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Solved: 3 Ways to Clean Slippers

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Slippers keep your feet warm and comfortable. Due to being used indoors, they’re typically not subjected to dirt from outdoors so they’re not cleaned as often. However, slippers still need to be washed from time to time. They accumulate dirt and bacteria from frequent use. Even if you change your socks every day, slippers can eventually produce an unpleasant odor.

Cleaning slippers without damaging them could pose a challenge. You need to take into account the material used because different cleaning approaches are used. If you wish to maintain your slippers fresh and clean, check out the following methods that work best according to the type of slippers used.

1. How to Clean Fabric Slippers

Fabric Slippers

Whether made from cotton or synthetics, fabric slippers are some of the common options available. Reviving and deodorizing dirty fabric slippers shouldn’t be particularly difficult because the material allows for easy washing either by hand or with a machine.

  • Machine washing

Most fabric slippers are safe to be cleaned with a washer. Just make sure you avoid hot temperatures that might cause shrinking. Gentle cycles are recommended to keep the original shape of the slippers. Consider getting a washing machine bag to separate the slippers from other laundry items. Let washed slippers dry naturally because dryers might ruin their shape, especially on high heat settings.

  • Hand washing

Fabric slippers can also be washed by hand if preferred. You can customize the cleaning process more effectively by focusing on specific stains. Start by wiping down dirt from the soles with a soapy cloth. Pre-treat heavy stains with the help of regular detergent by using a soft-bristled brush. Let the detergent sit for around 10 minutes.

After dealing with the more notable stains, it’s time to hand-wash the fabric slippers. Put them in warm water with a little detergent to have a good soak for half an hour or more. You can use the sink for this purpose or a different basin. A mild scrub with your hands or a soft brush should be done for infusing the slippers with the detergent.

Rinse them thoroughly after you’ve finished washing them by hand. Removing the excess water is also required but you need to be careful to avoid misshaping the slippers. Squeeze them gently or add just enough pressure to get rid of the water. Finally, make sure the slippers are set to air dry.

2. How to Clean Leather Slippers

Leather Slippers

Leather slippers are vulnerable to damage if machine-washed. That’s why it’s only recommended to clean them by hand. You will need a special soap made for leather because regular detergents could be too harsh for this material. This type of soap doesn’t rely on strong enzymes and can be safely used to remove dirt from all exterior areas of the slippers.

After the leather cleaner treatment, your slippers can be revived to look brand new with the help of a soft cloth made from cotton. Maintain the leather slippers in top shape by using a leather shoe conditioner. You can think of this product as a moisturizer that extends the lifespan of the leather. If the inside of the slippers is also made from leather, you can use the same leather soap. Fleece-lined slippers, however, will be more efficiently cleaned with baby wipes.

3. How to Clean Suede Slippers

Suede Slippers

Spot cleaning is the recommended washing method for suede slippers. Due to the delicate nature of this material, you can’t use the usual techniques such as machine-washing or hand-washing. Consider using a specialized suede cleaning kit that contains everything needed for a safe cleaning job. Here’s a solid model on Amazon.

Suede stains are quite difficult to deal with. Make sure you attempt to remove it as quickly as possible to prevent it from setting in. Use the suede brush and stain eraser from the kit to spot clean stains. If you’re trying to eliminate greasy stains, it’s helpful to sprinkle cornstarch before cleaning to absorb the stain.

When it comes to cleaning the inside of suede slippers, extra care should be taken to avoid water damage. Consider using baby wipes that won’t introduce excessive wetness. It’s a recommended solution if the inside of the slippers is lined with fleece or cotton. Scrub clean the interior of the slippers and then apply a damp cloth to finish the cleaning job.


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