The 7 Best Futons of 2022

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The futon is a minimalist solution for getting the benefits of both a sofa to relax during the day and a bed to sleep at night. There are lots of reasons to invest in a high-quality futon. Not only they can save space in the room, but they’re also less expensive compared to conventional beds. The looks department is a very flexible one as you can find the right futon to accommodate almost any kind of room. The cover of the futon can be easily changed anytime, but there are some options that you need to consider beforehand.

One of the most important decisions is whether you want a frame made of wood or one crafted out of metal. It depends on your personal preference, but wood is recommended for those who like a more classic look whereas metal works best in a more modern room. Comfort is one factor that matters for everyone when it comes to buying a futon. If you’re unsure about which is the best futon in terms of comfort, the following list could help. This is a roundup of futons made with high-quality materials designed to save space without sacrificing your comfort. Budget and aesthetics concerns are also addressed so take a look at the best futons on the market. You might also be interested in our articles about the best zero gravity chairs and the best canopies.

1. DHP 6-Inch Futon

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DHP is the leading force in the world of affordable futons and their 6-inch model offers great comfort for its cost. The mattress is crafted using careful layering of polyester and foam which gives anyone a pleasant sitting experience. During the day it can be used as an elegant sofa while at night it transforms in a cozy bed which might be ideal to accommodate guests.

The versatility of a futon is definitely found in this unit. You just need to pick a quality frame in your preferred style. The futon can match multiple frame styles with ease. It features a reliable spring coil base for adequate support and the foam used is the CertiPUR-US type for the ultimate comfort. When it comes to color variations, the futon is available in six shades from more neutral black, charcoal, and chocolate to more vibrant merlot, cobalt, and tan.

While there are more impressive futon mattresses on the market, the 6-inch DHP model deserves an important spot on our list considering the amazing value per money. It holds well on various types of frames and the futon is very comfortable to sit or sleep on. This is a recommended product for those who don’t want to strain their budgets yet still benefit from a quality mattress for guests or themselves.

2. DHP Emily Futon

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For those who want something more classy looking, the DHP Emily could be a great futon solution. This model features a low profile design that could be an excellent match for any modern décor. The futon comes complete with chrome metal legs so there’s no need to worry about getting just the mattress. In just a few easy steps you can assemble your brand new futon.

Whether you prefer to call it a futon or name it a sofa sleeper, it doesn’t matter. This is a highly versatile product which can add a touch of elegance in any home. From pink to green or blue, this futon’s colors can fit well with different decorations. There are also different choices for the fabric. You can go for soft velvet, faux leather or comfy linen. DHP also offers other matching pieces of furniture such as chairs or ottomans, though these need to be purchased separately.

Overall, the DHP Emily is a solid futon in all regards. Fast to assemble and capable of enriching any modern-looking room, this shouldn’t be missed if you want a comfortable futon at a reasonable cost. The construction profile might be low but its visual impact is definitely high.

3. Rolling Bed Traditional Futon

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If you’re more of a traditionalist when it comes to futons, then you should take a closer look at this Rolling Bed model. Made in the USA, this futon mattress has been designed to be as space-efficient as possible allowing the user to sleep on the floor anywhere. The 3-inch thickness should give you a firm yet comfortable experience when you’re taking a nap.

One of the greatest advantages of having this type of classic futon is the portability. Simply roll it up and place it in a different spot or store it without any hassles. Those who prefer a more minimalist lifestyle are sure to appreciate this level of versatility. You can even go camping with it if you feel like going for a cozy picnic.

Compared to inflatable beds or other complicated sleeping solutions, this Rolling Bed traditional futon could be a lifesaver. It’s so easy to use and is constructed to last for a long time. Another strong point is the affordability as this model can be considered a small investment for getting a restful sleep in a space-saving style.

4. EMOOR Japanese Futon

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Another traditional Japanese futon to take into account is this one made by Emoor. As it’s made in Japan you can expect it to cost more, but the premium quality can definitely make it worth every cent. It may appear basic-looking at first, but this futon can offer you a very comfortable sleep thanks to the thick construction. It’s crafted using soft filling around a solid polyester core.

Those with back problems can get a very restful sleep with this futon mattress. The stuffing has anti-bacterial properties and should last for a few years without any problems. The outer fabric relies on high-quality cotton and nothing else. You can rest assured that you’re getting a truly quality futon as it’s built according to the highest Japanese standards.

Whether you’re a traditionalist or prefer a more portable sleeping solution, the Emoor Japanese futon represents a top choice to consider. You might be disappointed with the thickness initially, but don’t worry. Due to a vacuum sealing process, it will take some time for the mattress to get back into its usual shape. While costlier than China-made options, this one can do wonders for your sleep.

5. DHP Chelsea Futon

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Another reliable DHP futon is the Chelsea convertible model. This multifunctional futon provides a sleek modern look delivering both a plush sleeping surface and a cozy sitting place. One of the best things about this unit is how easy you can get it assembled. Every component is included in a compact box and the final product is lightweight and simple to move around.

While the overall construction doesn’t leave you with an impression of incredible sturdiness, it’s safe to say that this futon delivers a firm foam to sit on. It’s comfortable enough to use for different purposes and won’t let you down over the years, assuming you take good care of it. The futon could make for an excellent guest bed that sees occasional use, but it’s probably not ideal as a regular bed.

DHP did a good job with the Chelsea futon when you take into account its qualities for the cost. It may not be perfect, but you shouldn’t overlook it if you want to add a touch of style into your home. It has a visually pleasing design, perfect to enhance and complement your living space. Those who look for that classic soft sofa style should probably look elsewhere as this is more of a firm futon type that offers a decent level of comfort to justify its cost.

6. Novogratz Leyla Loveseat

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The Novogratz Leyla Loveseat is not your classic-looking futon, but this multifunctional couch can attract many people interested in a space-saving design. When it comes to that, this futon doesn’t disappoint. It’s great for condos or dorm rooms as it won’t take up precious space. Whenever you need to, the couch turns into a comfortable bed in just a few easy steps.

Despite not giving that impression initially, this futon couch is very functional. It offers convenient storage pockets which can be accessed from the armrests. The colors you can choose from are elegant and fitting for many modern environments. The futon’s chrome legs are sturdy and the overall construction details such as the tuft seat stitching make it a well-crafted product.

Guests will surely be impressed to sit or sleep on the Novogratz Leyla Loveseat. This very stylish futon represents a great investment when you consider all of its qualities for the price. One slight flaw is the back cushion which isn’t as firm as the rest of the futon. Depending on your personal preferences, you might have to add some pillows to increase the back comfort.

7. Mainstay Memory Foam Futon

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The last futon that deserves a mention on this list is the memory foam model made by Mainstay. Made with luxurious faux leather, this futon is a pleasure to use either for sitting or sleeping. The main strength of this unit is the robustness. While the price is not very high, don’t expect a flimsy futon. No wiggling or any other issues can be experienced while shifting around during sitting which is great news.

Another good reason to consider this model is the convenient way you can adjust the back of the couch. Armrests can be placed up or down according to your preference. To assemble this futon you shouldn’t have to spend more than 10 minutes. The looks are certainly impressive not giving you the feeling of cheapness like some other futons on the market.

Some people might be disappointed by the small size, so make sure you check the dimensions carefully to see if this futon is an optimal match for your needs. All in all, the Mainstay memory foam is a decent all-around futon made for those who want to stay within a more limited budget while still getting their hands on a durable and stylish model.