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The 15 Best Places to Hide Money in Your House

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If you have a considerable amount of money that you wish to keep hidden in your house, you’ll have a hard time figuring out the ideal spot. Tucking stacks of cash under the mattress feels just too obvious to fool any would-be thieves. You need to think strategically and outsmart any potential burglar searching your home for valuables. A huge safe can be pretty tough to hide but money is relatively easy to conceal provided you choose the right items and places in the house.

Check out the following ingenious methods that can be used to hide your money even from the most determined crooks.

1. Cat Litter

It may sound strange, but some of the best hiding spots are those that include common objects around the home. Some of the most mundane things are usually the ones that quickly get ignored by thieves in their searches. A tub of cat litter represents a great place to keep your money safe because nobody would think to check such a spot for valuables. Bury a small container with your money inside the cat litter and you’re all set.

2. Potted Plant

If you have some houseplants around your home, you can take advantage of their pots to hide money. This is definitely not an obvious spot that would be searched by a burglar. Burying the money in the dirt can be a bit of a hassle. You need a watertight container and a sufficiently large plant pot that will fit it. Use some extra materials lying around such as a stone to hide the spot more effectively.

3. Water Bottle

Hiding your money in plain sight is often way more effective than bothering with bulky safes or other contraptions. Check out this interesting idea that uses a fake water bottle that looks just like a regular one. It’s actually designed with a secret storage container for valuables such as stacks of cash or credit cards. This is a solid concept if you’re interested in using a diversion safe. Take a look at this model on Amazon.

4. Electrical Outlet

Most would-be thieves are aware of the popular hiding spots behind picture frames or mirrors on the wall. However, that doesn’t mean you should completely give up on the wall as a secure hiding spot. Consider installing a fake electrical outlet that’s actually a hidden safe for money or small jewelry. As opposed to other methods, this one requires a bit more work. You need to cut the wall in a hollow section where it would make sense for an electrical outlet to be positioned. Check out this hidden wall outlet safe.

5. Kid’s Room

This is a more straightforward idea that doesn’t really involve specialized products and a lot of work. If you have children, their room can work well as a place to keep cash safe. Why? Most would-be burglars will feel like wasting their time searching a messy place full of toys and objects used by kids.

6. Garage Door Opener

Some seemingly random spots in the house can work wonders as places to hide valuables. The garage door opener is a good example. Most devices feature a bit of extra space under their shrouds where you can safely conceal money or jewelry.

7. Secret Tile

Some kitchens or bathrooms feature perfectly-sized tiles that can work to your advantage if you wish to hide money. This is another slightly complicated idea but it can provide excellent results. You need to remove a tile and create a hole big enough to insert a secret compartment. After putting back the tile, it should look completely indistinguishable from the rest of the tile surface. When the time comes to take out the money, just use a suction cup for removing the tile.

8. Lint Roller

Lint rollers are some of the most mundane objects found in a home. There are many ideas for hiding money in everyday items but this method is even more ingenious than others. This is because you can actually get a functional lint roller equipped with a secret storage compartment. Take a look at this lint roller on Amazon that feels like a real thing and can easily hide cash or smaller valuables.

9. Mayonnaise Jar

If you don’t want to purchase a container that only tries to imitate the real thing, you can take the DIY approach. For example, this old mayonnaise jar has been transformed using a spray-painted interior to work as an effective diversion safe for money. Burglars are extremely unlikely to find it and will never even think to look for such a hidden spot in the fridge.

10. Old Vacuum Cleaner

Whether you have an old vacuum cleaner laying around or purchase one from secondhand shops, this kind of item can function reliably to protect your money stash. Just make sure you use a canister-style model that provides some decent internal storage space. It’s also important to find a good spot in your home to ensure that thieves won’t even give it a second look. A good choice is the garage where the vacuum cleaner can be stored together with other old things.

11. Tissue Box

This is a solid idea for anyone who prefers hiding money in plain sight. Tissue boxes can be modified to introduce a secret compartment at the bottom. Even if an intruder somehow takes a napkin, the extra weight of the box shouldn’t be noticed if you hide some money inside it.

12. Paint Can

If you have a fairly generous selection of paint cans in your workshop, this can provide a great opportunity for hiding valuables. Don’t throw one empty can and save it to transform it into a well-disguised container for putting your emergency funds. This method works best if you are able to hide the modified paint can among multiple regular cans on the shelf.

13. Stair Tread

Although burglars can sometimes check the floor for any sign suggesting the presence of a secret compartment, they don’t typically think to inspect the stairs. One of the treads on your staircase can be redesigned to hide a stash of your money inside it.

14. Toilet Paper Spring Bar

Here’s another secret compartment that’s virtually impossible to find even by the most determined thieves. Stash some bills inside the spring bar from your toilet paper support. The bathroom isn’t usually a great space for hiding money so burglars will go right past it.

15. Fake Plumbing

The basement can be a good spot for hiding your money. Consider installing some fake plumbing pipes whose interior contents can be accessed through a plug. You can then use the secret compartment inside to store some valuables.

By Stefan Bucur

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