13 Birdhouse Ideas You Will Love

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Birds add a vibrant, lively feeling to our gardens. If you love birdwatching, you must consider the following 13 birdhouse ideas. You will not only love them, but feathery friends will start visiting you more often, too.

Unfortunately, buying a pre-made birdhouse can be a serious investment, but there is some good news. These DIY birdhouses are affordable, beautiful, and will turn into the major attraction in your garden, attracting robins, chickadees, and many other beautiful species!

1. Live Roof

This weekend, you can start building your own birdhouse! You do not need much skill to craft a simple model, as shown in the picture above. The green roof will add sophistication, a beautiful décor element, and your birds will absolutely love it, too! If you already have a birdhouse, you must trim the roofline to create a cavity in which you can add your chosen plants. Make sure the roots are shallow.

2. Cottage Birdhouse

Did you know that birds are attracted by different colors? For instance, this owner decided to craft a beautiful, tiny golden cottage as a birdhouse. The yellow color is loved by numerous energetic birds, including goldfinches, warblers, and hummingbirds. You can also choose any other bright color that resembles flowers if you want to attract diverse species.

3. Back to Basics

Do you want a simple yet extremely practical idea? The basic birdhouse is timeless, beautiful, and highly customizable. It is also one of the most affordable options, especially if you already have some spare wood you can use for it. The only important aspect is to make sure you know how to attach it to a tree or another location. You should also treat the wood, so it will not get easily damaged by rain.

4. Dollhouse

One of the most interesting aspects of this birdhouse is that it matches the real house in the background. If you have kids, this could be a very interesting project, so you can involve them, too. For an easy and quick process, you can simply adjust an old dollhouse or make your own.

5. Use Pennies

If you are not very skilled when it comes to woodworking, there are plenty of other items you can use to customize your birdhouse. For instance, the creator of this birdhouse decided to use pennies for the roof. It can add an interesting, sparkling detail to your garden, especially when the sun is shining. It’s also an easy task as all you need to do is glue the pennies on the roof.

6. Modern Birdhouse

There are endless variations that will make your birdhouse modern and stylish. If you are an enthusiast, you can experiment with many architectural elements to craft a unique piece. You will end up with an exquisite garden decoration that will be equally enjoyed by our feathery friends. This model is, however, quite challenging, especially if this is your first birdhouse project.

7. Stone Castle

Do you want a true art statement? This beautiful stone castle is a more sophisticated model, but it’s surely worth your time. You can also have lots of fun when creating it. You need beautiful, clean stones and weatherproof glue to make sure it won’t fall apart.

8. Nail-Free Birdhouse

Do you want to avoid nails or even glue? This beautiful, clean design was achieved only using double-sided mounting tape and fasteners. This does not only make it easier and quicker but also a fun and safe project to do with your little ones. You can opt for a clean and tidy look, and you can use any materials you want, not necessarily wood.

9. Birdhouse Mansion

Opt for a wealthy, colonial-style look using weathered, old-looking paint and some shingles for the roof. You can rescale it as you prefer, welcoming more and more birds to your garden. It is much easier than it looks, especially if you have some leftover wood you can use.

10. Gourd Birdhouse

If you love planting gourds in your garden (pumpkin, squash, and others), you can repurpose it with ease. The first step is to completely dry the crop by leaving it outside for a few months during the winter. When spring comes, you can clean the gourd and empty all the contents, which should be completely dry at this point. Make a hole in the gourd and hang it in your garden or create a stand for it.

11. Log Cabin Birdhouse

If you have spare Lincoln logs from your kids, this idea is a must! Use them to build this beautiful, creative birdhouse. You can also make a special feeding area, so all types of birds can find it easy to use. Top it up and enjoy this beautiful design while you admire the birds coming to your garden!

12. Old Teapot and Drawer

If you tend to store old items, you may find that many of them can be repurposed into a creative birdhouse. This example shows some flawless imagination – the creator decided to use an old teapot and a part of a drawer to create a birdhouse. You can also examine your storage room and find some old, unnecessary items that can be turned into a birdhouse.

13. Create a Pedestal

If your garden does not have many trees, this idea will help add some fullness to your garden décor. Consider making different birdhouses and put them on pedestals. This works especially if you cannot hang the birdhouses on tree branches or other locations.

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