The 7 Best LED Strip Lights in 2021

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The best way to add a warm glow or colorful backlighting to your home involves the use of LED strip lights. Also commonly referred to as LED tape, this product is designed to be seamlessly integrated into your home décor through practical adhesive backing. These strip lights won’t consume too much power thanks to relying on the energy-efficient LED technology. Full RGB kits are available to purchase in different sizes and styles. Some feature extra abilities like Smart voice control.

One of the best reasons to invest in a LED strip light is the impressive versatility. You can add colorful backlighting to a TV or bring a pleasant glow to spice up the look of some under-cabinet areas. There are endless possibilities to bring a modern lighting effect for various interior design projects if you use these LED strip lights. Due to an overwhelming number of products out there, it’s not easy figuring out which provides the best bang for your buck. This article attempts to narrow down your selection and include only the best LED strip lights that are really worth the cost.

Best Smart LED Strip Lights

1. Philips Hue Smart LED Strip Lights

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If you want a high-quality set of Smart LED strip lights, check out this model from Philips Hue. With the help of a dedicated control hub, you will be able to use a maximum of 50 smart lights without problems. It’s a considerable upgrade over basic smart lights in terms of connectivity. This strip light can play nice together with Alexa or Google Assistant. It’s a colorful accessory to add to any Smart home.

Thanks to its flexible design, the strip light is simple to shape and bend so it can adapt to various places in your home. You can set a particular mood by toggling from a huge selection of millions of colors. Installation is facilitated by the addition of strong adhesive tape in the package. This kit has 6ft of strip light to work with but you can also bring Bluetooth-enabled extensions for more illumination features in your home.

2. DAYBETTER LED Strip Lights

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The DAYBETTER LED strip lights can provide a fresh new look for many areas in your home. A total of 300 lights can illuminate TVs, cabinets, or walls in RGB style. With the help of a provided infrared remote, you also gain the ability to make changes to the level of brightness and toggle dynamic illumination modes. If your particular project needs fewer strip lights, you can cut LEDs in designated areas for extra convenience.

Although this strip light kit lacks Smart functionality, it’s a great option for those looking for affordability. The total length of 32.8ft should suffice for wide applicability around the home. The package of this strip light contains a 5A power adapter so you can quickly install and enjoy fun visuals. Each section on the strip comes with double-sided tape that needs a smooth surface to stick properly.

3. Govee Smart LED Strip Lights

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Anyone looking for an excellent LED strip light set should get a good look at this model from Govee. It comes with powerful Smart features despite the affordable price tag. The strip light measures just 16.4ft. but it should suffice for most users. There’s also a longer version that’s double the length. Thanks to reliable voice control, the illumination features can be neatly adjusted in a hands-free style.

Whether you wish to decorate the bar area or improve the ambiance in the bedroom, this led strip is an excellent solution. It puts millions of colors at your disposal for precise adjustments while the four DIY modes can help you enhance the functionality even more. A neat feature of this model is the addition of an integrated mic that lets the LEDs synchronize with your favorite music. The package contains everything needed for a streamlined installation process.

4. LE LED Strip Lights

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Simple to use and reasonably-priced, the LE strip lights let you enjoy a colorful ambiance with the help of multiple RGB LEDs. Each strip has a standard size of 16.4ft and can be attached in various indoor places by using the included 3M adhesive. There’s a standard power adapter provided as well as the handy remote control to make all the desired adjustments.

You can set up the LED strip lights to match your visual preferences with minimal effort. There are 20 pre-set colors as well as multiple modes and DIY options to beautify any room. It’s nice to see that you can also adjust the brightness to create a truly pleasant ambient light for all purposes. In terms of durability, the strong sticky tape will deliver great performance as long as the surface used is correctly cleaned. The flexibility is also solid considering how the provided cutting marks.

5. Lepro LED Strip Lights

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One advanced LED strip light set comes from Lepro. This is an extra-long strip light that measures 50ft. It’s designed for larger homes or more flexible applications. While there’s no Smart functionality, the LED strip lights can be conveniently operated using the included 44-key remote control. Thanks to the use of professional adhesive, this model won’t cause frustrating problems during installation.

These color-changing lights offer a fairly expanded selection of RGB options and a total of 8 modes to brings some fun effects to the illumination. Due to more LEDs per meter compared to its competitors, this strip light promises greater brightness. You can adjust the intensity to the best level for creating the desired ambiance. This LED strip offers a reliable ETL-listed adapter and promises a superb visual experience with its set of 450 lights.

6. Volivo LED Strip Lights

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With an impressive length of 65.6ft and solid durability features, the Volivo LED strip lights shouldn’t be missed. They can be successfully used to improve the atmosphere with a vibrant touch of color. This product has been designed with a focus on environmental-friendliness and child safety. It’s a breeze to install with the help of a professional-grade adhesive.

In case the lights won’t perfectly fit your application, the strip allows for simple cutting in designated places. Similar to other non-Smart sets of LED strip lights, this model can only be controlled manually through a dedicated IR remote. It’s quite conveniently designed with many customization options for brightness, colors, and illumination styles. Taking into account the value for the money, it’s safe to say that the Volive LED strip light is worth the investment.

Best Long LED Strip Lights

7. Ehomful LED Strip Lights

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Another great kit of LED strip lights, this model from Ehomful is intended to meet more heavy-duty needs. It delivers a huge set with three rolls of strip lights measuring a total of 100 feet. Aside from the large number of LEDs included here, this long strip light also stands out through its impressive brightness control. It allows you to fine-tune the illumination power from 1% to 100%.

Installing the strip lights can take a while considering the extra length. You will also need to decide the best use to take full advantage of their colorful features. The manufacturer relies on a reliable adhesive type to ensure streamlined installation anywhere indoors. Aside from 28 dynamic lighting modes and millions of selectable colors, the strip light kit also enables music synchronization and boasts a handy memory function.