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28 Free DIY Chicken Coop Plans

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Do you wish to raise chickens in your own backyard? There are many reasons why that could be a good idea. The only important aspect that you need to take care of is building a nice home to keep your chickens safe and happy. Even if you don’t have a lot of woodworking experience, building a chicken coop is fairly easy when you get your hands on a solid plan. The internet is full of great chicken coop plans for DIY enthusiasts who don’t want to make a huge investment in a pre-built home for their chickens.

Aside from financial reasons, building the chicken coop yourself can have other advantages. You can find the right plan to suit your particular specifications and the exact needs of your chickens. The best part is that you can make use of these DIY chicken coop plans for free. Let’s take a look at the various plans you can try to build the perfect house for your flock. Each of them provides detailed instructions and many of them can be adapted to alter the size of the construction. You might also want to check out these chicken coops on Amazon that are already built and ready to go if you don’t want to bother building one yourself.

1. Red Barn Chicken Coop

This plan has been designed to allow you to create a very durable chicken coop that’s large enough to accommodate a maximum of 12 chickens. The look of a classic red barn is sure to be very well-received by many people. One of the most interesting features of this chicken coop plan is the nesting box that’s designed to be easily accessible. Even children can learn how to collect eggs with minimal effort.

Maintenance of the chicken coop should always take priority because it’s highly frustrating if you can’t clean the little house correctly. This is why this plan provides a side folded down to make cleaning the chicken coop a breeze. The construction is built at a high elevation to keep water and bugs from damaging the coop. There are other solid details that make this free chicken coop plan an excellent choice overall.

2. South City Coop

Those concerned about space limitations should check out the South City chicken coop. It’s designed to be placed in the backside of the garage which isn’t just a space-saving solution, but also more protective against strong winds. In terms of looks, the chicken coop doesn’t disappoint as it can fit well with the overall style of most houses.

There are lots of windows included and plenty of ventilation options to ensure a healthy environment for your chickens. Due to its 6 x 3 feet dimensions, this chicken coop won’t be able to accommodate more than 5 chickens. Take a close look at the step-by-step tutorial to craft this chicken coop yourself.

3. Palace Chicken Coop

By following the plan for the Palace chicken coop, you can create a roomy and functional area for your chicken flock. The design seems to capture a pleasant balance between modern and traditional styles. You might get a bit overwhelmed by the professional-looking design of this chicken coop, but it’s not that complicated to build. It just takes some extra determination to craft a sturdy home for your chickens.

Among the features of this chicken coop, you can expect the 10 sq. ft. run space for each bird which means the total area can accommodate around 5-7 hens. The foundation is raised to protect against flooding. Cleaning and maintenance aspects have been well taken into consideration. There are easily accessible doors and the tall height of the structure allows adult persons to stand up without problems.

4. Trictle’s Chicken Coop

If you’re searching for a small chicken coop plan, this could be up your alley. It’s designed to house a maximum of four large hens in a stylish little structure that can look attractive anywhere. The plan for this chicken coop includes an insulation feature to allow the shelter to be used successfully even in the cold time of the year.

All the components of the chicken coop such as the base, legs, and roof can be cleaned more effectively as they’re designed to separate with ease. The framing plans for the exterior offer some room for modifications enabling users to try out a more utilitarian or cutesy look. This DIY chicken coop is quite simple to build even by beginners.

5. Urban Chicken Coop

The Urban chicken coop plan can help you build a lovely home for your backyard flock. It incorporates a special design to protect against predators and it offers a balanced size to accommodate many different needs. You can build this chicken coop even if you lack generous square footage. It’s best to consider this plan if you’re not raising more than 5 chickens.

One thing we like about this chicken coop is the way it incorporates two different doors. There’s one where you can enter yourself with ease to gather the eggs and clean the coop. A smaller door has been provided for the chickens together with a convenient ramp for them. Chickens can spend time outdoors while still being protected thanks to the enclosure underneath the structure.

6. My6chicks’s Chicken Coop

Despite the simple appearance, this chicken coop comes with some advanced features to ensure maximum comfort for your flock. If you follow this plan, you can take advantage of removable roosts for the birds and a sweep door which simplifies the cleaning process. Electricity has been included for the water feeder and lights. There’s also an infrared chick cam.

This chicken coop provides an original design with a focus on balancing functionality such as good ventilation with an attractive look. At first glance, it’s similar to a garden shed, but you can improve the ventilation in the summer by removing the rear walls and front windows. Learn how to build this chicken coop by following the free plan provided by My6chicks user on the Backyard Chickens website.

