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The 10 Most Popular Plants That Are Toxic to Dogs

Household plants are used for decoration and they clean our air. Not many people know that there are plenty of household plants that are very dangerous for our pets – severe cases can even lead to death. The next list explores the top 10 most common houseplants that are toxic to dogs. Fortunately, you can…


The 30 Smartest Dog Breeds

Some dog breeds are better than others when it comes to following commands and being able to adapt. It’s hard to measure the intelligence level of a dog as it’s quite a relative concept. That being said, it’s safe to say that certain dog breeds will stand out from the rest as they’re above the…

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How to Build a Dog House

If you have a good building plan, you can create a lovely new home for your canine companion. While getting a pre-built dog house is easy and convenient, it can’t compare to the feeling of putting in some effort and building a custom house specifically for your own dog. With some basic building skills, anyone…