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Ants in the Kitchen? 8 Causes and Solutions

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If you have recently spent some time in your kitchen and found ants in some problematic areas, you may be tempted to believe that there is something seriously wrong with your home. However, ants are a common type of pest, and there might be some easy solutions. Here are the most common causes and solutions when you find ants in the kitchen.

1. Cause 1: Liquid Spills and Leftovers

Solution: Generally, there is nothing wrong with you – ants simply look for food. If you often leave food on the counter or forget to clean the juice you spilled the previous day, ants will be attracted to your kitchen. The solution is to clean the spillage, rotten or bad food, and always keep your food in the fridge or another cool area, such as a pantry, in an airtight container.

2. Cause 2: Warm Months

Solution: When spring finally embraces nature, many insects start roaming around looking for food. Ants are nature’s little cleaners, so they’ve come to help you get rid of any crumbles or food you have in your home. Unfortunately, we don’t really need their help, so the best solution is to keep your kitchen clean and get rid of any possible entry points by re-sealing your windows and doors with good-quality caulk.

3. Cause 3: Rain or Drought

Solution: Whether you live in an area prone to drought or heavy rains, you may also be the target of ants looking for water or trying to escape the floods. If this is the cause, you may find ant nests around your building and use a store-bought trap for the entire colony.

4. Cause 4: Crumbs and Leftovers From Your Kids

Solution: Kids can make quite a mess, attracting all kinds of insects. Sugar or food leftovers may be the cause, along with long-forgotten treats and desserts. The solution is to ensure thorough cleaning as often as possible and to seal all entry points, as mentioned above.

5. Cause 5: You Have Pets

Solution: Hidden treats, unchanged water in your pet’s bowl and many other messes created by our beloved furry friends can also attract these insects. Make sure you often clean and change their water to deter ants from coming to you. You can sprinkle cinnamon around your pet’s area to prevent ants after eliminating them using a pet-safe ant killer.

6. Cause 6: Leaks

Solution: Damaged plumbing or other leaks in your kitchen can also attract these insects as they provide a source of water. Make sure you inspect your kitchen and repair any damages, wipe all wet surfaces, and do the dishes as often as possible to stop ants from visiting you. You could also spray your kitchen with a cleaning solution of water and vinegar in equal parts to repel these insects.

7. Cause 7: Unsealed Food

Solution: Open cereal boxes, unfinished biscuits, and other desserts can be a target for the ants in your kitchen. You should never store unsealed food – whether it is in a dark cupboard, your pantry, or any other area. Once you remove these attractions, put some food-grade diatomaceous earth powder in the ants’ path to get rid of them.

8. Cause 8: A Parent Colony in Your Home

Solution: If none of the solutions above work for you, it may be due to an existing colony in your home. In this case, you may want to contact professionals to locate the nest and destroy it.

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