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The 31 Best Decoration Ideas For The 4th of July

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Although this 4th of July may be different due to the pandemic, there is no reason why you shouldn’t use special decorations to celebrate America’s birthday in one of the most festive ways. Whether you are sharing these special moments with your quarantine crew or with your friends and family, these 31 decorations ideas for the 4th of July are not only creative, but also budget-friendly!

1. Fans

Fans come extremely useful in the middle of a hot summer. Fortunately, we can also repurpose them and use them as creative 4th of July decorations. You can use plain white fans that you dip in colored dye to achieve this beautiful effect. In this case, the fans were hung on a twine right above the patriotic cocktails.

2. Balloons

You can also get very creative with plain balloons! In this case, some balloons were filled with confetti, while others were painted with a bit of holiday-appropriate dye. All you need is a bunch of clear or white balloons. You can also invite your kids and the rest of the family members for a fun activity together! If DIY is not your passion then go for already painted store bought balloons.

3. Star Decorations

If you are the lucky owner of a lawn, you can decorate it with beautiful stars. Place them near the entrance to offer a beautiful welcome to your guests. You can either use dye or, if you want a method that can be cleaned quicker, you can cut cardboard and paint it white. For the lawn, you may want to use a reusable star stencil. In this creative case, the owner decided to wet the grass, then sift flower in the stencil shape.

4. Flag Centerpiece

If you have yet to find the star of your celebration dinner, you can use a flag inside your flower vase. All you need to do is pick your favorite 4th of July flowers to create this beautiful, budget-friendly centerpiece. You may also choose to surround the vase with several fruits, using it as a serving platter.

5. Rockets

Rockets and fireworks are a must-have for any 4th of July celebration. Use scrapbooking paper around a tube and secure it in place with glue. For the nose cone, you can use a paper circle, cut it and overlap the two ends, using glue to keep it in place. In this case, the owner decided to add a ribbon strip inside the rocket, along with a long stick to keep the rockets upright.

6. Wreath

This beautiful wreath is made of multiple, wooden flowers that resemble the national colors. You can use fresh flowers instead. However, wood or artificial flowers will last year after year, so it is a great solution if you want to have an evergreen decoration. There’s also a nice selection of 4th of july wreaths on amazon.

7. Pinwheels

These pinwheels are similar to the fireworks you’ll enjoy during this beautiful holiday. If you want to line or highlight your walkway, this is an excellent affordable idea. The pinwheel pattern is quite easy to make and they can also be reused at your next party.

8. Flowers and Candles

Use patriotic decorations to highlight this special day. In this case, there are several homemade candle holders and even a vase. You can easily use patterned paper, or you can create your own colored paper. Then, all you need to do is use adhesive to place the colored paper outside of the clear vessels.

9. Table Setting

Do you have any antiques in your garage? You can put them to good use this holiday. You can take on this DIY project if you want to have a unique table setting. In this case, the owner decided to spray paint these antiques with red, white, and metallic white. Make sure you add matching flowers and you’re ready for your guests!

10. Lanterns

Use this festive idea to add more light inside your home or illuminate your garden. You can either buy pre-made fireworks-pattern lanterns or make your own using white paper lanterns. Make sure you unfold the lanterns at least one day before you decorate it to make it easier.

11. DIY Bunting

Bunting is another easy, but impressive decoration idea for the 4th of July. In this case, the fabric has a patriotic pattern. All you need to do is attach it to your porch rail, then use yarn to secure it every 24 inches or so.

12. Patriotic Centerpiece

Another excellent idea for your festive table, these centerpieces will grab all the attention. Use a popping background, such as a blue table runner, to make sure they stand out. This owner opted for red, white, and blue paper lanterns, but can also make your own colored paper.

13. Blue Bandana

String lights are a must for any holiday! This is also valid for your 4th of July party. This craft idea is made with plastic cups covered in blue bandanas. You may need a hot glue gun to make a small hole in the bottom of each cup, then cut colored bandanas. Attach the bandanas to the cups using glue and thread in the string lights. At the end, use glue to secure the decorations.

14. Red, White, and Blue Table Setting

As the table is one of the core aspects of your parties, do not forget to decorate it using the right colors! In this case, the host decided to choose red, blue, and white linens, serving pieces, utensils, and even plates and other tableware. There are also several American flags on the table for an extra touch. Alternatively, you can buy a flag piece set with everything you need for 30 people!

15. Decorating Kits

If you feel creative, you can make your own decorating kit at home. This idea will be excellent as your festive photo background. You can use lots of easily accessible materials, including American flags, the cardstock from fireworks, and more. You can also check out these decorating kits that will get you ready for your 4th of July party in no time!

