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The 20 Most Mind Blowing Pink Places in the World

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If you love both traveling and the color pink, there are lots of incredible places worth visiting from around the world. It doesn’t matter if you’ve always been a pink lover or just recently realized that you really like this color. Take a look at these mind-blowing pink places from all corners of the world. Add them to your bucket list and give your adventures a colorful theme.

Whether through architectural details or natural elements, the following places showcase the beauty of pink in all its glory. No avid traveler that also happens to love pink should miss these amazing destinations. It’s time to fully embrace your pink obsession and add some extra fun to your adventures.

1. Rua Nova Do Carvalho street, Lisbon, Portugal

Rua Nova Do Carvalho Street Lisbon Portugal

When it comes to colorful streets, Rua Nova Do Carvalho can be considered among the most famous ones. Located in Lisbon, Portugal, this gorgeous pink street offers an Instagram-friendly spot packed with cafes and shopping areas. Consider visiting this uniquely-painted street if you ever find yourself in the capital of Portugal. It’s situated close to the heart of Lisbon’s nightlife. It’s a great destination during the night but the bright pink tone is more visible in full daylight.

2. Craigievar Castle, Alford, Scotland

Craigievar Castle Alford Scotland

With a distinctive fairytale look, this Scottish castle makes a bold statement through its flamboyant pink color. The Craigievar castle has a long history but it remains mostly unchanged since its completion in 1626. It’s a great tourist attraction worth visiting in Scotland. The tower house is amazingly well preserved while the interior of the castle is just as spectacular as its exterior. Aside from admiring the unique pinkish colors of Craigievar’s walls, you can also explore the impressive collection of art and historic artifacts.

3. Lake Hillier, Middle Island, Australia

Lake Hillier Middle Island Australia

If you’re interested in visiting natural pink places in the world, Lake Hillier should be somewhere at the top of your list. Thanks to the presence of a specific combination of microalgae and halophilic bacteria, this Australian lake shows off a stunningly pink water color. It was first discovered in 1802 and stands out compared to other pink-toned lakes around the world because the water retains its characteristic color even if you grab a glass of it. Although swimming in Lake Hillier is safe, it’s not allowed for regular tourists.

4. Takinoue Park, Hokkaido, Japan

Takinoue Park Hokkaido Japan

Takinoue Park in Japan is a fabulous attraction for any pink lover. During the Shibazakura festival starting in May, visitors will be delighted to see an incredible carpet of pink moss covering the entire park. Although Takinoue Park doesn’t appear particularly special during the rest of the year, it turns into a magical place when the moss phloxes are blooming. Other areas in Hokkaido show the colorful presence of this beautiful pink moss. However, this park is one of the best destinations that captures the unique appeal of this sakura-like flower.

5. Sketch Restaurant, London, UK

Sketch Restaurant London UK

Widely considered one of the most photogenic restaurants in the British capital, Sketch represents a popular tourist destination due to its pink theme. If you visit The Gallery section in the restaurant, you need to prepare to become immersed in a fascinating pink world. From cozy chairs to walls and accessories, this place features a solid dose of pink. A stylish art collection complements the pink theme allowing visitors to enjoy their tea in a magical atmosphere. Considering the popularity of this restaurant, it’s important to make a reservation to make sure you’ll get a table.

6. Tan Dinh Church, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Tan Dinh Church Ho Chi Minh Vietnam

Formally known as the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, this Vietnamese church shows off attractive neo-Romanesque architecture with some incorporated neo-Gothic elements. However, the main highlight of the church is the gorgeous pastel-pink exterior paint that earned its fame among many tourists. The building is considered the second-largest church in Ho Chi Minh and is located conveniently close to major neighborhoods. If you’re interested in a unique twist of French colonial architecture, Tan Dinh Church represents a great destination.

