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20 Beautiful Baby Girl Bedroom Ideas

Preparing the baby’s room in the earliest months can take some considerable effort if you want to create a cozy sanctuary. There are lots of design options to consider if you’re planning for a baby girl bedroom. The nursery needs to be a calm environment for a baby so flashy colors are not recommended. Even…

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8 Practical Backpack Storage Ideas

If you have a large family but lack a lot of storage space, you’ve probably run into the problem of organizing backpacks and school bags used by the children. Despite your best efforts, it seems that backpacks somehow always end up on the floor or in some other place where they don’t belong. Whether you…

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Creating a Mud Pie Kitchen for Your Kids

When I was a child, my favorite activities involved being outdoors immersed in nature. Rather than spend my time playing with an indoor play kitchen, I preferred to make “real” pies from mud. Some of my dearest memories are of afternoons spent sitting on my grandparents’ back porch with a spoon and a couple of…

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No-Sew Rag Dolls Crafting for Children

My four-year-old daughter and I could create a hundred rag dolls and not tire of their charm. It’s impossible not to finger the softness of well-worn fabric given a second chance. And nothing is more easy or satisfying to make—no sewing required. With just a few minutes and a few knots, your hands can take…