10 Gorgeous Kitchen Window Sills to Gawk At

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When it comes to decorating your kitchen, the window sill can be considered a great spot to start. This often neglected area has great potential to become an important point of interest in your cooking space. By using some creative decor solutions, you can dress up the window sill and transform the entire look of the kitchen.

Considering the functional nature of this room, there aren’t lots of decor opportunities you can find. If you’ve decided to get rid of the bare look of the window sill, take a look at our list of inspirational solutions to make this kitchen spot more stylish than ever. It’s surprisingly easy to decorate this area even if you’re on a budget. Let’s explore the best kitchen window sill ideas.

1. Cookbook Nook

Cookbook Nook With Window Sill

Instead of placing some random decor pieces on the window sill, this spot can be used for useful objects in the kitchen. A good example is setting up a little nook for your small collection of cookbooks. You can make use of this opportunity to display the books in a more stylish way. Place bookends to add stability to your stack of books and organize them more effectively.

2. Fresh Herbs

Window Sill With Fresh Herbs

A bit of greenery is welcomed anywhere and the kitchen is no exception. Decorating with plants is a classic solution for dressing up the kitchen window sill. There are lots of choices available, but fresh herbs work best because they’re also handy to include in your recipes. Meals can be made tastier with herbs while the plants serve a pleasant decorative function on the window sill.

3. Stylish Candles

Window Sill With Stylish Candles

If you’re looking to make the atmosphere of the kitchen more enchanting, you could try decorating the window sill with stylish candles. Pick suitable pieces that match the decor of the kitchen. This farmhouse-inspired cooking space makes use of tall candles on beautiful holders showcasing a sculptural silhouette. They enliven the window sill area with some vintage charm. It’s a great decor solution for elegant traditional kitchens.

4. Cutting Boards

Window Sill With Cutting Board

Functional items can sometimes double as decor pieces. This could be the case for cutting boards if you choose a more elegant set that’s worth displaying on the window sill. The cutting boards can be propped up in this spot without too much difficulty. Pick a stylish wooden set that provides some textural warmth to the window sill. This modern kitchen integrates cutting boards very elegantly in the window area.

5. Decorative Plates

Window Sill With Decorative Plates

Homeowners who have bay windows in their kitchen should take advantage of that extra window sill space to display elegant decor pieces. Aside from potted plants that may be commonly used, consider integrating decorative plates. These items seem very fitting for a kitchen environment. Pick some stylish pieces that add a pop of color to the window sill area. Whether you highlight a single colorful plate or a stylish collection, this is a solid decor idea to try.

6. Succulents

Window Sill With Succulents

Thanks to their superior resilience and fun designs, succulent plants are ideal to use for decorative purposes. Their low-maintenance nature makes them practical to decorate the kitchen window sill. Place live plants in containers that match the color scheme of the kitchen. A small set of succulents can easily make the window area livelier. If you don’t want to care for a real plant, faux alternatives can look very similar. Here’s an assorted set of artificial succulents on Amazon to decorate your home.

7. Bar Tray

Window Sill With Bar Tray

Do you enjoy making cocktails on a regular basis? The drinks and tools used in the process can be turned into a stylish decor piece by creating a bar tray arrangement. This is another idea that focuses on functional elements that feature some hidden decorative power. Get your hands on an attractive bar tray that draws attention to your cocktail-making items placed on the window sill. A good example is this gold tray whose metallic look adds a glamorous effect to the kitchen.

8. Beautiful Ceramics

Ceramic Window Sill Kitchen

Whether it’s a colorful antique piece or a minimalist modern one, ceramics can work wonderfully as kitchen window sill decorations. This traditional kitchen design is already brimming with gorgeous character from the painted glass-door cabinets showcasing various colorful decorations. However, the vibrant ceramic vases on the window sill take the aesthetic to a new level. Here’s a small set of modern farmhouse ceramic jugs that achieve a similar look.

9. Potted Flowers

Window Sill With Potted Flowers

Regardless of the design style of your kitchen, potted flowers can be seamlessly integrated as decor pieces. Check out this elegant traditional kitchen that makes use of a neutral beige color scheme. The only notable pops of color come from the lush greenery elements on the window sill. The fresh flowers enhance the atmosphere with their charming look. A stunning floral arrangement can brighten up any kitchen window sill with minimal effort.

10. Decorative Branches

Window Sill With Decorative Branches

Instead of running to the store to search for good decorative elements to include on the kitchen window sill, consider checking out your own backyard. A few stylish branches from the natural world outside can bring some stylish vibes to the kitchen. Find a suitable vase that can properly show the characteristic shape and texture of flower-lined branches. In a similar style, you can forage for an evergreen garland from the backyard to bring a gorgeous visual punch to the kitchen.

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