7. The Don CeSar Hotel, Florida, USA

The Don Cesar Hotel Florida

Considered one of the best resorts in Florida, the legendary Don CeSar hotel shouldn’t be overlooked in your search for the most incredible pink places. Aside from its characteristic pink look, the hotel offers majestic courtyards, decorative tiles, and various elegant architectural details such as arches. Many famous people have enjoyed the expansive view of the Gulf Coast from the rooms of this hotel. The Don CeSar enjoyed a recent renovation to meet the demands of luxury travelers. It’s a brilliant monument to glamor and leisure that managed to stand the test of time.

8. Pink Sand Beach, Harbour Island, Bahamas

Pink Sands Beach Harbour Island Bahamas

Due to microscopic coral insects, Pink Sand Beach in the Bahamas offers a stunning pink appeal that sets it apart from other beaches. The pale pink sand extends for a few miles appearing quite vast considering the large width of the beach. If you ever plan to visit the Bahamas, you shouldn’t miss this amazing pink beach found on Harbour Island. An interesting aspect of Pink Sand Beach is that the color gets more intense as you reach the water. In some areas where the Foraminifera creatures are more concentrated, the sand can even appear to have a reddish tone.

9. La Muralla Roja Building, Calpe, Spain

La Muralla Roja Building Cape Spain

Designed in a unique postmodern style, La Muralla Roja is a pink apartment complex that could be worth a visit. Despite the name meaning “the red wall” in Spanish, the building features an interesting mix of distinctive shades of pink. It was designed by the architect Richard Bofill who took inspiration from traditional North African and Arab Mediterranean styles while putting his own postmodern twist. Visitors can admire the interlocking stairs and platforms that ingeniously connect the different areas of the building complex.

10. Lake Nakuru, Kenya

Lake Nakuru Kenya

While this African lake isn’t known for its pink water, there’s another reason why it’s a popular tourist attraction. Lake Nakuru offers an important source of food for pink flamingos that visit it in huge numbers. You don’t necessarily have to be a birdwatching enthusiast to appreciate this marvelous spectacle as the lake turns pink from the large flamingo population. Just from their gorgeous pink plumage, this place should be included on your list. Make sure you visit this destination right after the rainy season to increase your chances of witnessing more flamingos.

11. Las Coloradas Pink Lakes, Mexico

Las Coloradas Pink Lakes Mexico

Thanks to the balanced combination of salt and red algae, Las Coloradas lakes in Mexico provide a memorable experience to any traveler with their characteristic pink-colored water. The cotton-candy lakes are beautifully complimented by the surrounding beaches and vibrant blue sky. Many exotic animals such as crocodiles, sea turtles, and flamingos can hang around the lakes. Las Coloradas is part of a protected UNESCO region but tourists can enjoy guided tours by motorbike or boat. It’s a more relaxing pink place that’s focused on the pristine beauty of nature.

12. ‘Pink City’ Toulouse, France

Pink City Toulouse France

Can an entire be considered a memorable pink destination to visit? Surprisingly, yes. The city of Toulouse in France represents an important tourist attraction due to its characteristic architectural elements. Thanks to the predominant use of red-pink clay bricks, this French city earned the nickname ‘Pink City’. These clay bricks have an important history because they were introduced by the Romans and many buildings based on them have managed to withstand the test of time. The result is a magical-looking city that looks particularly beautiful together with the pink hues of the setting sun.

13. Hitachi Seaside Park, Honshu Island, Japan

Hitachi Seaside Park Honshu Island Japan

We’re used to trees changing colors in the fall from green to yellow, orange, and red. If you want to experience a less common sight, consider visiting the Hitachi Seaside Park in Japan where you can admire the Kochia bushes transforming into a gorgeous pink color during the fall period. The park is located on Honshu Island and has a wide range of tourist attractions. You will also be able to see the iconic flower blue nemophila which reflects the color of the sky with stunning accuracy.

