The 8 Best Home Safes of 2021

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One of the best ways to keep your valuables secure is by investing in a home safe. With the help of a solid deposit box, you can get some peace of mind that your prized possessions are safe from unauthorized access. From basic units to more advanced ones, the market is populated with all kinds of home safes that are more or less secure.

While security should obviously be the primary factor to consider when choosing a home safe, there are other relevant aspects as well. For example, it’s important to be able to quickly access the contents and many people like to have plenty of space to organize different items such as jewelry and documents. To find the best home safe for your particular needs, take a look at the following selection of products.

We’ve analyzed the market and steered clear from unreliable safes to create a roundup of the best models in terms of security, cost, and overall features. There are some models that offer protection not just against thieves, but also in case of fire or flooding. Other home safes can be integrated into walls for better hiding. You’ll find enough variety in this list to find a dependable home safe for your valuables and to suit your budget. You might also be interested in our articles about the best garage storage systems and the best multi-tools.

1. Stack-On PDS-1500

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Reliable home safes can also come with reasonable price tags as evidenced by the Stack-On PDS-1500. This is a small and compact safe which can be tucked out of sight in a drawer offering protection for valuables. The level of security isn’t incredibly high, but you can get some peace of mind from the two steel-locking bolts and the electronic lock.

Thanks to the addition of an elegant black matte finish, this home safe isn’t just practical, it also fits well in a modern home. While that’s nice to know, the safety of your valuables is probably more important. For that reason, the manufacturer includes concealed hinges and a durable anti-prying door. The safe’s electronic lock is easy to operate and the buttons offer satisfying tactile feedback.

To add some extra peace of mind, you can secure the safe firmly in place with the help of special hardware included. The pre-drilled holes should be useful in that regard. Solidly built and with just the right size to store a flexible range of valuables, the Stack-On PDS-1500 gets a high spot on this list for its excellent value per money.

2. Paragon Lock & Safe 7750 Wall Safe

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If you need some serious security, take a look at what the Paragon Lock & Safe 7750 wall safe has to offer. Aside from the advantage of having a wall safe which can be kept hidden more easily, this model also provides great protection against burglars. It’s built with heavy-duty steel and sports hidden hinges that won’t allow intruders to get in.

Inside the safe, you will find a padding designed to protect delicate items like jewelry which are prone to scratches. To maintain the best level of security, it’s recommended to think carefully about the placement before installing the safe. Try to find a spot in your home that’s as inconspicuous as possible. After you add all your important valuables, just create your secret PIN code and keep the keys close at hand.

Investing in a wall safe like the Paragon Lock & Safe 7750 might seem daunting at first when you consider the extra work required to install it. Still, if you value security above all else, you can’t go wrong with the way this home safe is built. It offers great protection against unauthorized access and can fit in multiple environments including your office or home.

3. Safstar Heavy Duty Safe

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The Safstar Heavy Duty safe is a somewhat underrated home safe which delivers decent protection for its cost. It runs on batteries and uses a standard electronic lock with a PIN code that’s easy to program. The size of this model is large enough to store more than jewelry and cash as it can accommodate even bulkier items such as guns.

To run this safe you will need 4 AA batteries which are thankfully included in the package to allow you to start using it immediately. While breaking into this kind of home safe can be difficult for thieves, they will still easily break it if they can get it out of your home. This is why it’s almost mandatory to mount the safe either on the floor or the wall to ensure it stays firmly in place. There are pre-drilled holes and included bolts to help you with that process.

Even if you decide not to mount the safe, it’s still tough enough to deter the average criminal considering the 2mm wall thickness and 4mm thickness for the door. A disadvantage of this safe is the emergency keys which are fairly basic keys that you need to keep close because if you lose them, the safe can be too easily accessed. As long as you’re careful when handling the keys, the Safstar Heavy Duty home safe can be considered well worth its inexpensive price tag.

4. Viking Security Safe VS-50BLX

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One very powerful option if you’re looking to get your hands on a high-quality home safe comes from Viking Security. Their VS-50BLX model can pose a great challenge even to highly prepared burglars thanks to its advanced deadbolt locking system. This safe relies on a biometric reader for access and the body is constructed out of the toughest steel with military powder coating.

As this model uses a biometric reader, you will be expected to place your finger on a sensor to read your fingerprint whenever you wish to access the contents of the safe. You can add more fingerprints in the system’s memory if you wish to extend access to other persons, and that could be very convenient. When it comes to durability, this unit doesn’t disappoint considering the two anti-prying insertion slots and the seamless welding of all the components.

