12 Ways to Warm Up Your Bathroom in The Winter

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Depending on your climate, the winter months can be extremely chilly. Fortunately, there are many methods that will turn your cold bathroom into a cozy, welcoming place, even when the temperature drops. If you often get ice-cold feet or you are cold, it is understandable why you would want to find the most efficient ways to warm up your bathroom in winter, so check out the next sections below.

1. Underfloor Heating

If you dread the moment of getting out of your shower just because of the ice-cold tiles, you should consider installing underfloor heating. It usually works with water-heated tubes or electric heating coils that are installed underneath your floor, warming it up. Apart from the warmth you will feel when you walk barefoot, underfloor heating will also heat up the entire room.

2. Heat Lamps

If you prefer a quicker and extremely affordable solution, considering purchasing a high-quality heat lamp. These are highly recommended if you seek a temporary solution to warm up your bathroom, such as when you take a shower or a bath. Make sure you buy one or more, depending on the size of your room.

3. Soft Rugs

If the main culprit is the cold flooring, you can solve the problem easily by adding a cozy rug to your bathroom. A luxury, thick, plush bathroom rug made of microfiber will not only keep your feet warmer but also adds a lush vibe to your bathroom. Place the rugs in front of your bathtub or shower, toilet, and sink.

4. Different Lighting

Lighting can make your bathroom feel warmer and cozier. Some people choose the specific bathroom lighting in this room, usually not so large or bright. However, you can opt for a hanging chandelier that you would expect to see in a living room. It adds a touch of coziness and will elevate your design.

5. Pre-Warm Your Towels

Another quick and easy trick to enjoy a feeling of warmth is to warm your towels before taking a shower or a bath. You can simply put them in your dryer or leave them on a radiator for half an hour before you use them. A towel warmer is an excellent investment if you always want clean, fresh, and hot towels.

6. Check Your Windows

If the problem is that the bathroom is colder than other rooms in your home, there might be an issue with your windows or doors. Check them to see if there is an air leak, either by placing your hand or a piece of tissue. You can caulk your windows or re-caulk them as necessary.

7. Warm Up the Décor

Warm colors are called like that for a reason – they make us feel cozier. Your bathroom should have plenty of welcoming light nuances, including cream and white. On the other hand, black, green, blue, or plain white are colder colors that you should avoid.

8. Exhaust Fan

Some people do not realize that the exhaust fan might be at fault for the cold feeling. Make sure it is turned off every time you take a shower or a bath; otherwise, the warm air will escape. Similarly, always remember to close the doors and the windows.

9. Bathtub Choice

Not all bathtubs are created equally, and some of them are made of materials that remain cold to the touch. If you want to feel cozier, opt for a steel or acrylic bathtub as these materials retain warmth. Steel feels cold to the touch, but it warms up quickly once you fill up your bathtub.

10. Pre-Heat Your Bathroom

An electric heater can be another quick and affordable solution to warm up your bathroom in winter. You can only plug it in 10-20 minutes before you take a shower or a bath. However, make sure you turn it off and disconnect it from the power source before you take a bath, and you should not leave it unattended.

11. Bleed Your Radiator

Check your radiators and see if they heat up completely. If not, it means that you need to bleed them to let the air out. The air trapped inside is then replaced by hot water. To bleed your radiator, use a radiator key to turn the valve counter-clockwise and wait until the water starts dripping. Then, close the valve using the same key.

12. Sunshine

One of the eco-friendly ways to warm up your bathroom is to let the sunshine inside. You can take a bath or a shower while the sun touches your skin, giving you a feeling of warmth and coziness.


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