7. Lady Goats DIY Chicken Coop

You don’t necessarily have to live in a more rural area to raise chickens. Even if you’re a suburbanite, you can still take advantage of high-quality eggs if you choose to keep a flock of chickens in a nice coop. This plan is for a small chicken coop that sports an attractive design to fit with a suburban landscape. It’s based on a much more expensive coop while keeping the costs in a more reasonable range.

The chicken coop is small yet it has a very practical design with big doors to facilitate cleaning. We like the addition of a planter box to maximize the use of the available area. You can enjoy some fresh herbs aside from eggs. While there’s quite a generous enclosed area for chicks to run around, it’s still a fairly small space fitting just for around three hens. Check out all the details to transform the plan into a real chicken coop.

8. Pallet Chicken Coop

Homesteaders who wish to limit their building expenses to a minimum should check out this chicken coop that makes use of low-cost pallets. It’s designed to accommodate a large flock of chickens as the chicken coop measures 16 x 8 feet. Despite the considerable size, this chicken coop can be built without too many difficulties.

The interior of the coop is roomy enough to accommodate multiple nesting boxes and a roosting area. When it comes to the exterior look, the designer opted for a white and red painting style to give the structure its own personality. Everything about this pallet palace coop is great as it provides a practical housing solution for your chickens without sacrificing the budget or the looks.

9. Traditional Style Shed Coop

In case you’re a fan of a traditional-looking shed, this free chicken coop plan can make your dreams come true. While the plan doesn’t include lots of fancy features as the coop is quite small, the structure is perfect for a small flock of chickens and will look amazing in any backyard. In terms of costs, the coop can be built with some reusable materials like pallets for the foundation and old windows.

The vibrant shade of turquoise can add a stunning focal point in the backyard but you can paint the coop to suit your tastes. Despite the small size of the coop, you can accommodate up to 8 chickens without problems. The difficulty level for building this chicken coop isn’t very high so even beginners can tackle the project. Ana White provides on her website all the details like step-by-step instructions, tools, and materials needed to craft this beautiful home for your chickens.

10. Downeast Thunder Farm Chicken Coop

Here’s a very well-made project that’s designed to keep your flock safe in case you live in an area with common hen predators. Aside from the reliable enclosure, the chicken yard comes with a buried wire to prevent digging predators. Egg collection is done in a hassle-free manner thanks to the locked door outside. The plan includes some extra elements such as electricity for a flood light sensor and water heating.

The instructions to craft this chicken coop yourself aren’t particularly detailed, but you can access the blueprints for free. Lots of pictures in various constructions stages have been provided to help you bring the project to life. Overall, the Downeast Thunder Farm chicken coop requires a few more advanced skills, but the end result is very satisfying.

11. Permanent Hoop Chicken Coop

Easy to build and quite inexpensive, hoop chicken coops represent a great alternative to the usual housing solutions for hens. It’s safe to say that you will have to make some sacrifices in the looks department, but if you don’t mind the metal design and favor a more utilitarian style, this plan could be worth a shot.

The curvy roofing improves the overall aesthetics, but it also has a functional purpose. It allows direct sun rays more effectively which could be useful in the winter season. The curved design is more reliable against powerful gusts of wind so the chicken coop is more durable. If you’re interested in building this kind of chicken coop, take a look at the free guide provided on Backyard Chickens.

12. Budget-Friendly Chicken Coop

Not everyone has hundreds of dollars to invest in a fancy chicken coop. If you’re watching the budget more carefully, you will be pleased by this plan for building a cheap and effective coop for your chickens. According to the designer of the project, you can build this coop for around $50 which is certainly impressive. The fact that it looks quite decent comes at a surprise considering the small investment.

One important aspect that plays a role in keeping the building costs down is the ability to use already existing materials. If you have some woodworking experience and tackled similar projects before, it’s safe to say that you may have some things laying around. This chicken coop plan includes two nesting areas and enough space to accommodate comfortably up to six chickens. In terms of ventilation, predator protection, and overall durability, the coop seems to manage quite well.

13. Cozy and Sheltered Chicken Coop

DIY enthusiasts with some building experience can try their hand at a more advanced chicken coop project such as this plan for a cozy hen shelter. It will take considerably more time than just a single weekend to build this coop, but the fancy result is definitely worth the effort. The instructions are divided into three parts to help you manage the project more efficiently.

The first part of this chicken coop plan involves the gathering of the materials and preparing the pieces to be used in the construction. The second part contains essential information about assembling the frame and installing a floor panel. Finally, the third part of this chicken coop plan deals with finishing the paneling and building the nesting box. Once everything is set in place, you can let the chickens roam around their new stylish accommodations.

