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7 Sofa and Couch Placement Tips and Ideas

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Are you looking for a more creative furniture arrangement? You might be surprised to find out that there are multiple ways of placing the sofa or couch to obtain a high-end look. Seating plays an important role in pretty much any room of the house. It’s often a good idea to try experimenting with the placement of the sofa, especially when you’re dealing with limited space or wish to incorporate a big piece.

Arranging other items in the room will also have an important role to get the ideal look for your living room. Even if you find the best place to put the couch, it won’t look that great if the other elements aren’t integrated well. In this article, we’ll take a look at some valuable tips and ideas to learn how to place your sofa or couch in a better position in the room. The following guide will enable you to design a more interesting and attractive room arrangement.

1. Think of the Object’s Purpose

Sofas are big furniture pieces that usually form the main seating arrangement in the room together with chairs. Before you decide on an eclectic placement for your stylish sofa, it’s important to consider its main purpose. For example, some people use the sofa primarily for watching TV. This means you should keep in mind the position of the television to ensure that the sofa provides a comfortable viewing level. Think carefully about the desired objectives when you’re analyzing the space to place the couch.

2. Create a Comfy Seating Area

Placing the sofa face-to-face with two chairs can result in a comfy seating area to receive your guests. Add a generously-sized coffee table and you can finish off the look to encourage conversation. The table can be used to add some nice décor pieces or it can have a more functional purpose as you can add drinks and snacks. This is a classical placement idea that works well in any home, particularly in those with a traditional design style.

3. Use the Sofa as a Room Divider

If you have a particularly long and large sofa, there are more opportunities to place it in the room. Instead of relying on a conventional room divider, you can use the sofa as the separator for different zones in the room. This works well if you have an open-space area and you wish to clearly define the dining room from the conversation area. Having a big sofa can help you achieve that and create a comfortable layout with separate zones to make the entire area feel more organized.

4. Make the Sofa the Room’s Centerpiece

By investing in a large sofa that fits more square footage in the room, you can easily turn this furniture piece in the main focal point of the room. Instead of focusing on multiple elements to create a balanced look, you can let the sofa become the room’s centerpiece. The simplest way is to get an extended sofa with more seating options but you can also get a brightly colored couch to achieve a similar visual effect.

5. Give the Sofa Some Breathing Space

Those with limited space will be tempted to push the sofa up against the wall. While this placement method works well most of the time, it’s a good idea to give big furniture pieces some breathing space. Don’t let the sofa hug the wall if you have a generously-sized room. You can take advantage of this placement tip to enhance the sense of airiness in the living room. By placing the sofa more freely in the room, you’ll definitely obtain a unique layout.

6. Craft a Symmetrical Look

Adding a sense of balance and order is always welcomed when you’re designing the living room. Instead of using a single couch, consider adding a matching unit to create a beautiful pair and obtain a symmetrical look. To take it even further, we recommend following the same pattern with other elements in the room such as chairs or lamps. This living room creates an outstanding look with so many symmetrical elements including two neat gallery grids on the walls beside the fireplace.

7. Try a Sectional Sofa in the Corner

When space comes at a premium in the living room, the easiest solution is to go for a sectional sofa in the corner. It’s important to look for furniture pieces that fit the available space well. In this case, the couch matches the corner of this room in a very visually satisfying way. Take advantage of this placement style to add a gallery wall with your favorite artwork pieces which can be easily admired by guests sitting on the sofa.

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