The 7 Best Curtain Rods in 2023

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Even after you finally decide on the right pair of curtains for the room, there’s still the problem of selecting the best curtain rods to match the look. Window treatments are important for any interior design landscape. You need to take into account various aspects when you’re looking for high-quality curtain hardware. Utilitarian options are fine but you need to do some more research to find a stylish option that doesn’t look dated. Curtain rods can accomplish both functional and decorative purposes considering the variety of materials and designs of the bars.

Regardless of the style of curtain rod you prefer, it’s essential to ensure that it can hold the weight of the fabric. Then you can simply focus on aesthetic details such as the color and finish of the curtain rod. You can choose from various colors beyond classic black or white options. There are also fancy shades of gold, bronze, and silver. Metallic or matte finishes can also be selected depending on the style of the other décor elements in the room. Go for adjustable, telescoping rods to make sure that you will find the right size for your needs. Take a look at the following curtain rods that offer the best value for the cost.

Best Decorative Curtain Rod

1. Kenney Beckett Decorative Curtain Rod

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If you’re looking for a stylish curtain rod, the Kenney Beckett model has all it takes to enhance the look of any window. This decorative curtain rod features a selection of elegant colors such as French pewter, weathered brown, oil rubbed bronze, and black. It’s available in two size ranges with great adjustability features to ensure maximum compatibility for your windows.

One of the most impressive visual characteristics of this curtain rod is the square-shaped finials that add a touch of elegance. It works ideally for the window treatments in the living room or dining room but it can also fit bedrooms or even kitchens. This is the version with a pewter finish that offers matching hardware to complement the beauty of your drapes. All in all, this is an incredibly versatile and well-built curtain rod that can match different interior decor styles.

Best Telescoping Curtain Rod

2. Ivilon Curtain Rod

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With extended telescoping features and a classy construction based on iron and resin, the Ivilon curtain rod represents a top choice for the money. This is an all-black model that’s minimalistic yet very elegant. The rod comes as a complete set with all the necessary mounting hardware and instructions. Thanks to its black finish, it’s safe to say that you can pair the curtain rod with any drapes out there.

The rod may not draw too much attention when it comes to its color but the square shape is sure to complement your curtains in a brilliant way. Installing this curtain rod is a breeze as long as you measure your windows carefully you pick the best size range. Some of the possible examples include 72 to 144 inches or 48 to 86 inches. This is a telescoping curtain rod so it’s not difficult to adjust it according to your needs. Each rod arrives together with a sturdy metal pole. Keep in mind that you need to purchase the clip rings separately.

Best Industrial Curtain Rod

3. Kenney Adler Indoor/Outdoor Curtain Rod

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Homeowners who prefer an industrial vibe should look no further than the Kenney Adler curtain rod. It’s available in two color finishes – black and silvery brushed nickel. Thanks to its rust-resistant alloy steel construction, the curtain rod is safe to install both indoors or outdoors. The only requirement is to have suitable windows that match the size options ranging from 28 to 84 inches.

In terms of mounting styles, you can either opt for ceiling or wall mounting, depending on your preferences. The curtain rod is designed with an industrial look that makes it seem sturdier compared to typical models out there. However, it’s only compatible with light to medium-weight curtains. It won’t be able to handle drapes that are too heavy. The necessary screws and drywall anchors have been supplied in the package to simplify the installation process.

4. Decopolitan End Cap Curtain Rod

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Decopolitan is one of the leading brands when it comes to curtain rods. Check out this elegant end cap model with a toasted copper finish. It’s an adjustable rod that offers size options ranging from 36 to 72 inches. There are other versions as well if you have different needs. The curtain rod is built using durable steel so it can handle heavy fabrics without issues.

While the toasted copper finish should be compatible with many design styles, you can also choose other versions such as black espresso, nickel, and light gold. Whether you prefer a lighter finish or a more understated darker one, this is a solid curtain rod to try. Each set arrives together with brackets and mounting hardware. The projection distance from the wall is four inches. It’s nice to see the addition of very user-friendly instructions that allow any homeowner to deal with the installation process in record time.

Best Vintage Curtain Rod

5. H.Versailtex Curtain Rod

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The H.Versailtex curtain rod offers a unique black look with antique bronze accents that enhance the design. It’s a recommended choice if you wish to add a vintage touch to the window treatment. This curtain rod is crafted from steel and resin while offering classic wall-mounting compatibility. The length is adjustable from 66 to 120 inches but you can select smaller versions as well.

This stylish set of curtain rods will create a perfect combination with the linen curtains from the same manufacturer but other drapes work too. Thanks to its sturdy construction, the curtain rod is able to handle curtains of different weights, including heavier ones. The diameter of the pole reaches ¾ inch while the wall projection is 3 ½ inch. Another great advantage is the presence of three durable mounting brackets in the package.

Best Modern Curtain Rod

6. Umbra Cappa Curtain Rod

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A premium curtain rod option comes from Umbra. The Cappa model shows off a minimalist design that’s ideal for any modern house. The adjustable rod has an elegant brass finish that will improve the look of the curtains without standing out too much. It’s a solid solution for many homeowners that prefer a more understated look. There are also black, silver, and nickel finishes available to cover multiple preferences.

In terms of size compatibility, you shouldn’t have any issues as long as you choose the correct version. The smallest option offers adjustments from 36 to 66 inches while the largest one goes from 120 to 180 inches. This is a telescoping, wall-mounted curtain rod that’s reasonably easy to set up. Matching hardware is found in the package together with user-friendly instructions. While the cost is a little higher than other options out there, this curtain rod set is worth it for the sleek look, versatile functionality, and durable metal construction.

7. Bali Blinds Ball Curtain Rod

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Anyone who likes the round look of a ball curtain rod needs to consider this Bali Blinds model. It’s available in white, black, and bronze colors while featuring a decorative ball whose eye-catching shape will certainly improve the look of any curtains. Both the pole and the decorative end rely on high-quality metal construction. The curtain rod feels durable to the touch and can handle drapes of various weights.

When it comes to installing this curtain rod, there’s no need to worry because the process is very straightforward. Bali Blinds supplies the necessary hardware including three sturdy mounting brackets for a secure installation in any room. The decorative balls need to be assembled but it’s nothing complicated as they just screw in place. Aside from the reliable metal construction, the rod features high-quality paint that’s engineered to resist scratches. Taking into account the cost, this curtain rod is a valuable solution for your curtains.

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