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Should You Hire Home Security Guards?

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Unless you have a large area that needs surveillance, it doesn’t make much sense to hire home security guards. People who own commercial real estate or businesses with lots of buildings can take advantage of the services provided by security guards. You can definitely have some peace of mind when you know that human personnel keeps the area protected from burglars and other unauthorized trespassers. If you’re curious about whether it would be practical to hire home security guards, this article will show you the advantages and disadvantages to make the best decision.

1. Pros of Hiring Home Security Guards

The plans of burglars can run into serious issues when there are human guards involved. It’s safe to say that security guards will make it much harder for trespassers to get inside your home simply because humans aren’t as predictable compared to typical home security equipment. Just the presence of human personnel will act as a powerful deterrent for any burglar or vandal. The fact that guards can be easily confused with police officers from far away is very advantageous.

Although home security guards are not real policemen, they are well-trained and are able to arrest trespassers which can get transferred to the police department. This can be considered another reliable deterrent. Another reason that makes home guards useful is their ability to supervise the security equipment. That’s actually part of their job description as guards have to maintain the security system of the property in perfect working order. Any problems that arise can be fixed much faster with the help of home security guards.

2. Cons of Hiring Home Security Guards

The main disadvantage when it comes to hiring home security guards refers to cost. Security companies charge a premium for keeping your business or property safe and protected at all times. Considering the high turnover rate in the industry, companies are forced to hire new people all the time. This means you might end up with hired home security guards that aren’t well trained for the job.

It depends on where you live as some states have stricter regulations when it comes to the qualifications of security guards. Certain states might even impose a requirement for guards to obtain a special license. Therefore, one considerable disadvantage is that you need to ensure you’re hiring capable people to guard the property or business.

3. How to Make Sure That Guards Do Their Job

Once you’ve decided to hire home security guards, it’s a good idea to make sure they accomplish their duties as expected. There are a few things to keep in mind in that regard. For example, check out to see if your state requires licensing and then verify that guards obtained the important qualification. Go for guards with experience in law enforcement that you can depend on to protect the area that needs surveillance.

Among the duties of security guards, we can count patrolling the property as an essential one. There’s a great method you can try to be more certain that guards don’t slack off. It involves the use of electronic sensors around the protected area which the guards need to check with a special electronic device. This is a recommended solution to keep track of the whereabouts of your guards even if it can be a bit costly.

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