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10 Heat and Drought Resistant Flowers

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Plants that don’t require a lot of water are sought out by many gardeners who prefer a more low-maintenance yard. While the visual appeal of the garden is important, there’s an eco-conscious trend that supports the more efficient use of water. There’s also the matter of seasonal drought that seems to extend longer in recent years. If you’re worried about your garden’s ability to tolerate the heat, it would be a smart idea to choose more reliable plants.

Focusing on drought resistance doesn’t necessarily mean you need to sacrifice beautiful blooms. There are lots of attractive flowers you can pick that can withstand dry conditions. The majority of them feature some great capabilities that allow the plant to preserve moisture more efficiently. Compared to others, these plants won’t be so easily fazed by hot weather. Let’s explore the best flowers to bring to your garden before the strong summer heat and drought kick in.

1. Pineleaf Penstemon

Pineleaf Penstemon Plant

A magnet for butterflies and hummingbirds, pineleaf penstemon represents a superb choice for a drought-tolerant flower. The plant shows off its characteristic scarlet blooms in the summer. It works best when planted in masses considering the small size of its flowers. Growing pineleaf penstemon in full sun is easy while the flower doesn’t have any fussy water requirements. Some varieties of penstemon can also feature yellow, pink or purple tones. The flower is highly recommended for elegant bouquets and other arrangements.

2. Sedum

Sedum Plant

When it comes to sedum, there are lots of specific varieties to choose from. The good news is that almost all of them are well adapted to withstand heat and drought. Not all sedums provide beautiful blooms, so make sure you select a type grown for its brilliant floral display such as ‘Autumn Joy’ or ‘Lemonjade’. The secret to sedum’s drought resistance lies in the ability of its fleshy leaves to retain more moisture compared to other plants. Some varieties of this flower boast tall and sturdy stems that give them a shrub-like appearance.

3. Bush Sage

Bush Sage Plant

This type of sage is known for its colorful blooms and great overall resilience. Bush sage can handle the scorching summer heat more reliably compared to other flowers in your garden. It’s also tolerant of different soil conditions as long as there’s proper drainage. Flowers grow on tall spikes and show off a velvety texture to accompany the vibrant red or purple colors. Bush sage is recommended for beds and borders while looking gorgeous as cut flowers.

4. Zinnia

Zinnia Plant

Zinnia is a flower that loves heat and grows poorly when the weather gets too cold. The plant is native to Mexico and can tolerate drought quite effectively after it becomes established in your garden. When it comes to visual appeal, zinnias offer attractive blooms in multiple color shades such as red, pink, yellow, and orange. Pruning isn’t necessary but it can be useful to encourage the production of more blooms. Make sure you don’t plant your zinnias too early in the season to avoid the cold.

5. Yarrow

Yarrow Plant

When it comes to low-maintenance flowers, yarrow can be considered a prime candidate. This is a very resilient perennial herb that offers gentle blooms in a wide assortment of colors from white to hot pink. Yarrow plants boast great heat and drought tolerance which makes them practical for different garden types. It’s a recommended flower for a rock garden but it’s also useful to decorate the edge of a vegetable garden. Beginner gardeners will find it easy to grow yarrow in full sun and well-drained soil.

6. Coneflower

Coneflower Plant

Thanks to their showy blooms and ability to attract pollinators, coneflowers are essential plants to include in many gardens. This cheerful flower has a clumping tendency and promises excellent drought tolerance. It can survive extended periods of hot weather with minimal moisture. For this reason, coneflowers are considered low-maintenance plants. They can thrive in any kind of soil type assuming it doesn’t retain excessive moisture. Even after the flower’s head loses its color and dries up, it still offers some visual interest in the cold season.

7. Agastache

Agastache Plant

If you’re looking for a drought-resistant flower that hummingbirds love, check out Agastache. It shows off prolific blooms during the summer and autumn in a warm orange shade with pink or purple tints. This perennial plant is a breeze to grow as it only requires full sun and proper soil drainage. Another advantage of Agastache is that it provides resistance to deer. Considering its tall flower spikes, Agastache works ideally for the back of a border if you wish to create a balanced garden design.

8. Blanket Flower

Blanket Flower Plant

Gaillardia, commonly called the blanket flower, is a stylish perennial plant that can tolerate heat well. This flower grows in fields and along roadsides in the wild. Aside from its resistance to dry weather, the blanket flower can also grow without problems in poor soils. It’s a tough plant boasting reliable adaptations to withstand difficult prairie conditions. In terms of visual appeal, gaillardia blooms are typically produced in varied shades of yellow and red. Many pollinators are attracted to these flowers.

9. Cosmos

Pink Cosmos Plant

Cosmos flowers are versatile additions to any garden. Aside from their ability to tolerate dry conditions better compared to other plants, these flowers sport a very attractive bloom texture. Cosmos flowers grow fast and can thrive despite intense heat. Depending on the variety, these plants produce blooms in several different colors. Consider using them as cut flowers because their foliage can also bring a textural punch to flower arrangements.

10. Periwinkle

Periwinkle Plant

Also called vinca, periwinkle is a versatile flower suitable for many landscaping applications including rock gardens and containers. Due to its natural resistance to drought, this lovely flower can increase lawn curb appeal without requiring a lot of maintenance. The rounded blooms will start appearing in early summer but periwinkles are attractive even before they start producing flowers. The plant features stylish dark green foliage with distinctive texture types depending on the chosen cultivar.


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