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The 8 Best Places to Hide a Gun in Your Home

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Guns provide a solid defense if you want to protect your home from any kind of threat. Keep them in a bolted-down safe to prevent unauthorized access to the firearms you own. What if you can’t invest in a reliable home safe for guns right now? There are some creative solutions you can try to hide the weapons in plain sight.

Thieves raiding your home will usually search for a safe containing valuables. They will most likely find it, especially if it’s bulky and kept in a convenient location for the owner. Some burglars can break into the toughest gun safes to steal your firearms but many places are left untouched. There are lots of cases when these seemingly mundane locations can provide superior security compared to a durable safe that’s visible.

Storing a gun inside the home can be quite challenging because you need a secure spot, but without sacrificing accessibility too much. You want to make the work of thieves searching for your weapons as difficult as possible. However, the guns have to be reasonably easy to get if you need them in an emergency. Hiding a gun in plain sight could be a very secure solution but it has some risks if you have children who may accidentally stumble upon it. Always be responsible when trying out a less obvious space to store your firearms.

Consider the following methods that can be used to hide a gun in your home quite effectively. These are the less conspicuous places that thieves won’t even think to search through.

1. Electrical Outlet

Fake Electrical Outlet

We’re not suggesting you store your gun in a real electrical outlet, but a fake one has great concealing potential. This is essentially a safe designed to mimic a real power outlet. Installing a fake electrical outlet may take some additional effort. However, all the extra work can pay off because burglars don’t usually check the power outlets in your house for valuables. Get a realistic electrical outlet safe from Amazon.

2. Empty Food Box

Cheerios Cereal Box

A pizza box sounds like a random object to use for hiding a gun. This is precisely why the method works considering the decreased likelihood of a burglar checking it. Due to size constraints, an empty food box is only practical for storing handguns. Aside from reusing a pizza box, try hiding the gun in an empty cereal box in the pantry. This is an inconspicuous way to store firearms but not recommended if you have children that can discover it.

3. Underneath the Couch

Man Holding Gun

Some couches feature a fabric bottom that can be easily modified to store a gun. This is a great hiding spot for longer firearms such as rifles. Other large furniture pieces can work to secretly store weapons but only if the design allows it. Heavy objects are recommended to store gun safes underneath. Just make sure you still have proper access to the firearm when it’s needed.

4. Fake Book

Fake Book Safe

While this may not seem like a very original idea, it’s still a recommended choice for homeowners with large book collections. Not many burglars would suspect your bookcase contains valuables. That’s why hiding the gun in a realistically-looking fake book could be a smart solution. There are more secure spots in the home but this method comes with the advantage of providing really easy access to the gun in an emergency. Here’s a great diversion book safe on Amazon.

5. Beneath the Floor

Safe Under the Floor

A secret gun compartment can be integrated under the floor if you’re willing to put in some extra effort. Make the wooden floor cut in a secure spot where any leftover markings can be concealed. For example, under the couch could be a good option. Try to set up the secret gun safe without compromising accessibility.

6. Floating Shelf

Floating Shelf Safe

While standard shelves can’t conceal weapons, consider using a special gun shelf designed for this purpose. It looks just like a mundane floating shelf but it integrates a secret trap door where the firearm is safely stored and hidden from view. The concealed compartment is usually locked but can be quickly opened to get the gun out. You can mount the shelf in plain sight without worrying about an accidental discovery. We like this firearm concealment shelf.

7. Fake Vent

Fake Vent Safe

Great for guns or any other valuables, the ventilation system of your home can be used as a secure hiding spot. While you can use a real floor or wall vent, the most effective solution is to create a fake one that’s less likely to be searched by burglars. This is a recommended place because curious children will most likely ignore it. However, depending on the positioning of air vents in your home, the spot is a bit more vulnerable to getting discovered by experienced burglars. This air vent gun compartment will do the job.

8. Pottery

Pottery Safe for Guns

Decorations such as large pottery pieces tend to be avoided by thieves. You can safely store a gun in there, assuming there’s enough space for the type of firearm you plan to hide. Although there’s a small likelihood of someone opening the pottery piece to check its contents, it’s best to be prepared for any situation. Wrap the gun in a towel or hide it inside more effectively to increase the level of security.

By Stefan Bucur

Stefan is the founder and owner of Rhythm of the Home. He has 6 years of experience in home improvement, interior design, cleaning and organizing.

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