The 8 Best Standing Desks of 2022

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Standing desks are excellent tools designed to keep you away from the danger of sitting down too much, a problem that’s very common nowadays among office workers. With the help of a desk that’s specially designed to adjust and enable you to switch from a sitting to a standing position, you can maintain productivity while taking health considerations into account.

Anyone who’s searching the market for standing desks will quickly realize that finding the right product is no simple task. Shortening the decision time can be done by making sure you’re aware of the most important features that a high-quality standing desk should have. The durability of its materials should be a good starting point. A standing desk will get a lot of use every day so it’s essential to be reliable and well-built. The construction quality goes hand in hand with the ergonomic features.

A solid standing desk has to be comfortable to use so look for models that offer user-friendly designs and flexibility when it comes to making adjustments to the desk’s position. With these aspects in mind, let’s look over the best standing desks for the money. We’ve selected these products primarily because they’re cost-effective. They manage to provide the best features in their respective classes to suit people regardless of their budget constraints. You might also be interested in our articles about the best zero gravity chairs and the best futons.

1. VARIDESK Pro Plus 36

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The Varidesk Pro Plus 36 is a very appreciated standing desk because it packs so many great features in a highly functional design. As opposed to other more complicated models out there, this unit arrives preassembled and lets you adjust the height without breaking the flow of your work. The are lots of reasons why this standing desk is worth the cost.

As the desk can be used quickly right out of the box, it means you can enjoy its flexibility benefits faster than other models. Raising the desk is done using the spring-loaded mechanism and the whole process feels very smooth. Once you get used to it, controlling the height can be done more fluidly, almost automatically. Similar to other standing desks, this model features a two-tiered design to help with the organization of your items.

The keyboard stays in its dedicated tray and the desk is spacious enough for a monitor and other accessories. Thanks to the large 35lbs capacity, this desk should be able to handle plenty of items. Overall, the Varidesk Pro Plus 36 is a blessing for anyone who has to spend multiple hours at a desk job. For its cost, this represents a highly valuable investment.


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Creating a more functional computer workstation needs a capable standing desk. With the help of the VIVO DESK-V000B, you will be able to reach your productivity goals while taking health concerns more seriously. This is a very comfortable standing desk to use with a special gas spring mechanism that enables fast height changes.

There’s a decent height range you can use as options vary from 6.5” to 16”. This desk is simple to adjust to your preferred position and there’s no need to worry about stability issues. With its large 38 pounds weight capacity, this model feels very dependable when it comes to holding all kinds of office products. The surface on the top is large enough to fit two monitors and for an improved workflow, there’s a separate tray for peripherals.

Like some other standing desks out there, this model requires a minimal assembling process, but it’s nothing complicated. The VIVO DESK-V000B has a lot to offer to help you maximize your productivity levels. The standing desk makes you stay in a more comfortable position and contributes to a better overall posture. Considering the enhanced durability, it’s safe to say that this model is recommended.

3. Stand Steady X-Elite Pro

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Those who prefer something more reasonably priced should consider the Stand Steady X-Elite Pro. It manages to bring together lots of features loved by productive workers while keeping the price in a more affordable range. The desk comes with various height options and a large enough surface to accommodate various office tools. The lack of a keyboard tray could be attributed to the lower cost.

One of the best features of this model is the simple operation of the desk. With the help of a solid air pump system, toggling from a height position to another is done without too much effort. The standing desk doesn’t feel clunky to use compared to some other models. Height adjustments can be made within a reasonable range of 7 to 16 inches. While the load capacity of 20 pounds isn’t as great compared to the competition, the standing desk makes up for it through its fairly robust construction.

Despite having basic features, the Stand Steady X-Elite Pro shouldn’t be overlooked if you’re a more budget-conscious office worker. The desk is well-built without any noticeable wobbliness and the overall quality of its height changing mechanism is great. Recommended for the cost.

4. FlexiSpot M2B

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Boasting a total of 12 different height levels and a keyboard tray that comes out almost instantaneously, the FlexiSpot M2B is a great candidate for anyone who needs a quality standing desk. It’s designed to be as versatile as possible and shouldn’t impact your current desk setup that much. This model is built with careful consideration for a more comfortable work routine.

