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How to Get Rid of Flies Outside in 4 Easy Steps

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Summer is the perfect moment to spend more time outside, but flies can quickly turn everything into a complete annoyance. Whether you enjoy the sun, have your meals outside, or you want to read a book, these insects can be difficult to eliminate. The following sections cover how to get rid of flies outside!

1. Inspect Your Garden

To determine what you need to do to get rid of flies, it is important to understand what attracts these insects. Some possible surroundings include compost piles, trash bins, or farms. These are the major attracting points for adult flies because they lie eggs where they find organic matter, including food spills, any dirty area, pet waste, or others. If you have any decaying materials or a dirty patio in your garden, you must clean the area first, otherwise any other method will only be successful for a short period.

2. Use Fly Bait

Once you cleaned your garden, make sure you keep it this way by removing garbage, pet waste, and other decaying materials. After this, you can use fly bait every month by applying it around your porch and patio. Keep in mind that it is toxic for pets and humans, and you must carefully follow the instructions on the container.

3. Place Sticky Traps

You can buy sticky traps for flies in bulk and hang them around your garden on any surface, including tree branches or where you usually notice flies, such as birdhouses. This will catch any remaining flies and help you decrease their population.

4. How to Keep Flies Away from Your Outdoor Eating Area

If you have a larger garden, you can plant several natural fly repellants. For example, flies are not attracted by catnip, basil, marigolds, or bay leaves. If you want to repel flies that often get to your table, it is best to replace chemical-based, toxic solutions with a mixture of dish soap and vinegar. This acts as a trap, so you need to fill a cup, cover it with plastic foil and make a few small holes so that the flies can get inside. Finally, you can mix water with cayenne pepper and spray around your patio and porch.

A candle can be extremely romantic, but it can also repel flies and even mosquitoes. You can buy candles with citronella which is a distilled oil extracted from lemongrass. You can place these aromatic candles on your table, around your garden, or even next to your grill area.

Your garden, patio, and table should be clean at all times. Flies are attracted by food spills, sticky residues, and other organic matter, including your rubbish bins. Keep this area as clean as possible to prevent a large population of flies.


All in all, flies are highly attracted to decaying matter and areas with water. Use the methods above to get rid of flies outside, but also clean the area as often as possible. If you have a lawn, you should mow it as often as possible as long grass is often the best place for laying eggs.

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