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3 Ways to Get Rid of Fruit Flies

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Although fruit flies are way less damaging compared to other common home pests, it’s safe to say that you will get very annoyed by their invasions. These little insects tend to crawl around and breed on food and will often seem to fly aimlessly in your face. Finding a little flying insect from time to time can be a little annoying but still manageable. However, when the problem gets out of hand, it’s probably best to start analyzing your pest removal options.

1. Recognizing Fruit Flies

Before trying out various solutions to get rid of the pesky flying insects, it’s important to analyze the pests in your home and figure out whether they’re really fruit flies. There are actually lots of common lookalike bugs so proper identification helps a lot to ensure a more effective removal process.

Fruit flies are small insects featuring a yellow-amber body color and red eyes. These distinctive characteristics set them apart from similar-looking gnats. They’re tiny in comparison with other common insects such as houseflies. Fruit flies are harmless so you don’t need to worry about spreading diseases or other dangers caused by other pests.

Some of the favorite breeding grounds of fruit flies will usually include garbage cans and damp rags. They’re attracted to all kinds of possible food leftovers such as spilled juice or old potato peel. While the good news is that fruit flies have limited lifespans, you can still have a serious infestation considering how the insects are able to lay hundreds of eggs at a time.

2. Where Do Fruit Flies Come From

The ripening of summer fruit can often encourage the arrival of these flies in your home. Fruit flies tend to live outdoors but will certainly visit indoor locations if the conditions for breeding seem right. That may appear strange for many people who consider their homes clean and who are usually very careful about pests.

Fruit flies can arrive in your home in many unexpected ways. It’s not necessarily a sign of a dirty house. Infestations can occur from various foods brought into your home, especially ripe fruits and fermenting products such as beer and wine. The flies can sometimes enter a home through poorly maintained drains. Although the summer period is often the cause for bringing fruit flies indoors, you can face an infestation at all times of the year

3. Methods for Eliminating Fruit Flies

3.1 Prevention is Key

Getting rid of fruit flies can be difficult considering how the annoying pests breed intensely and many homeowners often act too late to prevent an infestation. A combined effort of different approaches is recommended to get the most effective removal results. It’s not enough to simply kill adult fruit flies unless you take care of the insects’ breeding grounds as well. Prevention is an important part of controlling a fruit fly infestation.

Here are some of the best preventative measures to adopt:

  • Avoid keeping ripened fruits on the counter. Keep them refrigerated and throw away the damaged ones.
  • Don’t let the garbage sit for too long in your home and make sure the trash can is tightly covered.
  • Maintain your drains in top shape to prevent fruit flies from finding damp areas full of food residues for breeding and feeding.
  • If you spill juice or alcoholic beverages somewhere, always clean it up quickly to keep the flying pests at bay.
  • Homeowners who use compost bins indoors need to ensure that kitchen scraps are well contained. Choose models with reliable lids and don’t forget to regularly empty the compost crock.
  • All kinds of damp environments can attract fruit flies so it’s best to fix any leaky faucets.
  • It’s recommended to rinse recyclable bottles and cans because any leftovers on these containers will attract fruit flies.

3.2 Build DIY Traps

While preventing further generations of fruit flies from hanging around in your home represents a great solution, it’s just as important to get rid of the adult pests. For this purpose, an effective approach involves building DIY traps that eliminate fruit flies with minimal effort on your part.

There are several DIY projects to consider for getting rid of fruit flies and most of them are quite reliable at killing adult flies. A simple and efficient trap requires the use of a small jar that has to be filled with a bit of cider vinegar. This is a particularly attractive bait for the fruit fly because the insect relies strongly on its sense of smell to find food.

The pests will fly inside the jar to feed and can be trapped inside with the help of a makeshift paper funnel or a plastic model. The idea is to ensure that fruit flies get in but won’t be able to crawl out so make sure the funnel fits tightly on the jar without any gaps. After a couple of days, the jar will accumulate some dead flies so it’s time to replace the vinegar.

Making more jar traps to place around the home can be a smart idea if you wish to control a larger infestation but always remember that this is only one aspect of the removal process. If you’re not careful about preventing fruit flies to breed, the traps won’t be sufficient to make the home pest-free.

3.3. Try a Chemical Solution or Store-Bought Traps

If you’re not a fan of natural methods and want to try a chemical solution, there are lots of store-bought products that can effectively deal with fruit flies. They are more convenient to use but the pest-removal performance is quite similar to DIY methods. Here’s a nice selection to help you out:

This is a great spray that’s specifically designed to eliminate houseflies, gnats, and fruit flies in a safe manner. It relies on a bio-selective formula that won’t affect people and pets negatively as long as it’s used correctly. A bit of work may be required to use this insect spray but it’s highly effective so it’s certainly worth the money.

Homeowners dealing with fruit fly infestations in the drain should strongly consider the Green Gobble gel treatment. It’s optimized to kill fruit flies and other similar insect pests that hang around in the unreachable places in the drain. The product is safe for pipes and septic systems due to its citronella-based formulation. It’s also easy to use for all kinds of drains and garbage disposals.

Here’s a highly effective fruit fly trap that you can buy that works more reliably compared to simple vinegar. The product is engineered to maximize fruit fly attraction while there are no safety concerns. It also lets you avoid the hassle of DIY work by just opening the flip top of the small jar. The fruit flies are effortlessly trapped while the product can last up to a month.

A more expensive solution to get rid of fruit flies involves using a complex trap with UV light. This model from Katchy is a recommended option, especially if you’re looking for a more versatile trap that’s able to eliminate more types of bugs and flying pests. Insects such as fruit flies, mosquitoes, and gnats come to the light and are quickly trapped inside while the unit shows off an attractive look in any home.

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