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7 Space Saving Murphy Bed Projects (Fold-Down Beds)

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Murphy beds or fold-down beds offer the best compromise between having a comfortable bed and saving precious floor space. There’s also a great feeling to be able to simply fold out the bed whenever you need to use it. While you can just purchase a brand new Murphy bed without too many issues, many people prefer less costly options. With the right DIY project to help, anyone can craft their own functional fold-down bed in no time. Now you can also save a great amount of money besides the extra flooring space.

1. Murphy Bed With Sliding Doors

Even though it will cost you roughly half the price of a standard Murphy bed, this DIY project gives you the same experience. Some would argue that this bed is even better designed in some regards. It’s incorporated between two IKEA wardrobes so it can be neatly kept out of sight when not in use. The sliding doors hide it so well that you will be amazed by the amount of floor space saved.

2. Lori Wall Bed

The kit from Lori Wall Bed offers an inexpensive alternative to the traditional Murphy bed which relies on a complex lifting mechanism. It isn’t as convenient to use but you shouldn’t leave this project idea out of your options given the reduced cost of this kind of kit. There’s no lifting mechanism involved so you will need to open and close the bed manually which isn’t as difficult as it seems. The kit provides all the required hardware for a pleasant fold-down bed experience.

3. Farmhouse Murphy Bed

Transforming any simple room in a practical space for your guests is possible if you incorporate a Murphy bed. Take a look at this DIY project featuring a fold-down bed with a farmhouse vibe. The tutorial will take you through all the required steps to build this stylish bed that matches the look of other elements. There are a desk and bookcases that are part of the same furniture system. When you close the bed, you will also be greeted by a handy storage wall.

4. Side-Fold Murphy Bunk Bed

If you’re looking to maximize the space in the room, you should check out this side-fold Murphy bunk bed project. It will show you how to mount beds horizontally and save a lot of space in the process. We’re used to seeing fold-down beds mounted vertically, but this approach is just as effective, especially considering how it’s a bunk bed project. As long as you have a good space to install this kind of Murphy bed, it’s recommended to consider it.

5. Upcycled Murphy Bed

Those who are looking to put old furniture to better use need to keep the upcycled Murphy bed project in mind. This fold-down bed came to life through the repurposing of an entertainment center. There’s a bit of disassembling work involved and you will need a few materials but it’s safe to say that this is a rewarding project to try. Even if you run into some issues with the hardware installations, the components should provide adequate directions to assist you.

6. IKEA DIY Murphy Bed

Here’s a very practical Murphy bed project that relies on furniture items from IKEA. The floor-mounted bed frame can be easily lowered from its hidden spot inside the cabinets. This is because a powerful spring mechanism has been installed which can support the weight of the mattress. The cabinets conceal the Murphy bed very effectively. You wouldn’t even guess that a bed can be folded down by opening the cabinets.

7. Murphy Wall Bed

If you like the idea of keeping the bed perfectly hidden from view, check out this Murphy bed project from Junk in Their Trunk. The Murphy bed is seamlessly incorporated into this wall. It’s so well hidden that nobody will probably suspect that the area conceals a fully-working bed. The project relies on ordinary materials and there’s no advanced lifting mechanism that will make it so costs add up significantly.

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