Concrete Sink With Black Fixtures and Wood Vanity

12 Strong Concrete Sink Ideas

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When it comes to materials to include in your home, concrete is not the most popular choice. The rugged appearance brings a utilitarian vibe anywhere concrete is used. This may not be ideal from an interior design point of view. However, this sturdy material has great potential for more functional rooms such as the bathroom or the kitchen. One of the best ways to incorporate concrete in your home is by opting for an industrial-style sink.

The unfinished aesthetic of concrete works surprisingly well for utilitarian areas. The sink is a good choice because of its hard-working nature that suits the durability of concrete. There are multiple advantages when it comes to using a sink made from this rock-solid material. Concrete sinks can withstand heavy-duty use more effectively in the long-term while also making repair jobs easier.

Even though concrete’s appearance tends to become worn down with a patina texture, the visual effect is not actually unpleasant. It can contribute to the general rough, unpolished vibe of the concrete sink that fans of industrial design appreciate. Despite being a fairly inexpensive material, concrete offers great design opportunities. If you’re planning to add a concrete sink into your home, check out the following ideas for a solid dose of inspiration.

1. Concrete Bowl Sink

Concrete Sink on Wood Countertop

Concrete belongs in modern settings focused on sleek, minimalist aesthetics. This beautiful sink is proof of that considering the elegant visual appeal of the concrete bowl. It forms a great combination together with the more rustic effect of the wooden vanity. The style of concrete is recommended for sink designs that attempt to mix natural elements.

The rough nature of concrete is an ideal fit here considering how it contributes to keeping the space grounded with a sense of solidity. Although concrete bowl sinks are very practical, the same can’t be said about unfinished wood in the bathroom. It’s vulnerable to moisture and requires proper staining to ensure reliable water resistance.

2. Farmhouse Style Sink

Modern Farmhouse Concrete Sink

The farmhouse design style can make a bold statement when mixing some industrial elements. This cozy bathroom benefits visually from the addition of a large concrete sink that creates a wonderful pairing together with the industrial lighting. Thanks to maintaining a neutral color scheme through the use of wood accents, the eye is drawn to the textural feel of the environment. The atmosphere in this bathroom is calm and relaxing considering the warming effect of natural wood against the cool concrete.

3. Pure Texture Sink

Minimalist Unfinished Concrete Sink

If you want to emphasize the rough nature of concrete more effectively, you should consider taking advantage of the pure texture of this material. Unfinished concrete can become very attractive in the right setting. In this example, the concrete sink stands out due to the minimalist design of its surroundings. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to bring solid industrial vibes to either modern or rustic bathrooms.

4. Double Concrete Sink

Double Concrete Sink in Industrial Bathroom

Anyone who considers doing an industrial bathroom makeover should check out this double concrete sink idea. It seems like a great match for industrial elements such as the black vintage sconce lights. The elegant finish of the sink works well in a black-and-white color scheme while the smooth texture represents a nice break from the honeycomb patterns on the floor and subway tile design on the wall.

5. DIY Concrete Sink

Rustic DIY Style Concrete Sink

Concrete is a flexible material to work with compared to others. It’s recommended for DIY sink projects where you can take advantage of its rustic flair. Check out this trough-style sink made from concrete that shows a unique appearance. It’s a charming addition to this rustic bathroom while also providing solid benefits in terms of durability and heat resistance.

6. Blush Pink Concrete Sink

Pink Painted Concrete Sink

Although most industrial-style designs focus on keeping the typical gray color of concrete, the material is also available in other colors for more personalization options. Check out this elegant concrete sink that’s been designed with a delicate shade of pink. The resulting visual effect is quite charming considering the way the color tames the roughness of concrete letting the sink basin take center stage in the bathroom.

7. Circular Elegance Sink

Small Round Concrete Sink

As if the circular basin of this concrete sink wasn’t elegant enough, the designer of this bathroom opted to combine it with a concrete slab vanity to make a bolder statement. This approach helps to highlight the versatility of concrete and creates the impression of a larger bathroom. The pairing of the concrete slab and sink brings a sense of durability without compromising on elegance.

8. Oversized Sink

Concrete Sink With Gold Fixtures

Concrete seems like the best material to try if you enjoy the appeal of an oversized sink design. Despite being originally used as an outdoor garden sink, the large concrete basin shown here proves that it’s also suitable for luxurious interior settings. The gold accents and black painted brick help to elevate the rustic visual effect of the rough concrete. Thanks to its natural patina, the concrete sink appears even more charming compared to conventional, polished textures.

9. Ultra-Modern Aesthetic Sink

Modern Concrete Sink With Illuminated Mirror

If you prefer a very strong modern vibe, concrete won’t disappoint. It’s suitable for creating a futuristic bathroom design with the help of a smoothly-polished rectangular sink. The clean lines of the concrete basin emphasize the geometrical visual effect of the vanity area together with the round shape of the illuminated mirror. Despite the ultra-modern appearance, the concrete sink doesn’t feel too cold thanks to the use of warm wooden drawers.

10. Compact Concrete Sink

Compact Concrete Sink

Lots of concrete sink designs feature large basins but not everyone’s bathroom has the available space for them. If you want a more compact sink, concrete can still be considered a suitable material. Instead of focusing on the oversized appeal of solid concrete, try to incorporate multiple colors and textures to give the small sink a character of its own. This compact vanity is beautifully transformed with the help of two-toned concrete.

11. Slim Visual Appeal Sink

Slim Rectangular Concrete Sink

A slim concrete basin can take your bathroom vanity to a new level. It brings solid luxurious vibes without taking up too much space. This is a recommended design approach for homeowners who feel that even standard-size concrete sinks appear oversized. You can avoid that sense of being visually overwhelmed by opting for a sleek and modern concrete sink.

12. Balanced Look

Concrete Sink in Pink Bathroom

Some bathroom designs can look unbalanced when you’re veering too much in a certain direction such as using too many feminine elements. A concrete sink has great potential for restoring visual harmony without affecting the overall cohesiveness of the design. For example, this feminine bathroom can take advantage of a bit of raw texture from the concrete sink basin that introduces a healthy dose of roughness to the area.


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