14. Log Cabin Chicken Coop

There are plenty of chicken coop designs with simple or advanced functionality features. If you’re searching for a more unique design though, you won’t find as many options. Here’s a plan for a chicken coop that stands out from the rest due to its rustic log cabin design. It’s a nice example of incorporating a creative touch to make a more attractive housing solution for your backyard chickens.

Unless you already have some construction logs laying around, this plan can impact your budget quite significantly. It’s somewhat understandable that you’d have to spend more to craft this kind of stylish structure. The log cabin theme works particularly well if you live close to the forest. Check out the full tutorial to learn how to build this kind of chicken coop project.

15. Sunrise Chicks Chicken Coop

If you’re interested in building a nice chicken coop with a very long run, the Sunrise Chicks plan would be a fitting choice. It provides plenty of room to raise a numerous flock of chicken. Building this coop is relatively straightforward and doesn’t require expensive materials. The creator opted for vinyl flooring to make the cleanup of the coop a breeze. The exterior is simple but attractive.

The egg collection system is conveniently designed to allow you to take the eggs out from the front while hens enter from the back. The large dimensions of this chicken coop make it a suitable option if you plan on raising lots of chickens. Take a close look at all the photos and detailed instructions to start building your own large chicken coop.

16. Mini Barn Chicken Coop

Inspired by Kansas barns, this chicken coop can be the perfect shelter for up to 5 egg-laying hens. There’s a pretty big focus on appearance when it comes to this plan as the owner wanted to integrate the construction in the backyard in a visually pleasing manner. In terms of costs, this chicken coop won’t affect your budget that much. Aside from a few materials that you need to purchase at the hardware store, you can also reuse stuff like scrap wood or leftover paint.

The mini barn chicken coop plan offers lots of interesting features such as good ventilation and adequate temperature control. It’s designed to keep your birds comfortable as long as you allocate the correct floor space for each hen. Some predator protection capabilities have also been integrated for this chicken coop. Most notably, the top of the run has an enclosure to prevent hawks from attacking your chickens.

17. Chicken Coop with Beer Can Shingles

This is an excellent example of a DIY chicken coop plan that uses unusual materials. It includes beer can shingles that provide it with a unique look for a very small cost. The overall design may not be considered fancy, but the coop is capable of providing good shelter for your chickens, and that’s all that matters. Due to many recycled or salvaged materials such as the pallets used for the frame and the tin roof found at a flea market, this chicken coop is eco-friendly and simple to build.

The plan for this chicken coop allows you to build it in approximately 10 hours and that’s without requiring advanced woodworking experience. This is a practical way to recycle aluminum cans and the DIY chicken coop is proof that it doesn’t take a large investment to create something practical and stylish.

18. The Feather Factory Chicken Coop

Plans for tall chicken coops are very popular as these constructions are usually more practical. It makes it very convenient to feed the birds and do some cleanup work. The exterior design makes this a suitable structure to place in the backyard of any house. Inside, the chicken coop is equipped with roosts and nesting boxes.

When it comes to ventilation, the plan for this chicken coop includes hatch windows. A roof opening keeps the air inside fresh as well. One detail that we really like about this chicken coop is the white paint used for the interior which seems to make the area more inviting. Check all the diagrams and instructions for the feather factory chicken coop and start crafting a similar project.

19. Elevated Chicken Coop

Crafting a functional and durable home for your backyard flock requires a bit of effort. Many beginners may get discouraged when they see complicated instructions and complex diagrams. Check out this DIY chicken coop plan that allows you to build an elevated structure that acts as a reliable shelter for your hens. The size can be adjusted if you have different needs and the coop can be built in approximately one day.

20. Portable Chicken Coop

If you live in an area where keeping free-range chickens isn’t an option, you will probably like this protective chicken coop with great portability features. This A-frame plan allows you to fertilize different areas with the help of your chicken. The coop is designed to be simple to move around and to be built without spending a fortune. This isn’t really a very elegant chicken coop, but it does a good job and it’s really easy to craft even by inexperienced DIY enthusiasts.

When you take into account the weight-space ratio, the A-frame design is incredibly efficient. The hens won’t feel uncomfortable thanks to adequate vertical space while permitting you to move the coop without difficulties. Measuring 8 x 5 feet, the coop’s maximum capacity tops at 3 chickens. All things considered, this free plan represents a solid portable housing solution for your backyard flock.

21. Stylish Chicken Coop

Those who want to create a very attractive construction for their chickens should look no further than this stylish coop plan. In case you live in a suburban area, the appearance of the coop may play a large role when it comes to neighbors accepting it. The total cost for the materials of this coop can easily go over $1000 dollars so keep in mind that if you have budget concerns.

