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11 Things to Never Buy at IKEA

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Ikea built a solid reputation when it comes to stylish and affordable furniture. The giant retailer also specializes in a multitude of homewares. It’s safe to say that anyone exploring the labyrinth of the store will end up buying at least one small item. This is understandable considering how Ikea offers tons of great bargains that are simply irresistible. Some deals might appear too good to be true, however.

Many things are worth buying at Ikea but others don’t provide great value for the money. It’s better to stick to other stores for certain items. The store lures you with attractive offers but lots of them are designed for impulse purchases. By avoiding these, you will be able to significantly improve your shopping experience at Ikea. If you love the Scandinavian style of products from Ikea but don’t want to waste your money, make sure you avoid buying the following items.

1. Mattresses

IKEA Mattress

Buying a new mattress should be seen as an important investment in your sleeping comfort. Many mattresses from Ikea offer poor construction quality and appear attractive only due to the low cost. While the bed frames or bedding accessories are worth it, consider going to a specialized store for a good mattress.

2. Step Ladders

IKEA Step Ladder

Ikea’s strongest point is typically the Nordic-inspired design of its furniture items. The weakest point is probably the quality of its basic, functional items. A step ladder is a good example. The construction quality and variety are not very good. It’s recommended to go to a home improvement store to get more value for your money.

3. Wine Glasses

IKEA Wine Glasses

Another category of things to never buy at Ikea includes wine glasses. They seem to be quite susceptible to breakage because of the low-quality materials used. That’s somewhat understandable considering the reduced cost. Other glassware types from Ikea provide better value for the money but wine glasses are usually way too fragile and cheap-looking.

4. Ovens or Fridges


If you’re planning to remodel the kitchen from Ikea, it could be tempting to buy your big appliances together to avoid some hassle. This appears like a convenient way to save time when you’re in a hurry with your project. However, most ovens and fridges or other appliances from Ikea are typically too expensive for what they offer. Getting a name-brand model is a smarter decision to avoid quality control issues.

5. Knives

IKEA Knives

When you’re buying a new knife, you’re likely concerned about long-term durability. Sure, Ikea’s knives can be stylish and affordable but the construction quality isn’t that great. You’re much better off visiting specialized stores that offer a large selection of knives that can withstand the test of time.

6. Ice-Pop Maker

IKEA Ice Pop Maker

Not that there’s anything wrong with making ice pops more conveniently but Ikea’s product is a little too small and flimsy to be considered worth the money. It’s cheap and the material quality shows this. DIY methods are great alternatives if you wish to make ice cream for kids.

7. Artificial Flowers

Artificial Flowers From IKEA

The variety of artificial flowers from Ikea isn’t great compared to a craft store. When it comes to faux plants, it’s safe to say that construction quality matters a lot. Ikea’s options can feel too cheap and unconvincing to be used as reliable décor pieces.

8. Phone Chargers

IKEA Phone Charger

Getting electronic accessories from a furniture store isn’t usually recommended. They’re very basic and cheap so there’s a risk of experiencing quality control issues or even safety risks. Spend a little more on a better-designed phone charger that works optimally with your device. You’ll get a much better bang for your buck compared to Ikea.

9. Tools

IKEA Tools

When you’re buying furniture from Ikea, you should be aware that you’re expected to build it yourself. The work involves the use of tools such as an electric screwdriver. Some shoppers forget about this problem and usually make an impulse purchase when they’re close to the checkout area. It seems like a good deal but Ikea’s tools are very cheap and not comparable to options coming from reputable brands in the industry.

10. Single-Task Utensils

IKEA Single Task Utensils

A visit to Ikea’s kitchen section can easily overwhelm you with a great variety of utensils. Resisting impulse purchases can be difficult. You should really pay close attention to those utensils that have just a single purpose. An item like an egg slicer will most likely not get a lot of use and just contribute to cluttering your kitchen drawers. Focus on multitaskers that are worth the investment or only get a single-task utensil if you know that it will be used frequently.

11. LACK Coffee Table

LACK Coffee Table

The low cost of this coffee table makes it an attractive choice for lots of Ikea shoppers. You might be severely disappointed by the quality though. It’s only worth it if you need an extra table that doesn’t see a lot of use. Otherwise, we recommend visiting another store and opting for a sturdier coffee table that can withstand heavy-duty wear.

By Stefan Bucur

Stefan is the founder and owner of Rhythm of the Home. He has 6 years of experience in home improvement, interior design, cleaning and organizing.

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