Cork Accent Wall in Bedroom

10 Beautiful Ways to Decorate With Cork

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A highly pragmatic woody material, cork boasts many interesting qualities that make it suitable for your home decor style. It can be incorporated in many creative ways from architectural elements like flooring and walls to various decorations and DIY accessories. When it comes to home design, it’s safe to say that cork still retains a close association to the 70s when the retro era was in full swing.

The beauty of cork is making a comeback as the material finds its way into various modern design innovations. This is primarily a tactile material whose textural feel makes it suitable for lots of applications around the home. When used correctly, cork also shows off great visual potential, especially if you’re a fan of neutral decor styles. Anyone interested in using eco-friendlier material should give cork a try. Take a look at our top decor ideas involving this stylish and sustainable material.

1. Cork Flooring

Cork Floor in Black Kitchen

Popularized by mid-century modern designers, cork flooring brings unique visual appeal and some notable practical benefits. It does come with some disadvantages because the look of a cork floor is more difficult to maintain in high-traffic areas. However, the natural appearance and soft texture could be worth it. It’s particularly recommended when you wish to create striking contrast in a black kitchen.

2. Headboard

Cork Headboard in Modern Bedroom

If you prefer a simple decor touch, cork can be integrated quite easily into the bedroom. Check out this unique-looking headboard that adds a natural vibe to the room. Aside from its neutral visuals, a cork headboard can also provide other advantages. It’s very practical in terms of noise absorption capabilities. The material insulates well against external sound to improve the atmosphere of the bedroom.

3. Cork-Lined Walls

Cork Walls in Powder Room

Blending elegant elements with cork-lined walls can create a forest theme quite successfully. Check out this powder room that makes use of this material to infuse the area with natural vibes. Cork is recommended as wall covering if you enjoy the idea of blending the old with the new in terms of interior design. The characteristic texture of cork lends itself well to many areas of the home when covering the walls.

4. Corkboard

Cork Bulleting Board in Home Office

Whether for putting up quick reminders or interesting notes, cork boards are wonderful additions if you wish to combine productivity with style. Thanks to the soft texture of cork, the material is an optimal choice for hanging up photos, post-its, and more. The board has great decorative potential if you choose to focus on it. Consider displaying some inspiring artwork or anything else that can beautify the room. Check out this corkboard on Amazon.

5. Cork Map

Cork US Map Wall Decoration

Fans of traveling will probably adore this solid decor idea. It’s a map of the US made from cork which lets you pin up treasured memories from your adventures. If you prefer to avoid unnecessary clutter, you can also leave the cork map on display by itself because it doubles as an excellent art piece.

6. Bath Mat

Cork Bathmat

The bathroom is a great area where you can decorate with cork. Given the functional nature of the room, it would be ideal to find a way to make cork decor useful as well. Check out this practical bath mat that seems to fit the bill. It’s a stylish DIY project that lets you get out of the shower on a comfy cork surface. You don’t need a lot of materials to make this kind of decorative cork bathmat. Take a look at all the details of the project here.

7. Monogram Letter

Cork Caps Letter Shaped Decoration

How can you improve the look of a monogram letter decor piece? Using wine corks could be a smart way. You can personalize the letter-shaped frame with the help of cut corks and create an eye-catching wall decoration. This is a solid idea for various events such as bridal showers or it could be a treasured gift for any wine lover. A simple glance at your cork collection can help you remember some great past experiences. Check out this metal monogram letter.

8. Wine Cork Planters

Cork Caps Tiny Planters

By emptying the inside of a wine cork, you will be able to craft a small planter for succulents. This is an ingenious idea for a cork accessory that seems really fun to build. Create multiple tiny cork planters and attach magnets for easier display on a metal surface. Add natural touches throughout the home with the help of these small DIY decorations.

9. Repurposed Cork Board

Cork DIY Stationery Holder

If you want to give a new life to your old cork board, consider an upcycling project. You can cut round shapes from the board and craft basic cork coasters. Another great option is to create stationery holders to bring a personal touch to the desk in your office. This is a fun and easy DIY project where the only limit is your own creativity.

10. Cork Coasters

Cork Coasters

Instead of plain cork coasters, why not add a more stylish touch with some intricate designs or patterns? You can find some fancy-looking cork coasters that will make you see this material in a new light. Coasters made from cork are extremely practical because they absorb condensation effectively and don’t scratch any furniture.


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