Some bonuses of this home safe to be aware of are the fully carpeted interior and a built-in LED light. The ample space inside is nicely complemented by the addition of adjustable shelves to organize different valuables. An excellent home safe in all regards, the Viking Security Safe VS-50BLX is worth the expense if you prefer biometric security and a premium construction.

5. First Alert 2087F Fire-Resistant Safe

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For those who are primarily worried about common disasters such as fires or flooding, the First Alert 2087F should be among their top choices. This model relies on the Ready Seal technology to keep your valuables safe from both fire and water. It comes with a reasonable capacity allowing you to protect many important items such as jewelry, cash, and documents.

The inside of this fire-resistant safe can make a good home for valuables in need of protection. You’ve got a key rack and storage shelf at your disposal to organize the items more easily. The Ready-Seal technology gives the safe superior strength to resist large temperatures and, as its name implies, it seals the contents of the safe in case of full submersion during flooding.

Programming the safe is done using a combination lock for inserting your own passcode. Override keys are included to have a backup in case the electronic lock doesn’t work correctly. All things considered, the First Alert 2087F is highly recommended if you want a home safe that’s capable of facing other threats, not just burglars. This fire-resistant and waterproof safe is well-designed and robust, ideal for storing jewelry, cash, and other valuables.

6. Paragon Lock & Safe 7730

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Paragon Lock & Safe has many capable models to help users protect their valuables at home. A more compact unit from their catalog is the 7730 home safe. It’s simple to operate and the manufacturer made hardly any compromises in terms of construction. The safe has a 1/8 inch mounting plate and a premium digital entry design to get rid of the need for extra key copies.

This home safe is geared towards users who want a more portable unit for securing their valuable items. The solid steel used for this safe is capable of resisting attacks from thieves and the dark gray color can make the safe blend in nicely with the surroundings. With a more portable home safe comes the added benefit of more versatile placement as you can mount it in a closet or a drawer, wherever it gives you the best peace of mind.

To run this safe you will need AA batteries which come in the package. You can start programming your PIN code immediately after you add the items in need of protection. The electronic lock has a LED and buzzer to be aware of the safe’s status more easily. Sturdy for its class and very simple to operate, the Paragon Lock & Safe 7730 is a winner on the market for portable and affordable home safes.

7. SentrySafe Security Safe X031

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One very balanced option for a home safe that offers great protection for the cost is the SentrySafe X031. This an ideal personal safe built with a pry-resistant door which comes with two live-locking bolts. For superior security, there’s also an included bolt down kit to make sure the safe remains firmly in place in case it’s discovered by burglars.

Inside this safe, you will discover a carpeted floor where you can store jewelry without the risk of damaging it. This is the kind of safe that’s recommended for personal use. Its roomy interior allows for simple storage of documents and cash, but also for pistols. Even though this is a relatively small safe, that can be advantageous in other ways. It’s easier to keep it hidden in your home.

When it comes to opening and closing the safe, you shouldn’t experience any issues. Operating it with the included keys can be a little trickier as you have to make sure the key is fully inserted before turning. Overall, the SentrySafe Security Safe X031 accomplishes its purpose well. It’s not designed to handle the protection of high-dollar valuables, but the small steel safe provides good value for the cost.

8. Verifi Smart Safe S4000

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Biometric safes have become very popular in recent times and that’s quite understandable given their more reliable level of security. If you feel like standard Pin-access home safes are too unreliable, the Verifi Smart Safe S4000 could be a fitting choice. While this model is significantly costlier compared to conventional safes, it could be worth it considering the advanced integrated technology.

What makes this unit stand out from the rest of home safes out there is the FBI silicon-based sensor which is virtually immune to unauthorized access. It’s on a whole new level compared to other biometric readers that usually rely on small-area sensors or use inexpensive components which aren’t as safe. If you’re worried about battery consumption, it’s worth knowing that this model has been engineered to work reliably for years on just one set of batteries.

The included LCD screen allows you to manage various aspects of your home safe through a convenient system. Check the battery level, add users or modify lighting settings with just a touch of a button. For hassle-free performance, you’re better off choosing an extremely reliable FBI-approved biometric sensor such as the one on the Verifi Smart Safe S4000. This safe does everything needed to deliver peace of mind for your valuables and that’s why it’s highly recommended.