The 7 Best Water Softeners of 2020

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Anyone who has issues with hard water in their home should consider getting a water softener. With the help of this device, you can get rid of related problems such as ashy skin and stained laundry. The mineral content of the water depends on your source and some areas can have particularly difficult problems with too much hardiness. While water softeners aren’t cheap and will require professional installation in most cases, getting one can be a very satisfying investment in the long run.

If you don’t want to bother with technical details and just want a reliable water softener that does the job for a decent cost, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll review what we consider the best products in terms of value for the money. This selection was born from a desire to narrow down the long list of available products to an assortment of cost-effective water softeners. As long as you have a good idea regarding the amount of water used in your home and its hardness, getting the right softener is fairly easy.

There are lots of advantages to softening the water in your home as calcium or other mineral buildups cause lots of issues. The water that’s been softened can be used more effectively for cleaning and drinking. Let’s see what these picks below can do for the water quality in your home. You might also be interested in our articles about the best whole house humidifier and the best insulated curtains.

1. Fleck 5600SXT

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The most popular water softener to try is the Fleck 5600SXT. This unit enables softening for the water in your entire house and thanks to the advanced integrated technology, the system shows you relevant data on a display. It can be considered a very economical water softener as it measures the used water and only regenerates when necessary. This model contains a full kit with all the accessories for a complete water softening system.

The most important feature you probably get with this water softener is the helpful digital display. Checking the status of your water softening system at a glance is extremely convenient. The screen will also show you error codes for troubleshooting. It removes a lot of guesswork when it comes to common issues that happen. The controls placed right underneath the display can be used to change all the settings of the softener.

There’s no doubt about the simple operation of this water softener. Putting this unit together shouldn’t be difficult. The installing is also easy enough for those experienced with plumbing fixtures. As the Fleck 5600SXT is highly configurable for specific water hardness levels, this unit is a must. Before trying anything else, this water softener should be your first choice.

2. PENTAIR Fleck 5600sxt

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Another model that relies on the powerful Fleck 5600SXT control head is this one from Pentair. It comes in two grain sizes – 32,000 and 48,000 and it can be considered simple to install. Similar to other water softener systems on the market, this one will provide you with all the required components such as the bypass valve with a convenient connection and brine and mineral tanks.

Installing this water softener is a process that won’t give you any headaches. There’s pre-loaded resin in the tank and the manufacturer delivers programming instructions via email. Even if you don’t receive them, there are plenty of handy videos that show you exactly how to work with a Fleck valve. Anyone experienced with plumbing should be able to install this unit without too many hassles.

If you are certain that you need a water softener in your home, getting the PENTAIR Fleck 5600sxt would be a smart investment. The cost is definitely within a reasonable range for this type of water softener. Efficient when it comes to regenerating and relatively simple to install, this water softening system can really make a difference and eliminate that hardness in the water.

3. Watts Water M7002 Flow-Pur RV-Pro

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If you just need a water softener for your RV, the portable Watts Water M7002 Flow-Pur RV-Pro model could be exactly what you were searching for. It boasts a specially designed flow valve to enable regeneration without constantly having to turn on and off the entire system. As opposed to other models with less reliable tank designs, this unit features a full cradle base construction.

When it comes to portability, this is perhaps your best bet for a water softener. It’s built to be as compact as possible while keeping strong abilities to remove all kinds of minerals from the water such as calcium and magnesium. Scale deposits will be things of the past and the good news is that the softener can also handle the removal of trace amounts of iron. Your onboard appliances can last longer and work more efficiently with purified water.

Performant and reliable, this portable water softener works well for various levels of hardness assuming you’re careful about following the precautions of the manufacturer. While it can’t do wonders, it gets the job done. With proper maintenance, the Watts Water M7002 Flow-Pur RV-Pro can rival even more expensive, regular water softeners.

4. Fleck IRON Pro 2

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For those who need more than a water softener, take a look at the Fleck IRON Pro 2. This combines water softening abilities with a special iron filter. It removes minerals from the water and with the help of a fine mesh resin, it allows the system to get rid of iron more efficiently. The water softener makes use of a powerful regeneration process which takes into account water use to conserve it.

Among the included accessories, you’ll get a 1-inch bypass valve that features a durable design that makes operating a breeze. Like other professional-level water softeners from Fleck, you can expect a quality display to show you all the essential info about the status of the softening system. Another useful addition in the package for this device is the brine tank which comes complete with well and float assembly.

The Iron Pro 2 from Fleck is an excellent water softener with the added benefit of tackling the excessive iron content in the water. The installation process is relatively straightforward and all the features of this model make it one of the most valuable additions for any home. Another reason why this unit is recommended is the lack of sulphur smell.

5. ABCwaters 5600SXT-8-PCK-BLK

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Relying on the strong Fleck 5600SXT valve, this ABCwaters model brings a lot of attractive features for its cost. It might be considered a little more expensive compared to others, but the premium quality and excellent installing instructions make up for this. The mineral and brine tanks included in this package are built in the USA and the system features 10% cross-linked resin.

This model comes with a full installation kit for your convenience. Aside from the required components, you will also find some extra goodies such as silicone lube, brine line, and a sanitizer packet. Construction-wise, this water softener system has been built to withstand the test of time. Just the highest end materials have been used and to get the system working more quickly, the manufacturer preloaded the mineral tanks.

Thanks to the electronic powerhead, programming the water softening system will be easy to do. ABCwaters is known for their excellent technical support, so any issue you might experience can be resolved. The guide for installing the unit is simplified and the DIY users will surely appreciate the helpful videos. Overall, the 5600SXT-8-PCK-BLK is a great water softener for the price.

6. ABCwaters 5600SXT-SS10-BLK

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The ABCwaters 5600SXT-SS10-BLK is a space-saving unit designed to handle the softening process of the water in your home without the bulkiness of the usual water softeners. There’s a lot of value in this water softening kit including the latest version of the high-performance 5600SXT valve. The resin tank comes prefilled which could be considered an advantage, though this increases the weight.

For a medium-sized household, this water softener could be an ideal match. This softening system boasts a 48,000-grain capacity designed for a long lifespan. The 10% crosslink resin certainly contributes in that regard. In terms of setting up the water softener, this task can be successfully achieved without too many troubles. The instructions cover well the basics though they’re a bit lacking when it comes to more advanced features.

For most people, investing in a water softener like the ABCwaters 5600SXT-SS10-BLK would be a great decision. This unit has great potential to remove all the stains and spots created by hard water. While getting this unit to work perfectly for your particular home can be a little tricky, all that effort can pay off in the end.

7. On The Go OTG3NTP3M

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A good solution for anyone in need of a portable water softener is the On The Go OTG3NTP3M. This unit is affordable and has just the right size to fit well in a boat or RV. The portability is further enhanced by the convenient handle which makes carrying the softener an easy task. Hooking up this water softening system doesn’t require tools and can be done quickly as everything needed has been supplied in the package.

When it comes to performance, this portable water softener is one of the best in its class. Using just one box of common table salt it can regenerate and deliver soft water for almost 20 days. There’s no need for electricity and the connection used is a standard hosed one. If you’re worried about pressure drops in the water, it’s worth mentioning that this unit has been designed to handle high flow rates.

Any boat or RV user should take into account this unit’s capabilities. The On The Go OTG3NTP3M is a great portable water softener that’s not difficult to set up and works just as expected. It’s a bit more flow sensitive compared to similar models, but aside from that, it brings solid value for the money.