The structure has been reinforced at ground level and comes with some protective features against many different kinds of hen predators. It’s clear just by taking a simple look at this chicken coop that the creator paid some extra attention to design details to make the construction beautiful to look at. The blue paint offers a nice pop of color making the coop stand out in the backyard.

22. Reclaimed Wood Chicken Coop

If you have some reclaimed wood and you don’t know how to put it to good use, a chicken coop might be a great construction to consider. This plan combines it with some modern elements to create a stylish chicken coop that can fit nicely alongside a traditional or contemporary home style. It’s simple to build and large enough to fit in a maximum of 5 chickens.

The roof of this chicken coop has been designed to keep predators away. You will find lots of essential features here for creating a comfortable environment that allows the chickens to roam happily. Roosting bars and nesting boxes are some good examples. The addition of a skylight is a welcome feature and we like the vinyl flooring that can help with the cleanup process.

23. Water Tank Chicken Coop

Some items can be recycled in ingenious ways. It just takes a spark of creativity to transform an old thing and give it a new purpose. This chicken coop is a great example considering how it makes use of a water tank for its main structure. Instead of ending up in a junkyard, this old tank has been cleverly repurposed to serve as a unique shelter for backyard chickens.

To make it truly functional you have to incorporate some pallets and design the interior to accommodate your flock. Things such as a nesting box or the ladder entrance have to be added. The only issue is that this kind of chicken coop isn’t very simple to clean. Overall, it’s worth a shot if you have access to an unused water tank.

24. City Farm Chicken Coop

Another great free plan offered by Ana White, the city farm chicken coop could be a chic addition for any backyard where you wish to raise chickens. The total cost for the materials reaches approximately $350 which is reasonable considering the stylish and functional design of this coop. The roof is built from cedar planks while the rest of the frame is crafted out of specially treated wood to boost the durability of the shelter.

25. Whimsical Chicken Coop

Here’s a very cool looking chicken coop that can be built with ease by novice DIY enthusiasts. It’s a fairly small structure that can only house up to 4 chickens. If you don’t plan on raising more, this chicken coop represents a great solution. There’s no attached run in this coop plan as the design approach is a more minimalist one. Still, this is a good starting point and there’s always the option to add a run yourself if needed.

The color palette together with the rustic tin roof creates a sort of whimsical impression. This coop is like an ideal country home for your backyard chickens. Aside from its promising looks, the construction has some functional features that make it worth your attention. There are working windows and an exit ramp as well as adequate ventilation thanks to the open sides which boost the airflow inside.

26. Themed Chicken Coop

Few chicken coop ideas are as original as the design of this plan which incorporates Old-style elements to create a saloon/hotel theme for the coop. There’s a surprising amount of detail incorporated here to craft a one-of-a-kind look. If you love the idea of creating a themed chicken coop, this plan shouldn’t be overlooked. You don’t necessarily have to stick to the Old West theme as you can add your own twist to build an original coop.

A maximum of 6 regular chickens can fit comfortably into this coop. While the builder clearly focused on the appearance of the chicken coop to be eye-catching, this doesn’t mean he made sacrifices on the functionality aspects. In fact, this coop boasts a lot of great features to house your backyard chickens. The windows have wire mesh for ventilation and a large door in the back allows for convenient cleanup.

27. Cottage Chicken Coop

Those looking for a particularly small chicken coop will probably appreciate the cottage style of this coop. It scores high on mobility thanks to the integrated wheels and the handle. You won’t be able to keep a large flock inside. Just two chickens will be able to stay comfortably given the limited square footage.

The structure of this coop is small and compact while the design focuses on stylish architectural elements that take your mind to a cottage. Despite the size, this coop is surprisingly functional. The plan contains instructions for incorporating two nesting boxes and the roofing choice ensures maximum durability and protection against the elements. Predators are kept away by strong hardware cloth at the bottom.

28. Bluegrass Chicken Coop

A modern addition to any backyard, this chicken coop has all the features needed to become a popular option if you’re planning on creating a new home for your chickens. The bluegrass chicken coop plan is focused on safety as it makes use of lots of protective elements against predators. It also emphasizes convenience to enable you to collect eggs quickly and efficiently.

The creator of this chicken coop designed the structure by using inspiration from other coops combined with some original ideas. The result is quite stylish as well as functional considering how it provides a comfortable environment for 4 or 5 standard hens. From nesting boxes to reliable ventilation and a well-thought-out roof, this chicken coop plan represents quite a fancy housing solution for your backyard flock.

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