25 Quality DIY Workbench Ideas

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If you are passionate about DIY projects, you must know that a comfortable and spacious workbench is the key to success. Depending on the available space, there are plenty of ideas and options, whether you want an upgrade to your current one or you plan to build the best DIY workbench from scratch. Check out the sections below to find 25 quality DIY workbench plans and ideas!

1. DIY Workbench With Storage

A smart workbench plan should consider plenty of storage space for your convenience. You may want to organize them for easy reach, so adding multiple drawers and a pegboard can be a lifesaver. Don’t forget the LED light above so you can work at any time during the day or night!

2. Plain Workbench Plan

A simple workbench like this can be the best option if you do not want numerous features to stand in your way when you are working. This model only has a large storage section at the bottom and casters in case you need to move it around. This plain design is highly customizable and quick to build.

3. The Spacious Workbench

Depending on your DIY projects, you might want an extra-large workbench. What makes this one stands out from the crowd is the ample storage space. It can be extremely useful as larger projects will most likely require numerous tools.

4. DIY Mobile Workbench

If convenience is what you are looking for, this mobile workbench ticks all the boxes! It is accessible and portable, made of spare parts, and it also comes with storage. Make sure you add sealant and polish on this workbench regardless of the color you choose.

5. Easy Workbench Idea

This idea is perfect for anyone who wants a basic, spacious working space. The project is quite simple, too, as all you need to do is cut the wood and attach the legs to the base. This model is only sanded, but you can customize it to your liking.

6. Kids DIY Workbench

Not all workbenches must be for large, serious projects. If you want to introduce your kids to the beauty of DIY projects, this minimalist design is an excellent choice. Don’t forget about the pegboard and storage area so they can start stocking up on tools. Your little one will surely love it, and you can ask them to help you craft it from scratch!

7. Garage Workbench Idea

If you want a reliable, durable workbench, you can replicate the model above. It should not take more than a few hours for experienced people or about one day for a beginner. It is simple, spacious, and suitable for most DIY projects.

8. Simple Workbench With a Few Touches

This workbench plan is for distinguished carpenters. It uses finely-finished pieces of wood, but this is not a must. A workbench can be basic and made of crude wood, depending on your preferences and materials. The crafter also added a few extra drawers and a storage shelf for tools and supplies.

9. Garage Workbench With Storage

This is an impressive model that provides a large working area and plenty of storage. The design will save time when you are working as you don’t need to start searching your garage every time you need another tool!

10. Practical DIY Workbench

If you do not spend that much time on DIY projects or you don’t have a very spacious garage, this picture introduces you to a practical model. It is a beautiful fold-down workbench with a spacious pegboard for your supplies.

11. The Basic Workbench

This basic model is suitable for storing larger objects due to the spacious bottom shelf. It is simple, easy to make, and you can add the standard pegboard for smaller tools and supplies. Also, the workbench is designed with durability in mind, so it will be able to handle heavier items, such as furniture, motors, and any other projects that might interest you.

12. Roll-Away Workbench Plan

If your usual projects require you to relocate often, crafting mobile, smaller workbenches can be extremely convenient. There are plenty of storage spaces for smaller items, but it may not be the best idea if your DIY projects involve heavy objects.

13. Rustic Workbench Idea

If you want a rustic workbench, this model can be relatively easy to make. All you need to do is cut the wood and assemble the sturdy legs, backboard, and benchtop. If you use pine wood as above, make sure you treat it often.

14. The Organized Workbench

If you need a practical workbench able to hold all of your small supplies and tools, this model is an excellent choice. There is a spacious pegboard, along with several shelves to keep everything well organized and within easy reach.

15. Pallet Workbench

Do you have any pallets that you do not need anymore? It’s time to create a basic workbench. Break down the pallet, build the frame and assemble everything. You can add several shelves to this model for extra storage space.

16. Multipurpose Workbench

This workbench is perhaps one of the most appealing models on this list. Apart from its looks, it is also highly functional, durable due to the sturdy frame, and has plenty of drawers to accommodate tools and supplies of different sizes.

17. Storage DIY Workbench

If storage and looks are both necessary to you, this model combines different smart features. You can customize it to the type of work you will be doing, such as in the picture above, by adding shelves, drawers, hooks, and everything else you need.

18. Heavy Duty Workbench

This workbench plan is both extremely reliable and spacious due to the open shelves. You can add wheels for extra accessibility and portability, but make sure you choose some that will be able to handle heavier loads.

19. Junkyard Workbench Idea

If you have different leftover wood pieces, you can put them together to recreate this exquisite workbench. This design has a spacious storage shelf where you can keep your toolbox and other supplies without crowding your workspace.

20. Rolling Workbench Plan

This workbench is crafted with portability and storage in mind. If you need to relocate often and have multiple heavy tools, this basic workbench plan could be an excellent option. You can add numerous shelves or even drawers to the frame if needed.

21. The Simple Foldable Workbench

For lighter DIY projects, this foldable workbench is an excellent option. It saves space while having some storage area, but you can still fold it and keep it out of your way when you do not need it.

22. DIY Garage Workbench

One of the benefits of having a workbench is that you can also use it to store all of your supplies and tools, turning it into your own repair station. This model has a broad pegboard where you can see and access all your needed tools with ease.

23. DIY T-Track Assembly Workbench

If you are into repairing projects or carpentry, this DIY T-Track workbench is convenient. It is sturdy, durable, and you can also attach casters for extra convenience.

24. Drop Down Workbench Plans

Despite its sleek look, this drop-down workbench can be extremely sturdy. Attach the top to the wall and then add the two legs using hinges, so you can drop the workbench down when not in use. It’s a winning idea if you are short on space!

25. Heavy Duty Workbench

Finally, this sturdy workbench is for professionals or anyone with ample space. This model is very durable so it can withstand heavier loads, while the legs are made of pipes that are strong enough for the thick top.


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