The 7 Best Pool Pumps in 2022

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Keeping the pool nice and clean is essential to get the most enjoyment out of it. A heavy-duty filtration pump needs to be installed for healthy swimming water. The pool pump maintains a proper balance for all the water chemicals and works efficiently to ensure a quality experience overall. While it’s not recommended to make too many compromises when it comes to pool pump quality, you can get away with some budget-friendly models if your pool isn’t particularly demanding.

When you’re searching for a good pool pump, the first aspect worth considering is the performance. The filtering speed is important here. Some premium models offer variable speed to maximize efficiency but you can also make good use of a single-speed unit for smaller pools. Durability is a key factor to ensure long-term resilience. Another critical aspect is the ease of installation and maintenance. Pay attention to the above-ground or in-ground pool compatibility to figure out whether it suits your specific type of pool more effectively. Without further ado, let’s explore the best pool pumps for the money.

Best Above Ground Pool Pump

1. Intex Krystal Clear Pool Pump

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Anyone looking for an inexpensive pump designed for above-ground models should try Intex Krystal Clear. This is a double insulated pump optimized for pools with a maximum capacity of 6,000 gallons. It boasts a flow rate of 1,000 GPH which is respectable considering the price range. Installing this pump is a breeze as you simply need to hook up your hoses. There’s a Hydro Aeration inlet fitting supplied in the package.

Maintaining this pool pump in top shape isn’t particularly hard. Just make sure you don’t use it more than 8 hours per day and change the filter cartridge regularly with a compatible model. With the help of the aeration process, the water in your pool will benefit from superior clarity that also translates to a more pleasant swimming feeling. The lack of an on/off switch could be considered a small drawback but it’s worth the investment overall.

Best In-Ground Pool Pump

2. Hayward Super Pump Pool Pump

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The Hayward Super Pump is designed to meet more heavy-duty needs. It’s a high-performance pool pump specifically engineered to cover the demands of in-ground pools. This is a single-speed model whose motor packs 1.5 HP. It features quiet ventilation to maximize efficiency and overall dependability. There are stronger motor versions available to match your pool’s requirements.

Thanks to its particularly large strainer cover with swing-away knobs, you can remove it easily as needed. The pump is designed for easy maintenance considering the convenient 4-bolt access to its internal parts. Most powerful pumps on the market can be quite difficult to install but this model offers a straightforward process in that sense. If you’re a fan of DIY work, just a few YouTube tutorials could be enough to install this unit by yourself in case the supplied instructions are too difficult to figure out.

Best Submersible Pool Pump

3. Little Giant Submersible Pool Pump

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If you’re searching for a high-quality automatic submersible pump, check out the Little Giant APCP-1700. This is a compact and affordable model that includes many convenient features such as ergonomic construction and an integrated float switch. The pool pump is engineered to reduce excess water on the surface for your pool cover. You can trust it to attract water without worrying about tipping.

When it comes to portability, this submersible model offers a well-designed handle that provides a sturdy grip. The insulated cord is also fairly long to add to your overall convenience during use. It doesn’t take a lot of water for the pump to automatically start doing its job once placed. In terms of hose compatibility, this submersible pump works nicely together with standard ¾-inch models. The glass-filled polypropylene housing might not seem that durable but it’s a good material choice in this case.

Best Variable Speed Pool Pump

4. Pentair SuperFlo Pool Pump

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Pentair is one of the most appreciated manufacturers of premium pool pumps. Check out the SuperFlo model that’s equipped with more advanced abilities such as variable speed. This technology can make some great money savings in the long run when it comes to keeping your pool operating as expected. Installing this pool pump can be a little more complicated considering the need for a valve to properly isolate it for maintenance purposes.

That being said, installing this pool pump can also be easier in other regards. The unit runs on standard 115 or 230 volt power so there won’t be a need to worry about rewiring. Considering the higher price tag, it’s not surprising to find more reliable features such as the onboard digital display. You can program the speed and check the status of the pump to ensure it works smoothly. Thanks to the TEFC motor, the Pentair SuperFlo offers a quiet experience.

5. XtremepowerUS In-Ground Pool Pump

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Designed with a heavy-duty motor, the XtremepowerUS shouldn’t be overlooked if you’re in the market for an in-ground pool pump. This unit offers air-flow ventilation and one particularly large debris basket to simplify pool maintenance. One of the most important highlights of this pool pump is the construction quality. It’s built with durability in mind as evidenced by the corrosion-proof polymeric material used.

The connections for this pump allow for convenient suction and discharge ports. There are union fittings supplied in the package to enhance the unit’s versatility. Thanks to a transparent cover, you can keep your pool clean more easily because you can check to see the amount of collected debris in the basket. The transfer rate of 5280 GPH can be considered solid for this price so this pool pump is worth the money.

6. Vivohome Pool Pump

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With powerful self-priming technology, the versatile Vivohome pool pump works great for both above-ground or in-ground styles. It packs a 2HP motor with a special impeller technology for keeping noise at a minimum. The copper wire motor is engineered to prioritize safety and efficiency. It’s housed in a sturdy thermoplastic body to make this pump compliant with UL standards.

The pump is designed for tool-free installation and can accommodate a wide range of applications including hot tubs or irrigation systems. Performance-wise, this unit offers a maximum flow rate of 113 GPM. There are lots of details that make this pool pump worth the cost. It features an ingenious strainer with a detachable filter basket. Overheating isn’t a concern thanks to the thermal overload protector. The IP55 rating makes the unit safe to use in areas with debris.

7. Pentair IntelliFlo Pool Pump

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Another excellent Pentair pool pump, the IntelliFlo model is suitable for users who want a very performant unit that makes no compromises in terms of energy efficiency. This 3 horsepower pump offers intelligent variable speed with multiple programmable settings for optimal pool running efficiency. Despite its impressive level of performance, the pump is Energy Star certified and promises ultra-quiet operation.

Controlling this pool pump is a breeze considering the LCD screen and integrated keypad. It stands out over the competition when it comes to adjustability and cost savings. Thanks to built-in diagnostics, the pool pump benefits from extended service life. The body construction of the pump takes advantage of some great design details such as the fan-cooled enclosed style to prevent damage from the elements. All in all, the Pentair IntelliFlo provides all the features wanted in a premium variable speed pool pump.