16. DIY Wreath

Wreaths are the best way to welcome all of your guests on this special day. You can use lots of stars and ribbons with the patriotic colors. Even more, you can ask your children to help you out with these fun, festive stars!

17. Hanging Banners

You can turn your entryway into a 4th of July statement with these beautiful flag banners. Alternatively, if you have a balcony, you can turn it into a unique loudly patriotic statement with this special banner for balconies.

18. Red White and Blue Rice Jar Candles

You can use your extra rice from the pantry to create this unique decoration. All you need is white rice, rubbing alcohol and food coloring. After you dye to rice, layer it in several Mason jars. Place these decorations on your 4th of July table to create a beautiful, festive effect. In this case, the host also opted for a small tealight candle on top of the rice, making them perfect for such an important day!

19. Festive Tins

Do you want a fun profile for the entire family? Use all of your used tins to turn them into a beautiful decoration idea for this year’s 4th of July. You need to remove all labels and thoroughly wash any leftover adhesive. Choose your favorite ribbons and attach then to the can’s base. The more ribbons you attach, the richer it will look!

20. Multi-Tiered Tray

Turn a couple of trays into an abundant source of patriotic snacks and goodies. These metallic trays have plenty of depth, so you can add all the sweets you want! You can also use festive confetti to decorate the trays, while the small plant adds a splash of color to the festive set-up. It is a practical idea that will beautifully decorate your table, and you can also repurpose it to fit in with your next parties.

21. Sign Art

This is a simple framed “America” sign that can decorate a coffee table, shelf, or the mantle. It is made of wooden letters carefully arranged of a blue background. The frame is white, ensuring that the message pops. If you love sign or word art, this idea may the best 4th of July decoration to match the rest of your home design.

22. Painted Buckets

Do you have any buckets or baskets around your home? Give them a fresh new look using the patriotic colors and turn them into the perfect storage for your snacks. If you have any vintage-looking ones, they will perfectly complement your Independence Day theme. You can paint white cloth, then attach it to the container.

23. Wagon Centerpiece

The icon red wagon is a must for the 4th of July. You can honor everyone’s childhoods with this little centerpiece. Do not forget to add the bold flags on the top and fill it up with snacks. If your kids’ birthdays are around these festivities, you can use this decoration to fire up the parade spirit.

24. Creative Bottles

As we’ve seen, you can use just about anything for your 4th of July! In this case, the host decided to repurpose old bottles. If you love DIY projects, this might be suitable for you. All you need to do is clean the old bottles, sand and prime them. Then, use chalkboard paint to coat them, so you can use chalk to write any patriotic message. You can use these bottles are flower vases, or fill them up with other decorations.

25. Wire Basket

This red wire caddy can be the best item around your home. When not used as a party decoration, you can store all types of jars and bottles, keeping your pantry neat and organized. For the 4th of July, you can fill it up with sweets, napkins, and other supplies, according to your needs. The host decided to add a lemon and a sunflower to the design to brighten it up and make it summer-friendly.

26. Nautical Flags

Nautical American flags are used by sailors to send messages to other ships. These are different from the regular rectangular flag due to the small V-shaped cutout on one side, known as a swallowtail. Decorate your table with these rustic flags to keep the Independence Day alive this year! It fits in with any setup or location, including the table, entryway, and more.

27. Painted Flower Vase

This beautiful DIY flower vase may be the centerpiece that your festive table needs. You can use any white or clear vase you have in your home. Use paint to create the fireworks, or add your own patriotic symbols. Use festive flowers and place it on your dining or coffee table!

28. Festive Picnic

Decorate your garden with your favorite festive elements. Your kids will surely love this innovative idea, especially if you request their help to make all the stars and beautiful decorations.

29. Pineapple Decorations

Use your creativity to make your 4th of July an unforgettable memory! This host decided to paint fresh pineapples using the flag colors, then added several sparkles. You can customize this as you want, adding any other elements you have around your home, such as matching tableware, candies, and more.

30. Fireworks Wreath

As we’ve seen, wreaths are extremely easy and beautiful decorations that will welcome all of your guests. If fireworks are your favorite moment of the celebration, you can use paper ones to create a beautiful front door wreath.

31. Patriotic Crafts for Your Little Ones

Give your kids the freedom to create the decorations for this year’s party. These are some examples of easy DIY items – including colored cups, DIY rockets, a garland, and more. Let them give you a hand and get them involved with Independent Day!

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