14. The Royal Hawaiian Hotel, Honolulu, Hawaii

The Royal Hawaiian Hotel Honolulu

If you plan your vacation to Hawaii, you’ll likely want to visit the famous Waikiki beach in Honolulu. The Royal Hawaiian is a luxurious resort along this beach featuring a spectacular pink theme. It was built in 1927 and is widely considered among the top hotels in Hawaii. It’s not just the building itself that’s pink, but various other elements complete the exotic theme as even the interior rooms feature the same color tone. The Royal Hawaiian provides all the facilities and premium services that you’d expect from an upscale hotel.

15. Paul Smith’s Pink Wall, Los Angeles, USA

Paul Smiths Pink Wall Los Angeles

A surprising Instagram phenomenon, this fashionable Paul Smith store in LA has received a ton of attention ever since it was painted in a pretty pink shade. Various people, mostly tourists and influencers, come to what’s now famously known as the Pink Wall to take a photo. It may seem strange to some, but this pink place has become something of a landmark that’s not just randomly stumbled upon. People have seen Paul Smith’s Pink Wall popularized on social media and specifically visit it to take selfies as well.

16. Pink Holiday Cafe, Yokohama, Japan

Pink Holiday Cafe Yokohama Japan

Opened by an avid Barbie collector, this Japanese cafe allows you to immerse yourself in a fantastical pink world. Aptly named ‘Pink Holiday’, this colorful cafe boasts an impressive collection of vintage Barbie dolls and various memorabilia. The location is carefully decorated in a pink theme from the painted walls to the frilly skirts of the chairs. Interestingly, even the food in Pink Holiday seems to be part of Barbie’s world considering the cute and whimsical cuisine approach. This pink place is highly popular among children and family getaways.

17. MaMa Kelly Restaurant, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Mama Kelly Restaurant Amsterdam

Anyone who loves the idea of a pink restaurant will be impressed by MaMa Kelly in Amsterdam. It shows off a glamorous pink interior with stunning architectural details, luxurious gold accents, and glitzy lighting. There’s a sort of industrial vibe combined with the feminine aesthetic of pink to create a distinctive sense of sophistication. MaMa Kelly isn’t just an attractive pink restaurant as it’s also recommended if you enjoy delicious chicken and lobster dishes accompanied by lavish teas and delicious treats.

18. Elafonisi Beach, Crete Island, Greece

Elafonisi Beach Crete Island Greece

The Greek Islands provide excellent choices when it comes to soft sand beaches and crystal clear waters. Crete is among the most famous tourist destinations and is home to a few rosy pink beaches. Elafonisi Beach is worth a visit if you wish to dip your feet in distinctive pink-toned sand while enjoying a relaxing bath in the shallow turquoise water. Not very far away, there’s also Pachia Ammos beach that provides similarly pink sands. The Greek island of Crete provides more than just beach fun given the ancient ruins, entertaining bars, and unforgettable cruises available.

19. Hawa Mahal Palace, Jaipur, India

Hawa Mahal Palace Jaipur India

Constructed as an extension to Jaipur’s Royal City Palace, Hawa Mahal is an impressive pink building that offers many architectural delights. Some notable highlights include the honeycomb-shaped windows which have been masterfully carved to let the breeze pass through with greater efficiency. This is why Hawa Mahal is called The Palace of Breeze. The original purpose of the palace was to allow royal ladies to stay hidden from public view while still being able to observe street festivals. Thanks to the use of a pinkish sandstone, Hawa Mahal appears incredibly vibrant and exotic.

20. Big Pink Diner, Miami, USA

Big Pink Diner Miami USA

Fans of retro diners won’t be disappointed by the charming appeal of Big Pink. Situated on Miami Beach, this cozy diner is recommended if you wish to enjoy a classic breakfast experience or a hearty meal after sunbathing all day. As the name of the place suggests, the diner is all about showing off a stylish pink theme with a lovely retro twist. Another great aspect of Big Pink is the use of pink VW Beetle cars for deliveries to complete the colorful vibe.

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