The 7 Best Video Lighting Kits in 2021

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Good lighting is a critical requirement for great photos so it won’t come as a surprise that it’s also very important for shooting videos. Whether for artistic videos, interviews, or vlogging, it’s strongly recommended to invest in a performant video lighting kit. That will provide you with all the needed elements to shoot more professional-looking videos, regardless of the equipment used or the current lighting environment. Even budget lighting kits can provide a noticeable improvement that will make them worth the money.

Other video equipment upgrades can wait but it’s essential to get at least a decent lighting kit. Choosing the best one for your needs can be quite tough. The market is full of options for expanding your video shooting capabilities. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a total novice, check out the following video lighting kits to create more memorable video creations. We’ve included both budget kits and premium sets to cover the demands of any filmmakers out there. Let’s dive in and explore the best video lighting kits for the price.

Best Bi-Color Video Lighting Kit

1. Neewer Bi-color Video Lighting Kit

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Anyone who wants to invest in a high-quality video lighting kit should check out the Neewer bi-color model. This is a complete set that can cover a multitude of video making and photography applications. There are two video lights provided here that show off a sturdy metal construction without compromising on portability. There are 660 LED bulbs included for each light so you can discover the right white balance for your needs.

You get two options when it comes to powering your new lighting setup. There’s the standard AC adapter provided for home use but you can also opt for battery power if you purchase a separate rechargeable battery for on-the-go video projects. Each light stand can be adjusted and locked in place to make a custom configuration. The video lighting kit is also useful for simple photography such as portraits thanks to the powerful white diffuser.

Best RGB Video Lighting Kit

2. GVM 800D-RGB-3 Video Lighting Kit

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The GVM 800D-RGB-3 is a professional-grade video lighting solution. This kit lets you simulate different lighting scenarios to expand your video making possibilities. Aside from the high-quality lights and stands, the kit comes with some extra features to make it worth the investment. A notable highlight is the smart control system through a dedicated smartphone app that provides superior light adjustment flexibility.

The lighting can be customized to simulate different shooting scenarios so you can set the right scene for any project. Two main modes take care of your video needs. The first output lets you adjust the color temperature to find the right balance. In the second mode, the lighting stands can be configured in terms of hue output and RGB color saturation. There’s 800D master/slave mode while the LED and RGB beads are engineered to last for a very long time.

Best Dimmable Video Lighting Kit

3. SAMTIAN Dimmable LED Video Lighting Kit

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If you need a cost-effective video lighting kit with dimmable LEDs, take a close look at this model from SAMTIAN. It features extra-bright LED beads and 10-level dimming options to deliver precise illumination depending on the video project. Aside from the light panels, you can discover lots of handy accessories in this set such as the stands, orange filters, remote controls, and power adapters.

A very handy ability of this video lighting kit involves versatile powering. You can find both AC adapters and rechargeable batteries to suit different locations for video projects. A total of 240 LED beads are included in this set for expanding the atmospheric effect of your videos with customizable brightness. The light stands enable convenient height adjustments while the triangular bracket simplifies the work of photographers. Great for all kinds of video scenes, this is a solid video lighting kit for the money.

4. Pixel RGB Video Lighting Kit

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With an incredibly bright design and impressive range, the Pixel RGB video lighting kit is worth a closer look. Video makers who aspire to add a solid professional touch to their works should definitely consider this set. It packs full-color adjustment, great temperature and brightness ranges, as well as special simulation scenes for your convenience. Due to different powering options, you can take the lights outdoors for portable shooting sessions.

The video lighting kit is set apart from the competition through some innovative features such as wireless group control. There’s an integrated memory function so you can save your precise lighting settings to continue the project at a later date. This kit is all about saving time considering the addition of nine preset modes for various shooting environments. The brightness can be finely adjusted or you can opt for quick general settings to waste as little time as possible.

5. Neewer Dimmable 5600K Video Lighting Kit

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Those looking for a basic yet reliable video lighting kit don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money. You can easily take advantage of excellent video quality improvements with the help of a simple kit like the dimmable 5600K model from Neewer. This is a more compact kit with small light panels and adjustable tripod stands. Despite the budget-friendly price tag, the kit includes some handy accessories like color filters for cool video shooting effects.

This little kit doesn’t have huge energy requirements. It can be powered only via a USB connection to your computer. That being said, you may not get satisfying results if you use certain laptops or power banks. There are 66 LED bulbs that work together to expand the range of brightness for your video scenes. It’s possible to adjust the illumination power in precise increments while the four color filters add soft and colorful lighting to simulate a specific environment.

Best Professional Video Lighting Kit

6. GVM Professional Video Lighting Kit

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Professional video makers who want to grow their audience need to maintain higher levels of quality for their work and that can be handled with the help of a video lighting kit. Check out this model from GVM that promises professional-grade results regardless of environmental lighting conditions. The panels are designed to create a variable white balance while also providing multiple modes to cover different video projects.

The kit has lighting scenes such as party, TV, candle, and disco, just to name a few. The back of the lighting stand offers knobs for making simple adjustments but you can also use the dedicated smartphone app for extra convenience. It’s nice to see that GVM includes a master-slave control mode. Both photographers and video makers will be happy with the capabilities of this video lighting kit with its many comprehensive illumination modes.

7. Switti Professional Video Lighting Kit

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Another powerful video lighting solution, the Switti professional kit is equipped with 600 LEDs and reliable adjustment features. Setting up this video lighting kit is a breeze thanks to its convenient U-mount bracket. A durable softbox is included so you can fine-tune the quality of the lighting to benefit from brilliant video shooting results. Thanks to the added LCD on the back of the light panel, you can adjust illumination settings more easily.

An assembly of 600 high-performance LED beads will ensure that all your videos look crisp and professional. You can adjust the color temperature precisely from 3000K to 8000K. Use the dedicated knob in the rear of the stand for convenient brightness control. Alternatively, you can just use the supplied remote control in the package. There are two powering modes available – through a DC adapter or NP-F batteries. The kit features wireless control and group adjustment so it’s more advanced than regular models.