The 7 Best Dish Soaps in 2022

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With a properly formulated dish soap, you might run into various problems when washing the dishes. Plates that you thought were clean can turn out to have soap residues or dirty leftover bits. Such frustrating issues can be caused by the lack of a powerful dish soap. The process of washing dishes by hand doesn’t have to feel like such a chore. You can tackle this job effortlessly with the right dish soap for your needs. Many people assume that a lot of scrubbing is still needed no matter the strength of the dish soap.

It’s true that certain heavy-duty cleaning jobs such as large greasy pans will require some scrubbing effort but you can reduce the effort and time needed if you pair a solid scrubber with a dish soap featuring strong degreasing abilities. Whether you have more demanding cleaning needs or prefer more skin-friendly products, check out our selection of the best dish soaps for the cost. This list has been created by taking into account all the essential aspects of what makes a great dish soap such as effective yet gentle cleaning formulations and fresh-smelling aromas.

1. Dawn Ultra Platinum Dish Soap

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Anyone searching for high-quality dish soap that smells incredibly refreshing should try out Dawn’s Ultra Platinum advanced dishwashing liquid. It packs extra cleaning power when it comes to grease removal compared to the classic Dawn dish soap. The result is excellent performance even against food that’s stuck on for more than 24 hours. It’s all thanks to the more concentrated formula designed for those particularly tough cleaning jobs.

The dish soap is ideal for plates and pots but you can also count on its cleaning power for other jobs around the kitchen. It’s safe to use on a wide range of surfaces such as stainless steel stovetops or kitchen cabinets. The dishwashing soap arrives in a special pack complete with a scrubber sponge optimized for more delicate cookware. It won’t scratch your pans while forming an ideal pairing with the extra concentrated dish soap to remove all difficult messes.

2. Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Dish Soap

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If you’re looking for a more natural dish soap solution instead of strong chemicals, check out Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day dish soap. As opposed to conventional dishwashing liquids out there, this model relies on a plant-derived formulation that incorporates natural essential oils and aloe vera extract. It adds a pleasant lemon verbena scent to your dishes while cleaning gently without hurting your hands.

The dish soap is biodegradable and hasn’t been tested on animals. It obtained cruelty-free certification and doesn’t include potentially harmful ingredients such as phthalates or artificial colors. Despite the different formula approach and the focus on gentle cleaning, this dish soap has no issues cutting through grease and grime. It leaves behind a fresh smell and takes special care to protect your skin. While it may lack the power of some strong chemicals, it’s a strongly recommended product for the money.

3. Seventh Generation Clear Dish Soap

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With a plant-based, fragrance-free formula and fully clear appearance, the Seventh Generation dish soap could be worth a try if you have sensitive skin. It’s specially designed with hypoallergenic features while the formula is also fully biodegradable to protect the environment. It’s certified to contain approximately 95% natural ingredients and meets the EPA Safer Choice standards.

When it comes to overall grease-fighting power, this dish soap won’t disappoint. It lacks fragrances and artificial colors while focusing only on reliable cleaning power. The lack of a more pleasant scent could be a drawback for some users but it’s a small price to pay if you have sensitive skin. As you can expect from an environmentally friendlier dish soap alternative, this product hasn’t been tested on animals. It obtained the Leaping Bunny certification seal.

4. Palmolive Ultra Dish Soap

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A classic option that provides excellent grease and stain removal power, the Palmolive Ultra dish soap shouldn’t be left out of your options. It manages to find a good balance between reliable cleaning performance and not affecting your skin. This is a tough dish soap that’s capable of facing stuck-on residues and more stubborn grease stains compared to others. It’s also great against odors replacing them with its fresh scent.

Although this isn’t the most environmentally-friendly dish soap out there, it seems that Palmolive makes some efforts to reduce waste and make a green impact. The bottle is made from 100% recycled plastics and the ingredients are fully biodegradable so that’s a good start. Thanks to a more versatile formulation, this dish soap can be incorporated in other cleaning tasks such as removing tough grease stains from the grill or pre-treating laundry.

5. ECOS Dishmate Non-Toxic Dish Soap

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The ECOS Dishmate deserves an important mention on our list of the best dish soaps for the money. This is because it provides concentrated dishwashing power while taking into account the needs of those with sensitive skin. It lacks any potentially harmful dyes and artificial fragrances that can cause allergic reactions. The dish soap is made in the USA with a gentle formulation and certified cruelty-free ingredients.

As opposed to other hypoallergenic plant-based dish soaps on the market, this model stands out when it comes to scent. It makes use only of natural fragrances to refresh your plates and pots. Choose between multiple scent options such as grapefruit, almond, apricot, pear, and lavender. There’s also a fully fragrance-free option that shows off a clear liquid soap formula. Among the included eco-friendly certifications we can count EPA’s Safer Choice and Leaping Bunny. It’s also safe for vegans.

6. Gain Ultra Dish Soap

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Gain’s Ultra dish soap packs quite a punch in terms of degreasing performance. With the help of its concentrated cleaning formula, the liquid soap can tackle even the most difficult stuck-on bits and stains. One advantage of this model is the ability to rinse it away more efficiently so you can speed up the dishwashing process. If you enjoy the classic Gain scent, the Ultra version offers the same refreshing fragrance.

The irresistible scent makes a perfect combination with the impressive cleaning abilities of this dish soap. However, it won’t leave a lingering smell directly on the plates or pots. You can rinse it away with minimal effort to ensure sparkling cleanliness without unwanted persistent smells. The intense perfume of the soap is designed to be released in the air. Overall, the Gain Ultra dishwashing liquid is highly recommended for the money.

7. Puracy Natural Dish Soap

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Anyone who favors natural dish soaps as opposed to standard products based on harsh chemicals should consider Puracy. This brand offers reliable stain fighting power through a skin-friendly formulation. It’s designed to create lots of suds and remove grease efficiently without leftover residues or irritated hands. The dish soap is optimized to rely exclusively on plant-based ingredients as opposed to sulfates, parabens, caustic or other artificial options.

The Puracy dish soap is vegan certified and fully biodegradable for your peace of mind. It’s made in the USA so you can expect excellent quality. No animal testing has been used during manufacturing. All in all, this biobased dish soap represents a strong alternative on the large market full of conventional products relying on chemicals. It can rival many of them when it comes to grease-cutting power while promising a gentle skin sensation and light scent.