so with the help of paint. While you can make the instrument blend much more easily into your home’s décor, there’s a significant risk of altering the sound of the piano. If you’re not careful, the coat of paint can also shut an important panel for the tuner.

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