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How to Make Simple Summertime Tents

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Summer – throw off your shoes, open the windows, run outside and play. Then, when the day is hot and little feet are tired, lay under a simple sheet and daydream of fireflies and hollyhocks. Perhaps a tea party for a light refreshment? The days are long and energy abounds – come play with us.

To make a summertime sheet tent, string a piece of rope around too outside structures. We have a permanent hook in our tree and another one attached to our fence. You can always wrap rope round the tree for a more temporary fix.

Drape a full-sized (double) sheet over the rope.

Tie a piece of string to each corner of the sheet

Attach the strings to tent stakes and, with a rubber mallet, CAREFULLY pound the stakes into the ground (grown-up supervision required!)

Lay pretty blankets, sheets, and pillows under the tent.

Relax, watch the day go by. Perhaps invite some friends and have a tea party?



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