The 7 Best Fertilizers for Hydrangeas in 2024

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Anyone growing hydrangeas in their garden knows the importance of proper fertilization to obtain beautiful blooms. All-purpose fertilizers on the market can deliver decent growth performance for this plant but it’s recommended to go for specially-formulated fertilizers for hydrangeas to really make these flowers thrive. Although it takes a bit of time for a hydrangea plant to establish itself in your garden, it will become the highlight in your garden thanks to its large colorful flower heads.

Hydrangeas are fairly hardy perennials. The right fertilizing approach will ensure that you won’t have to worry too much about maintenance. It’s recommended to go for an optimized blend of nutrients that boost the color intensity of hydrangea’s blooms. This is a great solution for gardeners who want to focus on getting impressive blue hydrangeas. It’s just as important, however, to pick the proper fertilizer for healthy roots and bountiful flower head development. Whether you prefer granule or liquid fertilizers, these are the best options to consider for your hydrangea garden.

1. Miracle-Gro Miracid Plant Food

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Acid-loving plants such as hydrangeas can thrive with the help of high-quality plant food such as Miracle-Gro’s Miracid. It’s specifically formulated for flowering plants such as hydrangeas, camellias, azaleas, and hibiscus. The fertilizer is designed with an optimal mix of nutrients for lush foliage and spectacular blooms. It’s recommended to incorporate a careful feeding schedule every two weeks for ideal results.

Whether you keep your hydrangeas outdoors or indoors, this is an excellent fertilizer solution to try. It requires mixing with water and careful soaking of the soil to release all the rich nutrients. A high-quality type of soil is a must-have to increase your chances of success when growing hydrangeas. This supplemental plant food contributes a lot in terms of encouraging the plants to develop vibrant colors. You can help your hydrangeas reach their full potential and produce characteristically big and bold flowers.

2. EZ-gro Hydrangea Fertilizer

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If you’re concerned about the health of your hydrangeas and want to supply them with specialized fertilizer, try out EZ-gro formulated with aluminum sulfate. It’s optimized with a 21-7-7 nutrient mix to feed hydrangeas, azaleas, gardenias, and orchids according to a balanced feeding schedule. This kind of formulation isn’t just ideal for making the plants thrive but will also encourage beautiful blue flowers for your hydrangeas.

The fertilizer is designed to reduce soil pH allowing the hydrangeas to absorb important minerals more efficiently. Mixing with water is required to dilute this strong fertilizer. The manufacturer includes a measuring cup to assist with this process. It’s worth mentioning that it doesn’t matter whether your hydrangeas live indoors or outdoors. They can certainly benefit from the nutritional boost supplied by this liquid fertilizer. You can expect improvement in the health of your plants in a short time.

3. Jobe’s Organics Soil Acidifier Fertilizer

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A recommended hydrangea fertilizer option if you prefer the organic route, Jobe’s Organics soil acidifier is based on purely natural ingredients for restoring the health of acid-loving plants. Both hydrangeas and blueberries can take advantage of this additive for reducing soil alkalinity. It features a granular form in a simple 6-pound bag that’s easy to apply periodically until you reach the ideal soil pH for hydrangeas.

If you have pink hydrangea flowers and wish to obtain rare blue blooms, there’s no better option than using this kind of product. This fertilizer solution encourages the development of blue flowers for your hydrangea plants. It will also make darker green growth without relying on strong chemicals that can have undesirable side effects. This soil acidifier is certified organic by USDA and contains pure sulfur derived from elemental sulfur and gypsum.

4. Espoma GSUL6 Soil Acidifier

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Anyone looking to improve the health of their hydrangeas should consider a soil acidifier such as the Espoma GSUL6. By lowering the pH of the soil, this product essentially acts as a potent fertilizer for these plants. It makes perfect sense when you take into account the acid-loving qualities of hydrangeas. Both blueberries or hydrangeas benefit from this soil acidifier to achieve beautiful blue blooms.

Whether as a simple soil amendment or to serve as reliable plant food, this fertilizer is highly recommended to obtain optimal growth levels. One thing to remember is that changing the pH of the soil doesn’t change overnight. It can take many months until the acidity becomes strong enough to make a significant difference in terms of plant growth. If you have pink hydrangeas, expect them to turn blue if you use this fertilizer as instructed.

5. Down to Earth All Natural Acid Mix Fertilizer

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There are lots of acid-loving plants in your garden such as rhododendrons, camellias, and hydrangeas that can make use of a fertilizer mix catering to their specific needs. This natural blend from Down to Earth can be the right solution to encourage thriving for your struggling hydrangea flowers. With the right conditions and soil amended with this fertilizer, you can expect to see lush foliage and more bountiful blooms.

Although it’s a good idea to apply this fertilizer in early spring, you can also continue adding the nutrient mix in key growth stages to maximize flower production. It’s recommended to apply it in the fall to enhance resistance to the cold by encouraging root development. This hydrangea fertilizer arrives in a recycled paperboard box that’s easy to recycle by throwing into the compost pile.

6. JR Peters Hydrangea Blue Fertilizer

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Gardeners who want their hydrangeas to feature blue flowers should consider the JR Peters classic fertilizer. It has been specially optimized for allowing quick absorption by the plants while the unique blend of nutrients increases the chances for vibrant blue blooms to appear. As opposed to other fertilizer solutions, this product doesn’t just encourage blue hydrangeas but also helps to maintain the color.

Although it’s a potent fertilizer enhanced with aluminum sulfate, keep in mind that you can only expect color changes in the right varieties. For example, white hydrangeas won’t become blue. A correct application of this plant food will aid new and old growth equally well. It’s important to ensure root drench exclusively because you might damage the plant from direct spraying. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, this reliable hydrangea fertilizer will allow you to get the desired garden look.

7. ENVY Acid-Loving Special Plant Food

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With an advanced water-soluble formulation, the ENVY acid-loving special plant food can be an instant hit for hydrangeas, gardenias, and magnolias. Considering its 21-7-7 nutrient mix, it’s safe to say that you can finally obtain abundant blooms beautifully framed by healthy foliage. The plant food is optimized for hydrangeas yet it’s also versatile enough to feed other acid-loving plants.

Although choosing the right fertilizer formula is essential when looking to improve the health of your hydrangeas, it’s just as important to use a product that’s easy to apply. This fertilizer is designed in a practical, user-friendly style. You get a resealable pouch built to ensure freshness while avoiding messes in storage. The fertilizer comes with a measuring scoop so you can quickly apply it right out of the box. Highly recommended for the price.

By Stefan Bucur

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