There’s great workstation potential for this model when you take into account the simple vertical height adjustment. With the help of one handle, you can switch between 12 levels until you get to the most comfortable height. The addition of a keyboard tray is a welcomed feature as it enables you to keep the main desk space cleaner. The surface area of this standing desk is wide enough to accommodate a large monitor.

When you consider the ergonomic benefits and the simple but effective design, the FlexiSpot M2B becomes a strong contender on the market for standing desks. The combination of a large working space with a convenient height adjustment system makes this model a great solution for office workers. The reasonable cost definitely adds to the overall positive impression.

5. Smugdesk 0110

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A very interesting option that’s very popular on the market for standing desks is the Smugdesk 0110. This model features simple height adjustments and delivers enhanced stability. Going from a sitting to a standing position shouldn’t take too long. The entire platform of this model is designed to be simple to handle despite its substantial weight.

When you receive this standing desk there’s hardly any assembling work to do. You can take it out and put it to productive use right away. Switching height positions is done with the help of the powerful Z-lift mechanism which is not only very performant but quieter than other systems. A fairly solid desk, this model can lift up to 35 pounds of office items. The maximum height limit is 15”. While it feels heavy, the standing desk still offers a decent level of portability.

Judging by the wide working space, it’s quite obvious how this standing desk has been designed to fit two monitors simultaneously. You can place a laptop next to your main computer screen without feeling too crowded. All in all, the Smugdesk 0110 is a cost-effective standing desk with a reassuring durability and user-friendliness that makes it ideal for lots of work applications.

6. Fancierstudio  RD01- BLK

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One very solid standing desk which can be great for holding two monitors is the Fancierstudio RD01- BLK. It puts 8 height levels at your disposal to adjust more comfortably to your exact needs. As the desk provides a decent weight limit, it’s safe to say that this is the kind of heavy-duty model which can have a lot of appeal for those who value stronger desks.

Given the sturdy construction of this desk, you should be able to place two regular monitors on it without stressing or crowding the desk. Apart from being solidly constructed, this model also features an elegant combination of black and grey shades. It can represent a pleasant addition to your office décor. Easy-to-reach hand levers are used in the elevation process allowing the user to personalize the height to suit his specific needs.

A small issue with this model is the reduced portability. The durable materials used can definitely add up to a considerable weight of 60 pounds. That’s not a really an issue for the majority of people though. Overall, the Fancierstudio  RD01- BLK can bring a lot of comfort to your daily life at the office. This standing desk has been built to resist heavy-duty usage at work.

7. DeskDoc 0101314

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Standing desks are usually limited in terms of features. The DeskDoc 0101314 aims to change that by providing you with a highly functional work area for a balanced cost. There’s a nice integrated keyboard tray and to reduce some of that fatigue you can also rely on the included mat. A powerful gas spring mechanism is used for lifting 35lbs of weight.

Thanks to the 36-inch length of the working space, you can add beyond just your everyday essentials. A nice way to gain a good amount of space is by taking advantage of the keyboard tray underneath the desk. When it comes to changing the height, the mechanism allows you to lock the desk in 8 positions and it’s controlled by a simple handle. One bonus feature to make the whole experience more comfortable is the addition of a dedicated tablet slot.

In terms of construction, this standing desk doesn’t really impress you at a first glance. Once you start using it though, it will become noticeable how well built it is. DeskDoc did a solid job with this standing desk offering a simple-to-operate model at a reasonable price. The generously-sized work area combined with the overall ergonomic features complete the generally positive impression.

8. Fezibo FZ-SD02B

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A somewhat underrated option for a standing desk is represented by the Fezibo FZ-SD02B. Although it features a little too much plastic for some parts, this model is fairly durable and offers a flexible working experience thanks to the easy-to-reach handles for modifying the height. Transitioning from sitting to standing is a breeze with the help of this cost-effective standing desk.

The look of this desk’s black frame can add a touch of elegance in any office. This model is designed to be both functional and stylish. Its great flexibility comes from the simple height adjustment system. There’s also a decent amount of space reserved for any worker to place the essential office products. A keyboard tray has been provided and overall there’s plenty of room to customize your workstation.

Designed with attention to ergonomics and construction, the Fezibo FZ-SD02B delivers solid value for the money. Those who are concerned about staying within a more limited budget can surely appreciate what this model has to offer. This model may not stand out on the market, but it’s very balanced feature-wise and can satisfy many office workers.