The 10 Best DIY Mosquito Traps

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Mosquitoes can be extremely troublesome during the summer when we want to spend more time outdoors. Fortunately, there are numerous DIY trap ideas that can help you trap mosquitoes. Keep in mind that you need to keep a clean garden and patio to avoid mosquitoes in the first place. These insects are attracted to rubbish, food leftovers, spilled juice, compost, and even long grass, so mow your lawn regularly. Without further ado, let’s check out these 10 DIY mosquito trap ideas!

1. Beer Traps

If mosquitoes bother you all the time when trying to enjoy your outdoor activities, you can place cups with beer at the far end of your garden. Mosquitoes are attracted by the golden liquid and they drown in it. However, keep in mind that if you or your guests also enjoy this drink, mosquitoes will be attracted to your cups, too.

2. DIY Vinegar Mosquito Trap

Vinegar is an excellent mosquito trap idea for your home. It is non-toxic, affordable, and the vinegar smell efficiently attracts all flies and mosquitoes. Place a quarter of a cup of baking soda on the bottom of the bottle and add one cup of vinegar. When vinegar reaches the baking soda, carbon dioxide bubbles are released, attracting mosquitoes.

3. Simple Bottle Trap

Another cost-effective method is to take a used plastic bottle, cut it about one inch down from the cap. Boil about 6.5 oz of water for a maximum of 10 minutes to evaporate chlorine (if any), then add 4 tablespoons of sugar and mix well. Leave the water until it reaches room temperature, pour the water mixture in the bigger part of the plastic bottle and add brewer’s yeast, but do not mix it. Put the smaller part of the bottle upside down, so that it resembles a funnel. Fix the two parts together using tape so that the cap hole is the only way in or out and place the bottle on the table, patio, or anywhere inside your home.

4. Plants

Plants do not trap mosquitoes, but they are highly efficient in deterring them. You can plant or buy potted grown plants, such as lavender, catnip, marigold, citronella, or chives. An alternative is to light up a scented candle that will also deter mosquitoes, such as this citronella candle.

5. Dry Ice Mosquito Trap

Dry ice refers to frozen carbon dioxide which is a natural compound that attracts and traps mosquitoes. It is ideal for the outdoors and it is fairly inexpensive and easily accessible, such as this pack of dry ice. Make sure you handle dry ice using gloves; then, you can buy any cheap ultraviolet trap for these insects – when mosquitoes are attracted by dry ice, the trap will catch them. You should place the trap away from your cooking or living area and put dry ice inside and around the ultraviolet trap. Make sure you keep it away from children, such as hanging it in a tree.

6. Natural Mosquito Killer

An easier trap is simply using natural ingredients that you have in your fridge or pantry. Cut a lemon and leave it on a surface away from your cooking and/or living area. The lemon will naturally attract and catch the mosquitoes, although it might be less efficient than other methods on this list.

7. Coffee Ground Mosquito Repellent

If you are a coffee lover, then you should try this method. Use dry coffee ground to repel mosquitoes by burning it just like you burn incense. You can place the coffee in a bowl or similar flat surface that will not burn. You may also add fresh bay leaves to the mixture for a more powerful effect.

8. Get a Bat House

Bats can be impressively useful when it comes to mosquito control and it is a long-term solution. If you don’t have bats in your neighborhood, you can simply buy one or several bat houses, such as this affordable model.

9. Soap and Light Trap

This method uses dish soap mixed with water and a source of light to trap the mosquitoes. These insects can land on water, but the addition of dish soap disturbs the surface of the water, which makes them drown. Fill a third of a tall container with water, add one teaspoon of dish soap and combine slowly so you won’t create too many bubbles. Place the container in the desired area and place a light source over the container.

10. DIY Mosquito Fan Trap

You can use any box-type fan for this method. Place a mesh screen on the fan and wait to catch the mosquitoes. You can spray the mesh with alcohol to kill them (without spraying the fan or its motor), then vacuum the mesh and place it again to catch more insects.


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