A Modern Bedroom With a Small Blue Couch Nearby

Solved! Should I Have a Couch in My Bedroom?

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When it comes to putting a couch in their home, most people think of the living room as the best option. However, it’s not the only location suitable for this kind of furniture piece. A sofa can work surprisingly well to provide a comfortable seating option in the bedroom. It’s a bit more unusual compared to other furniture arrangement designs but you shouldn’t let this discourage you. Whether you have some guests over or just want to have a distinctive lounging area, it could be a good solution to add a couch to your bedroom.

Short Answer: Yes, having a couch in your bedroom is usually a good idea as long as you have enough room and make sure that you don’t overcrowd your bedroom’s focal points.

Best Locations for a Bedroom Sofa

If you’ve decided to add a sofa to your bedroom, the next step is to figure out where exactly to put it in the room. Choosing the location needs to take into account the size of the room as well as the dimensions of the couch. Having generous space available in the bedroom can provide you with more flexible placement options. Let’s take a closer look at the best locations worth considering when integrating a sofa in the bedroom.

1. Close to the Window

A Bedroom With a Beige Couch Near The Window

Many homeowners favor this position because you can take advantage of natural light more easily. If you intend to relax on the bedroom couch and enjoy reading, it makes sense that you should select a location near the window. Some bedroom layouts work particularly well with this kind of arrangement. An ample room with bay windows will likely appear more balanced with an added furniture piece close to where it reaches the most sunlight.

Keeping the couch near the window is generally a good idea but it might not work as expected for certain sofa styles. Models that feature a high-back design can potentially block out the sunlight if the couch is placed directly against the window. Either choose a low-back sofa design or place it carefully to allow enough natural light in the room. Make use of matching curtains to improve the style of the couch and ensure that it suits the space.

2. Against the Opposite Wall

A Bedroom With a Mustard Yellow Couch Against the Opposite Wall

Having the bed face an empty wall can be a common problem when planning the layout of this room. This wall could be a great location for placing a couch and creating a separate zone in the bedroom where you can unwind. By putting the sofa against the opposite wall, you can create many decor opportunities to make the bedroom more stylish. The entire area will feel more complete with some additional furniture elements instead of just an empty wall. That’s why it’s recommended to include a floor lamp or a nightstand to complement the couch.

3. At the Foot of the Bed

A Bedroom With a Beige Couch at the Foot of the Bed

Not everyone has sufficient space available in the bedroom to place a couch in its own dedicated area. In that case, you can opt for a central location at the foot of the bed. Think of the sofa as a small extension of the bed. There’s no need to select a large, bulky couch that takes up too much of the space in the room. With the help of a matching sofa, the bed will appear more elegant and the entire bedroom can feel more regal-like. Consider adding a coffee table or an ottoman to complement the couch and make it feel like it belongs in the space.

4. In the Corner

A Bedroom With a Small Orange Couch in the Corner

Instead of positioning the couch flush against a wall, it’s worth considering the idea of placing it at an angle in an empty corner of the bedroom. Many generously-sized bedrooms can feature such small nooks where a tiny sofa or chaise-longue can be added for extra seating options. By sitting at an angle in the corner, the couch stands out more effectively in the room, even when it’s designed in a matching style with the rest of the decor elements. It also helps if there’s a window nearby to brighten up the atmosphere of the little nook.

5. Beside the Bed

A Bedroom With a Dark Red Couch Besides the Bed

Another solid placement choice is to put the couch beside the bed. It works particularly well if the bedroom is spacious and offers an adjacent wall where a sofa can be integrated elegantly together with other elements like a small side table and an ottoman. This kind of layout gives the impression of a bedroom full of character thanks to having linear seating that follows the flow of the bed. It’s a practical solution to have a sofa positioned right beside the bed if you have a restless sleeping habit or when dealing with slow mornings.

Benefits of Having a Couch in the Bedroom

Conversation Area

A Bedroom With a Traditional Couch and Coffee Table

Some people might find it a bit unusual to create a conversation area in the bedroom because this room is typically considered an intimate zone with a clear purpose in mind. However, you can definitely design the bedroom differently if you prefer. Maybe your bedroom is really spacious and a more flexible layout seems fitting. In that case, adding a couch works like a charm to improve communication with guests.

Friends can hang around on the couch more comfortably rather than messing up the bed. It’s also a great option for parents who can engage more conveniently with their children visiting the bedroom. If you plan to create a cozy conversation area in the bedroom, it’s recommended to go beyond placing just a couch. Complement it with additional furniture pieces and decor elements to make a proper seating arrangement.

No More Empty Space

A Spacious Industrial Bedroom With a Beige Couch

If you ended up with a lot of empty space even after adding the bed and all essential bedroom furniture, it’s understandable that you might consider some ways to fill up that unused area. Although there’s nothing wrong with having some amount of empty space in the bedroom, many people dislike the sense of incompleteness it creates. Instead of searching for random decor elements that clutter up the space, you can place a couch that offers extra seating. It’s certainly a more practical solution than others.

Reading Zone

A Bedroom With a Gray Couch and Large Bookcase

Not everyone likes the idea of reading in bed and the presence of an extra seating area in the bedroom allows you to enjoy this activity more comfortably. It’s worth creating a comfy reading zone in the bedroom with the help of a small couch if you don’t have enough space in other areas of the home for a dedicated reading nook. Considering how the bedroom is a more intimate place than other rooms, you can feel at peace reading here without any distractions.

Things to Consider When Placing a Couch in the Bedroom

Take Into Account Foot Traffic

The bedroom is an important room of the house and it gets used quite frequently. This is typically the area where you keep your clothes and accessories. Due to the fact that bedrooms experience considerable foot traffic, it’s recommended to avoid blocking the path of commonly used furniture pieces like dressers or closets when planning to add a couch. Regardless of the placement option you prefer, it’s important to take into account foot traffic patterns to prevent the creation of a frustrating tripping hazard. You need a clear and accessible path to all the furniture items in the room.

Keep in Mind the Room’s Visual Balance

A typical sofa is fairly large and bulky. It’s safe to say that it can have a big visual impact on the bedroom, especially if there’s not a lot of space available. If you’re trying to figure out which kind of couch works best in your bedroom, take a good look at the existing furniture pieces and the overall layout of the room. The last thing you want is to introduce a sense of unbalance with a large sofa that overwhelms the space. Think carefully about the ideal placement to maintain good visual balance and avoid a confusing bedroom look.

Leave Some Breathing Room

Whether you decide to place the couch against the opposite wall or beside the bed, it’s recommended to leave some breathing room. It might seem like you’re saving space by pushing the sofa to sit flush against the wall. However, this can result in the opposite effect as it makes the bedroom feel more cramped. Keep the couch at a comfortable distance from the wall to enjoy an airy furniture arrangement in a balanced style.


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