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How to Host a Game Night

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Game nights are some of the best shared experiences with friends you can have. You don’t have to spend a lot of money while there’s great potential to enjoy quality time and taking a break from the usual stress in your life. Hosting a game night at home is not very hard and can be a more fun experience compared to meeting up in a bar. You have better control of the setting and the food so gathering your friends to play some interesting games represents a solid idea.

There are lots of important aspects when it comes to hosting a game night. To ensure that everyone is having fun, you need to take them all into account. There’s no secret recipe for a successful game night but it’s safe to say that being a little organized will take you a long way. Your friends will appreciate it when you’re putting some effort to entertain them so if you plan on hosting a game night, here’s what you need to consider.

1. Inviting People

One of the first things that you need to take care of is figuring out who to invite to your game night. It’s recommended to stick to a balanced number of people because it can get difficult to enjoy games with a really big group. You also need to take into account the available space you have so you can accommodate everyone in the most comfortable manner. Ideally, you should have a big circular seating option so that anyone can participate more easily.

When you’re thinking about inviting friends to the game night, always consider creating a good group. Mixing new friends with old ones might not be such a good idea, especially if there are just one or two recent friends while the rest are all familiar with each other. It’s essential to avoid making people uncomfortable by feeling left out. In case you’re worried about having limited space, there’s no need to be discouraged. You can still host a fun game night with a few people.

2. Games to Play

There are multiple aspects to consider when choosing the right game to play. If you’re not used to game nights, it will take a bit more time to figure out what works best for your group of friends. Some people are into card games like poker, board games such as Codenames, parlor games like Mafia, or dice games like Yahtzee. There are lots of modern or old-fashioned options to try. Just make sure you include the opinion of everyone invited because personal preferences will often be different.

Choosing the game prior to the game night is recommended to avoid any heated discussion when the time to play comes. As the host, you need to be prepared with a list of options to make it easier to decide. It’s a good idea to have a backup option so you can play something else once the main game has finished. Don’t worry about starting the game immediately once people have arrived. Game nights are social events so you can expect your friends to start talking for a while. Because you’re the host, make sure you find the right time to start playing the game.

3. Bringing Food and Drinks

While you shouldn’t really start serving dinner at a game night, having food and drinks will make the entire experience more fun. Many people hosting game nights consider snacks and alcohol essential for this kind of event. Go for finger foods that are quick to eat and serve without having to use flatware. There’s no need to cook unless you really want to. It’s often easier to just order some pizza but preparing a quick assortment of appetizers should suffice in most cases.

You can ask your friends to bring some snacks to share if you’re unsure about what everyone likes. Chips and salsa or a meat and cheese board are usually safe bets. Also, don’t forget about preparing something sweet. A little sugar fix is very welcomed for intense game nights. From cookies to doughnuts or chocolate-covered pretzels, there are lots of tempting dessert options. When it comes to drinks, you can serve both alcoholic and non-alcoholic choices. Skip on the alcohol completely if you prefer.

4. The Setting

One of the best parts about hosting game nights at your home is that you have full control of the setting. The surrounding atmosphere plays an important role in the overall enjoyment of your guests. Consider adding scented candles to make the ambiance cozier and more intimate. You can also use pillar candles if you want something that lasts longer. Try these long-burning candles from Amazon.

Music is another element that contributes to a more pleasant setting for playing games. Preparing a nice playlist before the party will be very appreciated by the guests. Make sure the tunes selected will have a good appeal to the invited friends. It’s often a good idea to choose songs from different genres to cover different tastes better. Bringing in fresh flowers can help to set the mood. You don’t have to work on decorations for this kind of event. The most you can do is add some extra lighting to the gaming area or place some throw pillows to get your guests comfortable.

5. Having Fun

The main goal of a game night is to have fun and it’s important to remember that. This type of event provides a good opportunity for people to laugh and know each other better. It’s better to keep the atmosphere more relaxed and casual if there are newer people in your group. You can bring out your competitiveness in more challenging game nights with old friends.

Even though as a host you will have some extra work to do to keep people entertained, don’t forget about participating in the games. The point is to enjoy the game night together so you shouldn’t abstain from the fun. If you plan for a longer game night with multiple game sessions, it’s recommended to take breaks periodically. Guests might get tired so it’s worth announcing when you wish to play the last game round so friends know to avoid overstaying their welcome.

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