A Garage Door Bent Accidentally by a Car

I Backed Into My Garage Door. How Can I Fix It?

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Accidentally backing into your garage door can be a frustrating situation but it can happen to anyone. Maybe you were in a hurry one morning or failed to account for harsh winter conditions and the car slipped on the icy driveway. Whatever the reason, backing into the garage door is a common problem that can sometimes have an easy fix. If you’re now looking at a damaged garage door, there are some solutions you should try. Our guide will walk you through a step-by-step process to repair this issue with minimal effort.

1. Assess the Damage

A Damaged Garage Door

You’ve probably already checked the damage done to your garage door but it’s important to analyze it properly to take the best course of action. The bottom panels of the garage door are typically the ones most commonly hit accidentally by the vehicle. Depending on the force of your backing out, it’s possible to observe just a small dent or more serious damage to the garage door opener system.

It’s recommended to inspect various components of the garage door opening system to properly assess the damage. Make sure the door isn’t activated and take a close look at the opener’s rollers, their hinges, as well as the lifting cables. If you’re not familiar with the way a garage door opener system operates, it’s recommended to stick to a visual inspection and avoid touching potentially dangerous elements such as the high-tension lifting system.

2. Try to Open the Door Manually

A Man Trying to Open a Damaged Garage Door By Hand

If you’ve damaged the garage door while backing into it from inside, you still need to lift it to get the vehicle out. It’s recommended to do so only if the garage door opener’s components seem undamaged and still operable. Avoid an automatic opening because there’s a risk of the system experiencing more damage in the process. It’s best to slowly open the door manually.

Make sure you only attempt to open the door after assessing that the damage to the door is only superficial. Although you might end up with an unsightly dent on the surface of the garage door, there’s a good chance that this level of damage won’t seriously affect the functionality of the garage door opening system.

3. Call a Repair Company

A Repairman Fixing a Damaged Garage Door

If you’re dealing with a garage door opening system that’s been extensively damaged, you should search for a local garage repair company as common DIY fixes won’t be enough to restore the normal functionality of the door. It’s recommended to make a list of observations regarding the state of the garage door and the full extent of the damage. Note which parts of the door seem most affected and measure the dents before scheduling the appointment with a repair technician.

If the garage door has gone off its rails, it’s particularly important to avoid touching anything and call a professional repair team to assist you. Keep in mind that even if you have some knowledge about garage door opening systems, there’s still a significant risk of injury if you attempt the repair by yourself. Another aspect worth mentioning is that your damage assessment could be wrong and you might have some more serious internal issues that can only be detected with the help of a specialized repair technician.

4. Consider Your Options

A Man Trying to Figure Out What to Do About His Damaged Garage Door

Depending on the damage assessment of the repair company, you will need to decide on the right course of action. Extensive damage can sometimes require a complete replacement of the garage door which can get quite costly. However, there’s no need to install a new door right away. If the damage is repairable, it could be worth searching for a technician that can handle the job. It might be less costly than a full door replacement.

If you’re lucky and there’s only minor damage, repair costs will usually end up less than a deductible. Some dents can even be repaired by yourself but it’s not an easy task. Depending on the material, it’s likely that you will expand the damaged area or it’s just not possible to fix the dent. Having a slightly dented garage door isn’t a huge issue and can be deemed safe to operate the opening system. You will need a professional’s opinion to know exactly because it depends on the size of your garage door dent.


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