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The 6 Best Areas to Place a Gazebo in Your Garden/Yard

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With the help of a gazebo, you can take your enjoyment of the backyard to a new level. This attractive outdoor structure is handy to have in the garden if you want to entertain guests or simply relax while surrounded by the natural elements of your yard. If you plan to add a gazebo to your outdoor space, it’s important to decide on the ideal placement for it. There’s no universal solution to this problem because not all backyards are built in the same way. Take a look at the following areas in your garden that provide the best visual impact when setting up a gazebo.

1. At the End of a Path

Gazebo Situated at the End of a Path

Gazebos are able to extend the available space in your backyard and work as lovely little sanctuaries in the garden. When it comes to deciding on a good spot to place the gazebo, it’s highly recommended to pay close attention to existing features of the outdoor area to blend the structure more seamlessly with the surroundings. A great solution is to plan the gazebo as a termination point of a garden path. This adds some enchanting and cozy vibes making guests feel as if they’re drawn to the gazebo by the path.

2. On the Deck

Gazebo Situated on a Wooden Deck

If you already have a gorgeous deck in the backyard, it could be a smart solution to expand its entertainment potential with the help of a gazebo. The structure could become the right focal point that draws more attention to your stylish deck. Having the gazebo on the deck is also convenient if the weather turns bad. You can still enjoy some time outdoors while being protected from the rain thanks to the gazebo’s roof. Make sure you select gazebo materials that match the decking construction for a more cohesive design style.

3. Besides a Water Feature

Gazebo Situated Near Swimming Pool

Whether you have a waterfall fountain, pond, or swimming pool, any water feature can look more attractive when you bring a gazebo nearby. Whereas other placement ideas focus on making the gazebo the focal point of the garden, this solution works better if you prefer a different approach. The gazebo can be neatly integrated with an existing water feature while enabling you to enjoy a stunning view of the surroundings. Additionally, some gazebos can be configured with a removable railing to dive into the pool directly if desired.

4. The Center of a Big Yard

Gazebo Situated in the Center of the Yard

Putting the gazebo in the middle of the yard could be a great idea but you need to take into account the overall dimensions of the area. Unless you have a large enough yard, it’s safe to say that a gazebo can easily overpower the entire outdoor space when placed in its center. We only recommend this position if you have a big yard where the gazebo can properly become the main centerpiece. It’s able to serve as a structural anchor for the other elements of the garden.

5. Close to Bushes or Trees

Gazebo Surrounded by Flowers and Trees

When it comes to selecting a good area in the yard for your gazebo, it’s important to consider the issue of privacy. Many homeowners like the idea of encouraging socialization using this type of structure. If you want to create a private environment when hanging out with guests, pick a more secluded area in the yard that’s close to bushes or trees. With the right surrounding elements, you can enjoy a cozy haven to relax and enjoy a more intimate atmosphere.

6. On High Ground

Gazebo Situated on a Raised Area

One of the best ways to decide on the most suitable place for a gazebo is to imagine the view you will get when sitting inside the structure. Placing the gazebo on high ground is an effective way to ensure that you can properly admire all the distinctive features of the yard. Aside from allowing you to enjoy a superior view of the outdoor space, a raised area will often bring extra structural stability to the gazebo.

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